Best Apex Legends Wraith guide: How to use Wraith

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Best Apex Legends Wraith guide

Looking for an Apex Legends Wraith guide? Don’t worry, in Apex Legends, Wraith stands out as the most popular agile character. Apart from her impressive array of skin sets, players widely favor her for her skills, which involve teleporting in and out of dimensions. This makes her a formidable opponent to contend with, especially in group fights.


Wraith is hard to use properly because she requires a lot of map awareness and experienced gameplay judgment to make use of her to the best of her abilities, but in this guide, we will discuss the key importance of what a Wraith player should know so they can improve their gameplay experience even more and carry games in the future smoothly.

Wraiths Primary and Passive Skills 

Passive skill:  Voices from the Void 

Voices from the Void is Wraith’s passive skill ability, which serves as a purpose to create an audible spectral-like voice that will warn you if danger is nearby. This Voice sound will warn you when either:

  • An Enemy is aiming at you
  • An Enemy Sniper is aiming at you
  • When a squad or many enemies nearby
  • When enemy traps are nearby
  • When players have died near your location

So, keep an ear out for the sound cue that the mysterious Voice would make since the things listed above are mainly the reason, and it’s a great passive ability that gives plenty of advantages to your game awareness as a Wraith player.

Tactical Primary Skill: Into the Void 

When the skill is activated, the skill Into the Void will transition your character into a different dimension which will gray out your vision. Enemy players can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot back and they’ll also have a hard time seeing you but, you will leave a trail effect that the enemy can see.

Wraiths Into the Void skill is a great repositioning skill that is usually used for tactical flanks or to escape a rough fight. It can be used as a great defensive and offensive way to attack your enemies when trying to catch someone off-guard.

Learning how to reposition with Wraith during an intense fight is important and will turn the tide of the fight to your side, this is what makes Wraith a strong character due to her freedom of movement with her skills making her agile as much as possible.

Ultimate Skill: Dimensional Rift 

The ability to create a Dimensional Rift is an awesome supportive feature during intense combat. Players can use it as a means to escape chaotic fights, and Wraith enthusiasts particularly enjoy employing it as a getaway tactic when the zone circle shrinks. Moreover, it is predominantly utilized to relocate the team efficiently when utilizing Wraith’s Ultimate Skill, making her a crucial player in team fights.

When you activate Dimensional Rift, the skill enables you to create a portal linking one point to another. The first portal is generated wherever you activate the Ultimate, and the second portal is established at the location where your Ultimate either gets deactivated or completes.

The Link of the two portals will last only 60 seconds allowing anyone to use them even the enemy, so learning how to properly place these portals to your advantage is important or else the enemy will use it to their advantage.

Apex Legends Wraith guide: Tips on how to use Wraith Apex Legends 

Always use your portals to get away from combat

Your Ultimate Dimensional Rift is important simply because it allows you free movement, whether it’s getting away from the circle, avoiding a fight, or escaping intense combat you can’t win, your portals serve as this lifeline for a proper retreat. It also serves as the best tactic to counter enemy squads by placing your portals behind cover A to cover B which is for your team to constantly change position. This is the best agile skill you can have when engaging and disengaging enemies.

Use your Portals as Bait

You can always use your portals as bait for the enemy to go through, this is a pretty common tactic, but players do still fall for it. When an enemy goes through your portal on the other side and comes out on your side, it gives you the chance to kill them off when catching them unaware. Since most enemy players will find one end of the portal but usually don’t know where it leads, so curiosity kills the cat as the saying goes.

Always use your Into the Void skill during combat

What makes wraith such a deadly character in the right hands is because of this skill, the ability for you to go somewhat invisible evading any sort of damage with an increased movement speed. This allows you to give a wide range of opportunities to retreat, flank, or reposition for a counterattack. An awesome ability to consistently use every time you fight a squad when outnumbered or during duels because you have 3 seconds to run and find a better spot to counter.

Use your portal to teleport downed teammates

When your teammate is downed, you can utilize your Ultimate to create two linked portal locations: one from your secure area to their location, enabling them to use your teleportation to reach a safer position. Downed players, even enemies can use Wraith’s portal.

Communicate or ping your portals

Communicate so your teammates can use the portals rather than doing something the hard and risky lonely way. Wraith is that type of all-around role character whose abilities are just as important for the team as it is for you.

Choose the proper loadout

Wraith is a close-quarter combat type of character, due to her abilities ranging from agility and other versatile movement that make her great at sneaking up on enemy players and backstabbing them unknowingly. Having the proper gun for these situations is important to quickly take out the unaware enemies. Having close-range guns like shotgun-type weapons from the EVA-8, MASTIFF or Peacekeeper would be the greatest choice for you as these weapons will obliterate any enemy at a backstab gunpoint.

Into the Void negates damage in the Circle

Circle or Ring will not damage you if you’re in ‘phasing mode’ (when your screen becomes gray-colored). When you activate the Into the Void skill, this is an awesome way to flank enemy squads when needing to get behind the enemy using outside the circle or escaping a fight and the circle is the only way out to the other side. Always use this as your advantage when nearing the endgame and the circle is getting smaller.

Practice makes perfect 

Remember to get better by practicing and keeping the information above in mind, hope this Apex Legends Wraith Guide has helped you significantly or given you information that you didn’t know. Happy Grinding.

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