Unveiling Sexual Rights: Mike Itkis Bold Approach to Political Discourse

mike itkis

In a surprising move, New York Congressional candidate Mike Itkis has thrust sexual rights into the forefront of political conversations by collaborating with sex worker Nicole Sage in a provocative video titled “Bucket List Bonanza.” This unconventional strategy aims to explicitly define and protect sexual rights, a cause Itkis passionately advocates.

A Bold Statement

Itkis, an independent candidate for New York’s 12th congressional district, believes that actions speak louder than words. His 13-minute video, released three months ago on Pornhub, serves as what he calls “a conversation piece.” Garnering nearly 88,000 views and a 41% rating, the video is gaining attention for its unique approach to political messaging.

The Political Message

Part of Itkis’ campaign revolves around a “sex-positive approach,” emphasizing support for abortion rights, the decriminalization of sex work, ending government involvement in marriage, and abolishing adultery laws. This unconventional method, according to Itkis, is more than a publicity stunt; it directly influences his political platform.

“If I would just talk about it, it wouldn’t demonstrate my commitment to the issue,” Itkis asserts, highlighting that the video serves as both an educational tool and a testament to his dedication to sexual rights.

Explicit Consent and Boundaries

The video, divided into two segments filmed in July and October 2021, portrays explicit consent and communication between Itkis and Sage. Before engaging in any intimate acts, Sage explicitly states her consent, emphasizing her sobriety and free will. Itkis joins, ensuring the audience is aware of their mutually agreed-upon boundaries, with a clear “stop” safe word in place.

The second part of the video, filmed in October 2021, continues the theme of consent, with Sage approving the posting of the final product after her review. Itkis’ Pornhub page further elucidates his political views, touching on pro-abortion, pro-consent, and pro-sex work stances.

Political Fallout and Public Reception

While unconventional, Itkis’ approach is not unprecedented in New York politics. Last year, another candidate, Zack Weiner, faced similar scrutiny after a BDSM sex tape surfaced. Republican candidate Mike Zumbluskas acknowledges the challenges of being a non-Democrat in the city, stating, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Itkis, a current Army cyber operations officer with a background in Ukraine, remains unfazed by the potential backlash, presenting himself as “Not married. No kids. Not celibate. Atheist.”


In a political landscape dominated by conventional strategies, Mike Itkis’ bold move challenges norms and sparks discussions about sexual rights. Whether this approach will resonate positively with voters remains to be seen, but Itkis’ unapologetic stance on the matter has undeniably brought attention to a crucial aspect of political discourse.

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