How to get better at Apex Legends in 2021


Apex Legends has been out for quite a while, and it has been trending recently due to most players getting tired of other battle royale games like PUBG. Apex Legends is widely played among the Asian and North American communities which brings new players every now and then. If you want to know on how to get better at Apex Legends, this article will explain the fundamentals on getting the skills and knowledge necessary on how to get better at Apex Legends. 

7 Ways on How to get better at Apex Legends

Learn the Legends (characters) 

Learn each character, or at least have an idea what they do. Games that have different characters for their gameplay can be tough for a new player, and takes time to master or understand what these characters can do, but understanding their functions and how to counter them or use them during fights is a major factor to properly fight against an enemy. 

This is probably the first thing you’ll be doing as a new player to the game, and it will come naturally, just find a character to learn, or use different characters per game then start mastering 1 or 2 characters, it’s the fastest way to get better at Apex Legends.  

Practice aiming and reflex 

Apex legends is a fast-paced game, closed quarter fights happen quickly, players dashing, sliding everywhere, and endless of gun fights erupting. Apex Legends is known for endless of “third-party” group battles, where your team is a fighting another, and another enemy team comes into the action and takes you out while you’re weak and vulnerable. 

Most enemies you meet in Apex legends don’t avoid gun battles, they go and join it. Action is endless, and having the aim and reflexes is important for this matter. To react at any given time during close quarter combat, and the aim to perfectly track the movement of the enemy with your crosshair is vital to winning gun fights.

Use Kovaak 2.0 or Aimlabs 

In order to practice our aim, we must use these awesome game training platforms that pro players use to refine and sharpen their skills for the best aiming habits. Aimlabs and Kovaaks 2.0 focus on precision, reaction time, and mouse control. Improving the essential needs for a better overall Aim. 

Apex Legends is chaotic, with the dashing, running and all kinds of player movement, having the necessary mouse control to track the enemy player movement is important and you need to practice such skill to win your battles. 

Learn Map Knowledge 

Just like any battle royale game, it’s important to learn the Map, and locations for dropping, looting and rotation advantages to make it easier for you to navigate. Map knowledge plays an important role as having an understanding on possibility of being flanked by an enemy, getting third-partied, and other fight-related logic. 

Map awareness is important to stay alive, and learning the map just comes with repetition of playing the game, as well as searching up guides, and tutorials that give you advice for such locations. Apex Legends is full of constant battles while being endlessly flanked, so practice on to improve your map knowledge and awareness.

Learn the guns 

Apex Legends guns are not complex, but they are also not simple. They have a variety of uses, and playstyles that depends on the players preference with each having their pros and cons.  

Weapons in Apex Legends also depend on the buffs from the gun attachments you may find around the map, from scopes, magazines and a special type of equipment called “Hop-ups” which adds a buff to the gun stats that varies on the type of Hop-up you find.  

Chest out our article on Apex Legends weapon tier list

Guns can range from shotguns to snipers, and are color coded which means “weapon rarity, from grey (common), blue (rare) and purple (rarest). If you want to know more, you can read our article to know more about the best guns in Apex Legends. 

Learn common tactics and playstyles 

There are tons of playstyles you can try out depending on the character you pick, whether it’s a support role, defensive, offensive or recon roles in the team, it matters. 

The most important team roles for a 3-Man team are Offensive and Support, while Defensive and Recon roles are optional and can go with any. Each role has their way in playing, and it’s important to know how you can use the character to the best of its ability for your team.

Tactics or strategies depends entirely on what you and your team are going for, if you’re going to Third-party(ambush) a gunfight in progress, play it safe and avoid gun fights as much as possible, or an opportunist, take advantage of a scenario if it’s obviously in your favor. Things like these matter and important to know what tactic and playstyles you want when you play Apex Legends. 

  • Tactical Habits like closing the door behind you, because it takes 2 kicks, or 1 grenade to destroy the door, and enemies can’t open doors when you’re blocking it. 
  • Replenishing your Shield before Healing is important because 1x Shield takes 3 seconds to replenish while 1x Syringe takes 5 seconds, and these seconds matter during a chaotic fight in progress, so keep in mind. 

Watch Pro Players Play 

As said in most guides, watching how the good players play is the best informative material you can have, as you can observe their playstyles, and implement it into your own. Thinking like a pro makes you a pro, and watching live gameplay or recorded gameplay by Pro players is your best bet to learning the game properly. 

Pro players also decide what’s the current meta (most effective tactics available) of the game, and is important to know these by checking the latest gameplay so you can also use it in your fights. 

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