pcm ekart partner

pcm ekart partner

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, reliable and efficient delivery services are critical to corporate success as well as customer satisfaction. One such crucial player in the delivery ecosystem is the PCM Ekart Partner Centre. This post aims to help you become a productive partner by guiding you through the ins and outs of ekart.


The ekart Partner Centre is a central location for people and companies wishing to collaborate with one of the most well-known e-commerce giants’ supply chain and logistics divisions, ekart. By serving as a conduit, this platform links prospective partners with a wide range of delivery prospects.

One of the main services offered by Ekart Partner Centre is efficient last-mile delivery. Their extensive network of delivery personnel and technology-driven processes ensure that packages reach customers on schedule. This enhances customer satisfaction and helps businesses win back the trust and loyalty of their clients.

Ekart provides storage alternatives in addition to last-mile delivery. They provide up-to-date warehouses that are well-located around the country and equipped with all the necessities for efficient handling and storing of goods. This aids businesses in streamlining their supply chain and reducing operating costs.

Another service offered by Ekart is logistics management for reverse logistics. Since they are aware that returns may be an unavoidable part of the e-commerce business, they provide hassle-free return pickups and smooth processing for both buyers and sellers.


Becoming an ekart partner is an easy process. To start your journey, you must register on the Ekart Partner Centre site. A wide range of individuals and businesses are able to participate since the qualifying restrictions are low. As soon as you join, you are qualified for a number of advantages and perks.
Having a relationship with ekart has several advantages. In addition to being a vital link in the supply chain, Ekart ensures that its partners enjoy a range of benefits that enhance their overall experience, from cash prizes to exclusive deals and discounts.

The essential part of an eKart is its distribution process. The efficient and well-structured Ekart system ensures that packages are delivered on time and safely. Through the platform, partners can track and monitor shipments in real-time, which improves process transparency.


To further simplify the cooperation process, ekart offers a user-friendly smartphone application. While on the road, partners may easily monitor deliveries, verify income, and obtain vital information. An app is a helpful tool that enhances convenience for ekart partners in general.


  • The first step is to register by sending your credentials to the official email address, admenquiry@flipkart.com.
  • Within ten to twenty minutes, a representative from Flipkart will answer. They check your information in order to get ready for the next action.
  • After receiving the response, click the email’s link to register.
  • To use the Ekart Partner Login, visit https://partner.ekartlogistics.com/pcm/login right now.
  • Finally, after entering your username and password, click the login button.


A person must fulfil a specific set of requirements in order to be eligible for the Ekart Partner Centre Franchise. The first and most crucial thing that anybody considering buying an Ekart Courier dealership has to know is that there isn’t a form that can be downloaded and submitted to apply to be a franchisee of Ekart Logistics.

When it comes to dealership-related issues, Ekart Courier is rather stringent. The corporation does not wish to make any information about the selection process for its dealership partners available to the general public.

Ekart seeks business partners that have demonstrated a dedication to the company and timely delivery. The number of extra things a candidate can do to increase their chances of being considered is limited.


  1. The logistic service must begin with 500–600 square feet of office space: The logistics company Ekart Partner runs every aspect of its business on computers. The process of compiling and distributing often happens after the orders are received. Depending on the type of franchise and size of the area, a workstation with many computers for the same requirements has adequate space.
  2. The following documentation needs to be turned in: Being a business, this also includes the owner’s identity documents, such as their Aadhar card or driver’s licence. The company also requires proof of ownership or a lease for the area being used.
  3. It would need ten persons to launch the business:- Of the ten, the office should only choose a few to work with computerised data. To do their jobs and deliver products all day, the others need to be in good physical and mental condition.
  4. To launch and manage a logistics firm, you may utilise the same resources needed for any other kind of business. Cargo, bar code readers, transportation cars, corporate stickers, printers, stationary stock and tools for vehicle maintenance and inspection are a few of the items that need to be provided.
  5. Considerable Finance Is Required: A sizeable sum of money is also needed for other expenses like constructing the building and office, buying and maintaining the vehicles, and covering the employees’ salaries.


Any citizen of India is eligible to apply for a franchise at an Ekart Partner Centre. It is not necessary to have specialised knowledge or advanced education. If you were aware of the key processes and responsibilities in logistics, it would help you run your business. It is also expected of you to be fully dedicated to our Ekart delivery service. A franchise owner must appoint employees who possess the necessary skills to handle any delivery-related issues. Any company’s ability to succeed comes from its dedication to hard work.


Purchasing a business centre from Ekart Partners is a very wise decision. With Flipkart and Ekart Logistics’ combined goodwill, there is extremely little likelihood that the business will be in debt. Any investor may easily comprehend the terms and invest in the franchise thanks to the straightforward terms and conditions. A shipping franchise might be a very profitable and wise business venture to start, especially considering Flipkart’s other e-commerce firms’ steady growth. To sum up, Ekart Logistics is one of the greatest courier service franchises to deal with right from the start.

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