Jamie Foxx Health Scare

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Jamie Foxx's Health Scare

Jamie Foxx Is ‘Doing So Well’ After Health Scare as He Films Again with Cameron Diaz

Jamie Foxx is returning to his peak performance.

On Saturday, the 56-year-old actor and his co-star Cameron Diaz were spotted on the set of the upcoming Netflix film Back in Action. Foxx is feeling “fantastic” after his health scare in April, a source tells PEOPLE.

Jamie Foxx Is 'Doing So Well' After Health Scare as He Films Again with Cameron DiazAccording to a person close to Foxx, “Jamie is indeed back on set and shooting through February.” “He feels and looks amazing.”

The pair were observed filming a variety of sequences around London when Back in Action filming began in December 2022, including speedboat rides and forest treks through snow-covered areas.

Jamie Foxx Is 'Doing So Well' After Health Scare as He Films Again with Cameron DiazLater, the action-comedy film’s production was relocated to Atlanta, where Jamie and Diaz worked on it. However, Jamie’s daughter Corinne Foxx later disclosed on Instagram that her father had experienced a “medical complication.”

“We wanted to share that my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday,” Corinne, 29, wrote in a statement released on behalf of the Foxx family. Fortunately, excellent treatment and prompt action have put him well on the road to recovery. We are aware of his immense affection and gratitude for your prayers. During this moment, the family requests privacy.”

A few days before the announcement, Foxx had been sighted filming Back in Action in Atlanta.

Jamie finally spoke out about his health crisis later in May. He thanked his supporters and said he was “feeling blessed.”

Shortly later, Corinne shared a health update on Facebook, stating that he was no longer in the hospital and “recuperating.”

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In July of last year, Foxx talked about the health scare once more. He cleared up some misconceptions and told his Instagram followers that he was “coming back” and “able to work.”

After the “unexpected dark journey,” he was “finally starting to feel like myself,” he wrote in another Instagram statement the following month.
Speaking about Back in Action last month, Diaz debunked some of the rumors that had been floating around about the movie, such as Jamie being “crazy” on production. This is Diaz’s comeback to the big screen after almost ten years away.

She stated, “I detest everything that was being said about our set at the time,” on the Lipstick on the Rim podcast with Molly Sims. “You just want to scream at the top of your lungs, like, ‘What are you talking about?'”

Jamie serves as the crew’s cheerleader in a sense. Everyone adores him,” she went on. “He’s a true professional on the set, and we have a great time working with him.”

Along with saying that she “had a blast” filming the movie, the actress claimed that Jamie, with whom she had previously collaborated on Any Given Sunday in 1999 and Annie in 2014, is “the best.”

“I adore that guy a lot,” she continued. “He’s a unique individual who is incredibly talented and enjoyable.”

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