Why Do Gamers Switch to Higher DPI Mice?

There is a misconception that high DPI gaming mice are only for hardcore gamers who spend countless hours in front of the computer. While it’s true that higher DPI mice are used by pros, the reality is that even casual gamers can benefit from switching to a mouse with a higher DPI. 

Gamers switch to higher DPI mice because their sensors are more accurate. Although a gaming mouse with a lower DPI can still be excellent, a higher DPI means the mouse is more sensitive to your inputs. Moreover, a high DPI mouse allows you to increase or lower the sensitivity to a higher threshold.

This article will explore the advantages of using higher DPI mice and give you tips on choosing the best replacement for your old mouse. I’ll also explain what DPI stands for and why gaming mice always seem to be chasing high DPI numbers.

What Is DPI?

The DPI or dots per inch (DPI) is a term used to describe the precision of a mouse. The higher the DPI number, the more sensitive the movement of your mouse will be. A low DPI means you have to move your mouse further to get from one end of your screen to another. 

If you are playing a first-person shooter game, for example, and you need precise control over your crosshair, then a higher DPI mouse would deliver way better results than a lower DPI one. 

DPI refers to the number of pixels that can be fit into one square inch (6.5 square centimeters) of your screen. It’s often used as a way to measure mouse sensitivity and resolution, so understanding what it means can help you pick the right peripheral for your needs. 

Pros of a High DPI Mouse

The higher the DPI, the more sensitive and accurate your mouse will be. While many people are perfectly happy with their current mouse, especially if they’re not big gamers or graphic designers, there are some definite benefits to upgrading to a high DPI mouse. For example: 

  • Better for smoother, more precise movement of the mouse cursor. 
  • Allow for smoother control of items on the screen. This is an excellent feature for gamers who also happen to be 3D modelers and graphic designers
  • Better for controlling camera movement in games. 

Why Do Professional Gamers Prefer High DPI Mice?

The world of professional gaming has changed dramatically in the last decade, with games now requiring players to be highly skilled and fast if they want to compete.

Professional gamers prefer high DPI mice because they’re more accurate and consistent. This is necessary for fast sniper flicks and tracking. A gaming mouse with a low DPI won’t be as accurate because it has a lower “resolution” compared to high-DPI mice.

The need for these high DPI mice has led to a thriving gaming peripherals industry, which is particularly aimed at competitive FPS (first-person shooter) gamers, who are always looking for an edge to help them win. Gamers who play first-person shooter, action, and adventure games prefer high DPI mice for the precision they offer. 

Some gamers prefer high DPI mice because they can make quick movements on their screens without any issues. They also enjoy customizing the mouse to suit their needs, as most high-DPI gaming mice are also accompanied by excellent software support.

Why Do Gaming Mice Have a High DPI?

The reason why gaming mice have a high DPI is that the mouse hardware can only sense small changes in mouse travel distance. This is due to the mouse sensor’s pixel count compared to your monitor’s screen size. 

The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse becomes. This allows gamers to make smaller and more precise movements with their mouse, making them more accurate when playing a game. The downside is that a higher DPI uses more computer resources, resulting in input lag on slower computers. 

Higher DPI Mouse Is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Many people prefer to game with a lower DPI because it allows them to move their mouse slowly and more precisely, which is better for games and applications requiring complete control over smaller objects. 

That being said, having a DPI of 20,000 doesn’t really matter if you’re going to game with a DPI of 800. And a very low sensitivity. And there’s no practical benefit to setting the mouse to its highest DPI and then lowering the virtual sensitivity in the Control Panel or in-game.

How Much DPI Do I Need?

When deciding how much DPI you need, many factors come into play. For example, 800 DPI is the most common for games, while photographers need as low as 200 DPI. In all cases, the higher the DPI, the better. It gives you more flexibility as you set the DPI to whatever you want.

Depending on the type of work you do, you might need a mouse with more or less DPI. Aside from gaming, do you use your computer to draw? Do you work on large spreadsheets or edit 4K videos? Consider these factors when making your purchase. 

The rule of thumb is that if you’re working with large-scale images, such as photography and 3D graphics, you’ll need a high DPI mouse. If you’re using your mouse for web browsing, you will want a lower DPI mouse to make browsing easier. 

If you’re not a professional or hardcore gamer or a graphic designer, don’t worry about it. The average user won’t need a high DPI mouse. If you do want one, there are some great mice out there with good reviews that are worth the investment. 


Gamers prefer higher DPI mice for a number of reasons, the most common being that they feel more responsive. This means that no matter what game you’re playing, your mouse will always be able to react quickly, giving you an edge over other players. 

Hope this article has helped you understand why gamers prefer higher DPI mice and decide whether you should switch to a higher DPI mouse or not.

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