Top 10 Best Minecraft Keyboard Shortcuts

minecraft keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut keys are a user’s best friend, it helps us to achieve things quicker and boosts our gameplay experience.

In Minecraft’s case, we have a few shortcuts that gives us the opportunity to know more in the technical information of the game and as well making things more convenient, as you will see in the list.

Here are 10 best helpful Minecraft keyboard shortcuts:

10. [Press]F1 key: Hides User Interface

F1 key Hides User Interface minecraft keyboard shortcuts

If you want to take beautiful in-game screenshots without the graphical user interface being in the way, pressing F1 would automatically hide the GUI, and make your screenshot wallpaper worthy.

9. [Hold]F3 key + [Press]Q key: F3 Key binding list

F3 key + [Press]Q key F3 Key binding list best minecraft keyboard shortcuts

Since there are a series of added combinations shortcuts with the F3 key, Minecraft added a shortcut key that tells you all the F3 combinations and what each of them do.

Upon activating, it will give a list of F3 shortcut keys in the game’s chat.

8. [Hold]F3 key + [Press]A key: Reload Chunks

F3 key + [Press]A key Reload Chunks minecraft keyboard shortcuts

This is a shortcut to allow you to reload world chunks, chunks are 16×16 blocks and 256 blocks high with more than 65,000 blocks counted per chunk.

Sometimes we experience slow chunk loading and where 1 or more chunks doesn’t load at all which gives off the impression that there’s a hole in the world.

F3 + A is made for that reason, to reload missing chunks that failed to appear during initial load.

This is also a great way to temporarily boost your FPS as it refreshes new chunk data around you, so having a PC not capable to run Minecraft at more than 60+fps constantly, this would be an ideal keyboard shortcut for you. 

7. [Press] F5 key: Player Camera Toggle

F5 key Player Camera Toggle best minecraft keyboard shortcuts
F5 key Player Camera Toggle 3rd person best minecraft keyboard shortcuts

Pressing F5 changes the players camera perspective, it changes into a third person front view, third person rear view, and back to first person perspective.

If you want to look at your surroundings better, take a picture of yourself, this a nice shortcut key to keep in mind.

6. [Hold]F3 key + [Press]B key: Show Hitbox

F3 key + [Press]B key Show Hitbox best minecraft keyboard shortcuts

This a nice shortcut to use when you may want to accurately hit or not hit a mob or player.

An example situation would be where you do not want to accidently hit a friendly mob stuck somewhere.

If for some reason your Minecraft Dog is stuck in a boat with a bigger animal, like a Horse or Cow, sometimes people would think hitting the tip of the boat anywhere would break the boat, of course it probably won’t, as Minecraft hitboxes have blocky geometry and not really accurate on the edges of the 3D model, causing the boat to not break in some areas and making you hit inwards of the boat, increasing the chances of hitting your Dog or animal.

5. Middle mouse button click:

If you were to aim your crosshair on a placed block or item that you want to hold and press your middle mouse button while aiming at the desired block or item of choice, and if you have it in your inventory, it would automatically move the item wherever it is in your inventory into your selected hot bar slot.

This is a great way of not spending time going into your inventory and dragging the selected block into your hot bar slot, as you can just press the middle mouse button to make things quicker and happen instantly.

4. The number keys 1-9:

When you want to organize, sort or select what items to put into your selected Hot bar quicker, rather than clicking and dragging, pressing the number keys from 1 to 9 would be the suitable choice.

There are 9 slots in the hot bar, hover your cursor over the item you’d like to place in the desired slot, and press the ideal number of the slot.

3. [Hold]F3 key + [Press]P key: On/Off Auto-pause

Most players would hate their Minecraft game auto-pausing when alt-tabbing to another window, if you have built automated farms, fishing mechanisms or something in your world where you don’t like the game world to be paused.

Then turning off the auto-pause feature with this keyboard shortcut is convenient for that purpose.

2. [Hold]F3 key + [Press]H key: Advance tool information

F3 key + [Press]H key Advance tool information minecraft keyboard shortcuts

The is a key that gives you a more detailed item description when you hover your cursor over an item.

For items that don’t have durability, you’d usually get the Minecraft ID tag for example, minecraft:cobblestone, so you can use the /give or any command relevant to use the item name tag for.

The best thing about this shortcut key is that it tells you the Durability percentage for any item that has durability, in this picture you can see my Diamond Pickaxe having 599 out of 1,561 in durability, so it’s close to breaking.

This is a great way to know when a valuable piece of tool needs to be repaired, of course there’s no problem looking at the colored durability bar, but players like me would prefer numbers over a visual representation of a percentage.

1. [Press] F3 key: Profiler Graph

F3 key Profiler Graph information minecraft keyboard shortcuts

The F3 key in Minecraft is one of the most used keyboard shortcuts since it enables you to look at a list of detailed technical information of the game which you can’t normally access.

Including that the F3 key does have a series of other combinations to use with.

It may seem intimidating at first, but all of the information being presented would guide you in bettering your gameplay experience.

As you can see on the left side is your XYZ coordinates of your exact location, in-game FPS, Minecraft version, the navigational direction, biome type you’re standing in, and much more thorough information about the world and player.

On the right side, would be your memory usage and allocation, included with the CPU information and Graphics card.

On the bottom would be your detailed FPS graph to check on lag spikes (on the right), and your Tick Per Second (on the left).

All the information that a curious player would most likely want to know.

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