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Among Instagram users, Pickui is a well-known anonymous story reader. There are a lot of Instagram story viewers out there, but they often only display public stories and have restricted functionality. On the other hand, Pickui is well known for its extensive toolkit.

The post will go over Pickui’s advantages, recommendations, features, disadvantages, and limitations. As a result, one knows exactly what to expect from this website after reading this content.

How do you define Pickui?

With the help of an internet service called Pickuii, you can browse Instagram accounts and download their media without limitations, including pictures and videos.

There is no need to install any software to utilize this easy-to-use utility. Just go to the Pickuii website, type in the Instagram account, and begin looking through their pictures.

How Is Pickui Operational?

By gaining access to Instagram’s API, Pickui gets over the platform’s security measures and anti-aging measures. As a result, the platform may concentrate on both public and private platforms. Many anonymous Instagram viewers only display stories that are visible to the public.

Thus, after accessing this site, users may use these procedures to search for the Instagram private stories they wish to view;

  • Use your browser to access the Pickui website, or type www.picuki.com into the IP address bar.
  • Open Instagram and take a copy of the profile URL for that account.
  • In the search bar, paste the profile URL.
  • On the screen, click the see profile button.
  • View the account, and go through posts, videos, and stories. It only takes one click to download them as well.

How Can I Use Instagram Viewer on Pickui?

Pickui is simple to use and intuitive. Just take the actions listed below:

  • Go to https://www.Pickui.com/ to access the Pickuiwebsite.
  • Enter the desired profile’s Instagram username to access it.
  • To access their material, click on their profile.
  • From the profile, you may see and download pictures and videos.

Characteristics of Pickui

Among Pickui noteworthy attributes are;

Examining Personal Profiles

Respecting people’s privacy is preferable to looking through private accounts. However, opinions vary and there are circumstances in which it is possible to examine personal narratives secretly.

This technology allows users to monitor someone’s tale without alerting the subject to their presence, whether for branding purposes or other goals.

Looking at Personal Narratives

Many Instagram users have private accounts that are unavailable to the public, especially those who do not follow them. With this capability, one may view the stories of friends, rivals, competitors, or opponents without alerting them.

Getting stories, reels, and posts downloaded

Pickui’s website offers resources that assist with the downloading of stories, videos, reels, and postings. All one has to do is enter their URLs into the search field, let them load, and then select the download option. Once downloaded, the material will be added to your gallery or library.

Modifying Images

Additionally, images may be edited using various stickers and effects. Text and other transitions can be included to give the images a glitzy, shimmering appearance. As a result, people may publish the photos with confidence and they appear more lovely than they are.

Search and Analytics

Additionally, there are statistics and search capabilities, such as hashtag, location, and profile-specific searches. Similarly, it is possible to view their insights, followers, and interactions with other accounts.
What Advantages and Disadvantages Come with Using Pickui?
One feature of Pickui that sets it apart from the competition is the ability to browse private tales without having to follow the account.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Pickui?

A few other advantages are shown below;

  • Without following them, one may examine private profiles and their contents.
  • Easily download videos and images from Instagram with a single internet click.
  • Using created filters to look for Instagram users, posts, reels, and hashtags. To monetize the content on the app, this also aids in brand appraisal and competition tracking.
  • With the Picuki editor, users may enhance their photographs with a variety of filters and effects before sharing them on the app.
  • Its tools also include monitoring followers, tracking interaction, getting insights, and analyzing the Instagram profile. secretly viewing stories from private Instagram accounts
  • It is a verified and completely safe way to view Instagram material without running afoul of Instagram’s algorithms.
  • User-friendly: simple to operate and explore, doesn’t require installing any other program to utilize its tools.
    Without charge.


Although the website has many advantages, there may also be some disadvantages, such as

  • Instagram has not authorized this website.
  • May violate Instagram’s terms of service, which include maintaining stable and secure privacy.
  • This might jeopardize your Instagram account if you have given the website access to personal information.

Is it Safe to Use Pickui?

Because it doesn’t ask for any personal information from its users—such as name, location, phone number, or specifics from an Instagram profile—Pickui is secure to use. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to provide them with the information as well. Because this platform operates anonymously, it benefits from Instagram’s community norms.

Instagram doesn’t take any action against the profile user unless it learns that they are seeing or disclosing private information, so they are secure and their account is left unconstrained.

What Are The Alternatives To Pickui?

There are a few possibilities you might want to take into consideration if you’re searching for Picuki substitutes.


You may see and download public Instagram profiles, posts, and stories using Picnob, a free Instagram viewer.

It also lets you curate lists of your preferred content and search for particular hashtags and persons.

Picnob features a more user-friendly design and has a more comprehensive search capability than Picuki. See our in-depth review of Picnob here.

Important characteristics

  • Access and obtain public Instagram accounts, images, and stories.
  • Look for certain users and hashtags.
  • Assemble collections of your preferred media.


You may automate your Instagram activity with the aid of AiSchedul, a potent Instagram management tool.

It enables you to plan and publish content, take control of several accounts, and analyze your performance.

Other functions provided by AiSchedul include hashtag research and Instagram comment management.

Important characteristics

  • Plan and publish material
  • Handle many accounts.
  • Examine your performance.
  • Management of comments on Instagram
    Research on hashtags

While Picuki is an excellent Instagram viewer overall, you may want to consider other options like Picnob and AiSchedul, which have distinct features and functionality.


Is it safe to use Pickui?

Indeed, using Pickui is safe. On the other hand, you should use caution while providing personal information on any website.

Can I use Pickui to browse private Instagram profiles?

You can access private Instagram accounts on Pickui even if you don’t follow the account.

Has Instagram sponsored Pickui?

No, Instagram does not support Pickui, and Picuki is not associated with Instagram.

Is my Instagram account at risk because of Pickui?

There’s a chance Instagram may find out about Pickui’s usage and ban the account. It is crucial to utilize the tool carefully as a result.

Is it possible to use Pickui to read Instagram stories anonymously?

You can watch Instagram stories anonymously without an account using Pickui, yes.


Pickui is a tool for viewing Instagram stories anonymously that allows users to access both public and private profiles. Additionally, several programs may be used to improve Instagram account monitoring and retrieve content via its distinct components. For all anonymous Instagram users, this platform is the perfect choice because it is very easy to use.

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