How to Get Better at Fortnite Building

How to Get Better at Fortnite Building

Fortnite can be easy for any player that has played a first-person shooter game in the past, but when you get to the final top 10, or even experience playing against a better Fortnite player, everything changes as Fortnite building plays a huge role in the chances of winning. So ever wondered on how to get better at Fortnite Building?

How to Get Better at Fortnite Building

Fortnite Building is what makes Fortnite unique, how building can change the game, and keep you alive as long as possible during combat, it’s awesome to see the fastest Fortnite professional builders play and there are a lot of techniques, methods and ways on how to get better, so keep reading.

Fundamentals on how to get better at Fortnite Building

Always Gather Resources 

Being consistent in gathering resources is important as your chances of winning depends on it, Fortnite Building needs resources, tons of it, and depending on how fast you build and how much you use during a fight, you always need to stack those resources to its max so you can never run out of resources during the middle of a fight while building.

There are three main resources you can gather for Fortnite Building which is: 

  • Wood 
    Obviously, wood can be gathered from nearby houses, fences and trees. This is the weakest building material but gathering it is simple and easy. 
  • Stone 
    Of course, stone can be gathered from some houses that have stone in their structure, and wild Stone structures in the nearby terrain which still makes it common. 
  • Metal 
    Metal is a bit hard to come across with but they can be gained from destroying cars, cargo structures and buildings that are made of Metal. 

Remap your Keybinds if possible 

As told from our previous Article on how to get better at Fortnite, custom keybinds play a key role on your performance on getting better at Fortnite building. Although, keybinds are a personal preference thing, it doesn’t change that it can help you significantly because customizing it to what fits best and making it suitably more comfortable than the default keys would be better for you as the more optimal the keybinds are to you, the more effective it is during gameplay.

Fortnite Building can be and will be fast-paced, pressing the keys closes to your fingers, so making it more optimal for you to build in Fortnite will be benefit you greatly because mastering building in Fortnite is mastering Fortnite itself.

Chest out our article on the Best Fortnite Keybinds

Learn to Build the Basic Meta structures 

Meta (Most effective tactics available) is important in games as they are the ones which are the most commonly used tactics by every player. Pros usually dictate the Meta of the game, and knowing this information can improve your gameplay. Doing Meta builds in Fortnite is easier than figuring out things on your own that may or may not work. Here the common structures you should learn to Build in Fortnite.

Build a recon Fort 

Recon Fort functions as a temporary shelter for you to gain information surrounding you. It can also provide as a helpful split-second decision to save you during an ambush, or multiple gunfights in different areas while having access to a 360 view as shown below. 

This technique can also allow you to build upward freely while maintaining shelter, and gives you an awesome benefit with the vantage point this 4×4 basic Fort can have. In addition, you can place a campfire inside the recon fort that can benefit you when you need to regenerate health behind cover. 

Ramp Tunnels 

Ramp tunnels provide a great cover on the move, whether you want to move vertically or horizontally, building Ramp tunnels give you opportunity to be behind cover when moving. They are hard to master in building at a fast-pace but it’s the best common technique to implement in your combat especially when it comes down to the top 10 left during close range battles.

Build to break your fall 

Fortnite Building can often times lead to high places where the higher you go will lead to a better vantage point on your side, but sometimes it may not work out for you, and you fall, or if someone is building towards you, dropping down could be the best escape. Learning to build to break your fall and get the least fall damage possible will help you greatly during a fight. It’s hard to master at first, and sometimes frustrating as you need to have quick reactions to take risky moves, but it could also be a move that will save you from a fight you may not win.  

Build to move efficiently 

Fortnite Building isn’t just for building bases, cover and all stagnant tactics, but as well as for maneuverability. For example, when you want to cross a river, a mountainous terrain, or to building onto a roof. You must Build to go up or down, besides taking long way and just running to your destination, building to it is time saving and limits risk, because you’re already behind cover which can save you from a surprise attack.

Learn to Edit Fast 

Learning to Edit in Fortnite is a skill in itself and heavily depends on your Keybinds, and how fast your reactions are, but editing fast will give you the upper hand to upgrade faster, remove or change existing built structures during a chaotic moment will be game changing in a fight. 

There’s really no guide aside from having your ideal proper keybinds and to just keep playing so you can get use to editing faster, and faster. You can reference from professional Fortnite players with their keybinds by searching their twitch profiles, or check out our Article on the best Fortnite keybinds.

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