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The exceptional acting skills of Melissa Barrera, who brought a new degree of flare and emotion to the television projects she featured on, are well known to fans of Mexican telenovelas. The gorgeous actress and Paco Zazueta have been romantically associated for more than ten years at this point. But who is he?

Mexican musician Paco Zazueta gained notoriety for his marriage to Melissa Barrera, another Mexican woman. Because of her role in the well-liked Mexican drama La Academia Academia, the actress and singer is well-known.

The three most popular singles by Paco are “Disfraz de Amigo,” “Solo Con Verte,” and Melissa. Ever since they began dating, the pair has consistently been in the spotlight, providing their dedicated fan base with a never-ending supply of entertainment. Explore the life of the gifted guy who gave the name, Paco Zazueta, in this article. Find more about his career and personal experiences, as well as his relationship with Melissa Barrera, the actress. a thorough examination of the couple’s narrative.

Early Life

Paco Zazueta was born on January 22, 1987, to parents Xavier and Francisca Zazueta. The artist was raised in his hometown of Ciudad, in the Mexican state of Obregon, where he was born.

In Zazueta’s family of five—three children and two parents—he is the only son of his parents. At Ciudad Obregon’s Colegio Teresiano, Paco attended school.

He pursued his studies at Universidad Trech Milenio after finishing his secondary schooling. Having Latino ancestry, Paco practices Christianity.

What is Paco Zazueta’s age?

Paco is currently 36 years old. He is 21 years old as of January 22, 1987, his birthday. Paco, whose name suggests he is of Mexican descent, lived in the Ciudad Obregon area of Sonora, Mexico, for most of his boyhood, according to his records.

The public still needs to learn what Paco’s parents, Javier and Francisca Zazueta, do for a living. Francisca is on Instagram, but her account is private because she doesn’t want her fans to see details of her private life.

Paco’s early life was influenced by his relationships with Marysol and Fernanda Zazueta, two of his siblings. By all accounts, the Zazueta family is a close-knit Christian family that has a strong dedication to each other. It’s said that Paco and his family get along well.

Zazueta possesses a bachelor’s degree.

The young Mexican artist was raised in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, where he also finished his elementary and senior schooling. Paco, however, decided to continue his education and earn his Colegio Teresiano diploma.

He decided to continue his study by enrolling in the list.Comercio Internacional programme at Universidad Trech Milenio. Although we are unsure of the young man’s major, we do know that he continued to pursue his musical talents while attending college. Paco always managed to find time in his hectic schedule to practice his music.

The First Meeting Between Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta?

As Paco Zazueta was filming the reality series La Academia, he first met Melissa, the woman who would become his wife. After being approved to compete in the 2011 TV show season, Paco and Melissa soon discovered a shared interest.

Melissa stated in a June 2019 interview that Paco was the reason she kept coming back to the show. According to the Mexican actress, the hardest part of the entertainment industry is working on reality television.

Melissa says that before Paco gave her some encouragement, she was about to leave the concert early. Before Melissa was kicked out of the program after three months, the two alternated in encouraging each other to stick with it. There is no denying that In the episode, Paco and Melissa became close to one another and eventually began dating.

Paco wed Melissa in the year 2019.

Working together throughout La Academia’s filming improved Paco and Melissa’s bond. After a grueling six years of dating, they got engaged.

Mexican artist Paco proposed to his fiancée Melissa in June 2017 when they were touring the Empire State Building in New York City. He received a favorable response. The two decided to get married in 2019, and they eventually did so in February of that same year.

It is hard to determine whether their marriage was civil or religious because they never disclosed the location of their nuptials. They move between their three sites frequently. Paco and Barrera are the names of their two canines.

Barrera publicly acknowledged on Instagram that she and her spouse were commemorating their second wedding anniversary by sharing several endearing pictures. “Happy anniversary, hubby! 2 down, many to come,” was the heartfelt caption she wrote.

In response, Paco posted the same tale on his own Instagram account right away. The couple just became parents, but the media hasn’t verified their Instagram handle.

The Career of Paco Zazueta?

Although Paco Zazueta is a young man who has earned his place in the world, most people know him as the husband of Melissa Barrera, a well-known Mexican actress. On Instagram, Paco describes himself as a butcher, musician, reality TV star, and online superstar.

Melissa Ya Te Perdi La Fe, Solo Con Verte, and many others are merely a few of the fantastic songs he has performed and released under his name. Paco is the creator of hit songs including Coleccionista, Que Lloro, Fria Come el Viento, Sentirme Vivo, and No Me Puedo in addition to the songs mentioned above.

Paco established a record label to aid in his musical endeavors. The label adopted its present name in 2012. The Mexican musician operates his butcher business, Carnes, out of his house. He is also a musician. He sells premium meat products to customers via an internet business.

Paco Zazueta’s first professional stage was reality television. He was a competitor on the reality show La Academia when he first got to know his future wife. Paco is adhering to the pattern of aspiring celebrities by setting up accounts on various social media platforms to communicate with their followers.

The musician from Mexico has a substantial Instagram following. He already has tens of thousands of Instagram followers, and that figure is only anticipated to grow.

The Net Worth of Paco

The estimated net worth of Paco Zazueta is close to one million dollars. He works with his father at the family butcher shop in addition to being a musician and entrepreneur. The business venture involves using the Internet to market and sell high-quality beef products.

Important Details About Paco

Mexican guitarist Paco Zazueta gained notoriety after he wed Melissa Barrera, an actress.
Paco Zazueta was born on January 22, 1987, into this planet.

  • Paco Zazueta is 36 years old.
  • He is a Water Bearer by the zodiac.
  • Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico is the birthplace of Paco.
  • His present residence is in Cajema, Sonora, a city in Mexico.
  • The dude is a native of Mexico.
  • The man has Hispanic ancestry.
  • He follows Christianity.
  • He is a tall man, standing 175 centimeters tall.
  • He weighs 70 kg (154 lbs).
  • His hair is jet black.
  • He has dark brown eyes.
  • His estimated net worth is one million dollars.
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