Parker Schnabel Wife:All About His Love Life

parker schnabel wife


parker schnabel wife

The question is: Who is the Parker Schnabel wife? American gold miner and reality TV personality Parker Schnabel is well-known for having a $8 million fortune. His roles on the venerable reality TV program “The Gold Rush” and its offshoot, “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” helped him become well-known. Parker started working at his grandfather John’s Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska, when he was five years old, marking the beginning of his gold mining career. He has been involved with “The Gold Rush” series since its 2010 premiere. He didn’t feature in many episodes during the first season initially, but his combative and determined nature made him a fan favorite right away.

Parker Schnabel is well-known and has a long television career, but many fans are interested in learning more about his very secretive personal life. Continue reading this page to learn more about Parker Schnabel’s wife and current state of relationships!
Information About Parker Schnabel: From 2016 to 2018, Parker dated Ashley Youle for two years.
Parker Russell Schnabel is his full name.

On Instagram, he has over 480k followers.

Parker is worth eight million dollars.

Parker also had a brief relationship with a woman named Sheena in the past.

Parker Schnabel’s marital status?

The fact that Parker Schnabel is single may surprise some of his admirers. As of right now, there isn’t anyone we can consider Parker Schnabel’s wife. He has, nonetheless, been in many love relationships throughout the years, none of which were able to become committed. The gold miner has dated several attractive women. See below for further information about Parker Schnabel’s girlfriends.

Who is the wife of Parker Schnabel?

As of 2023, Schnabel is single; in reality, the Gold Rush star is not married yet. Instead of finding one for him, it appears that Parker is preoccupied with his work of extracting gold from mines. Moreover, there are also no records of his being in a serious relationship. Visit to learn more. The American reality star hasn’t played dating games since splitting up with Ashley, his former girlfriend, whom fans thought may become his future bride. Visit to learn more.

Timeline of Parker Schnabel’s Relationship

In the 2016 season 7 premiere of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel was romantically involved with Ashley Youle. She works as a veterinary nurse and is well-known for her kind disposition.

But Parker’s hectic schedule caused problems for their relationship. They ultimately decided to separate. Parker admitted that at the moment he couldn’t put his girlfriend first.

Parker then started dating a 27-year-old Australian gold miner and model named Tyler Mahoney. Fans had hoped for a long-lasting romance, but it didn’t work out, and Parker found himself back alone when the pair split up.

Fans were left in suspense as Parker Schnabel shared an Instagram photo of himself and his co-miner, Brit Sheena Cowell, more recently. Speculation has been made by fans If she’s a buddy or if she’s his new girlfriend.

He hasn’t, however, formally presented her to the public. It’s important to remember that British actress Sheena Cowell works as a gold miner for the Knickerbocker Glory channel.

Tyler Mahoney is Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend.

parker schnabel wife

Parker and Tyler Mahoney are presently dating. While Tyler was in Australia filming a Gold Rush episode, he got to know him. Fortunately, Tyler Mahoney shares Parker’s profession as a gold miner. Their link appears to be quite strong, and they appear to have a nice connection. However, their time together hasn’t been lengthy.

Ashley Youle, Parker Schnabel’s former girlfriend

Parker was in a committed relationship with Ashley Youle before meeting Tyler. A 26-year-old nurse named Ashley finished second in Gold Rush season 7. Their relationship did not succeed, and it is likely that they mutually ended it.

What Caused Their Breakup?

Schnabel, who frequently kept quiet about his personal life on the program, opened out about his breakup in the Season 8 episode “Win Big or Die Trying.” He put most of the responsibility for their breakup on himself, saying that he put his career before their relationship.

parker schnabel wife

Even though our season was a huge success, I had one very significant setback. I broke up with Ashley. To put it plainly, I never gave the relationship or her priority. Quite frankly, she is entitled to much better than that. Visit to learn more.

Is Parker Schnabel Considering Getting Married?

The producer and actor of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail has not stated whether or not he intends to get married soon. Parker wants to grow his gold company instead. Parker and his crew fly to South America in Season 6 of Parker’s Trail (2023) in an attempt to extract gold valued at $100 million. Visit to learn more.


Parker Schnabel, the reality TV star and gold miner from Alaska, is single as of right now. He previously dated Ashley Youle and Tyler Mahoney, among other people. However, none of these romances ended in marriage.

He recently stirred up rumors by posting an Instagram photo with fellow Brit Sheena Cowell, a gold miner, although it’s unclear if they are still dating. Although Parker Schnabel is unmarried at the moment, his followers are nonetheless curious about his marital status.


Parker Schnabel: Is he wed?

Parker Schnabel is single at the moment.

Who is the girlfriend of Parker Schnabel?

Parker and Tyler Mahoney are presently dating.

Who is the spouse of Parker Schnabel?

Parker is now dating rather than married. Tyler Mahoney

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