SDMS PX Indianoil In Edealer_enu: Guide to Indian Oil SDMS Portal 2024

sdms px indianoil in edealer_enu

In the fast-paced digital landscape, the Indian Oil SDMS Portal stands as a beacon of convenience and efficiency. Unraveling the intricacies of the SDMS login website at, this guide is your key to unlocking the full potential of the portal for 2024.(SDMS PX Indianoil In Edealer_enu)

Serving All: SDMS Evolution

Initially designed for agencies and business stakeholders, the SDMS portal has evolved to cater to citizens, providing services like gas refilling. This government-owned platform offers a myriad of services, seamlessly connecting business partners, distributors, and citizens with the Indian Oil Corporation.

Diverse Services at Your Fingertips

The SDMS portal caters to various entities, including:

  • RO/KSK Dealership
  • LPG distributors
  • COCO divestment and service providers
  • Petrochemicals/Polymer’s DCAs
  • Servo stockiest, and more

Unveiling the Benefits: SDMS PX Web Portal 2024

Easy Access to Diverse Products

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) presents a comprehensive range of products, from gas to oil and polymers. The SDMS portal ensures swift access to these offerings.

Streamlined Business Management

For distributors and business partners, the portal becomes a centralized hub for managing operations seamlessly. Its user-friendly features and attractive interface enhance the overall user experience.

Inclusivity at Its Core

SDMS is not just for business. It’s a platform that accommodates business partners, distributors, citizens, and the government. This inclusivity extends to checking payment statuses and accessing information conveniently.

Registration Made Simple: SDMS IOCL Login

Step-by-Step Registration Process

  1. Navigate to the SDMS website page.
  2. On the homepage menu, select “registration.”
  3. Fill in mandatory details on the registration form, including line of business, division, industry category, and more.
  4. Verify information and submit.
  5. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number for verification.
  6. Your SDMS IOCL registration is now complete.

Seamlessly Logging In: SDMS PX Web Portal

  1. Open the Indian Oil Corporation website.
  2. Click the “login” button.
  3. Enter your user ID and password.
  4. Access a plethora of services hassle-free.

Password Woes? Reset with Ease

  1. Visit the Indian Oil Corporation portal.
  2. Select “forgot password” on the login page.
  3. Enter the user ID and continue.
  4. Use the OTP that was issued to the registered cellphone number to confirm.
  5. Reset your password and proceed with confidence.

Monitoring Sales Orders: A Quick Guide

  1. Visit the Indian Oil Corporation page.
  2. Log in and click “sales order.”
  3. Customize your search based on delivery dates.
  4. Obtain detailed sales information effortlessly.

Track Payments with Precision

  1. Log in to the Indian Oil IOC SDMS portal.
  2. Navigate to “sales order” and select “bulk generate invoice.”
  3. Filter online paid orders using the “digital payment flag.”
  4. Retrieve payment details effortlessly.

Financial Insights: IOCL Account Statement

  1. Visit the official website page.
  2. Log in and click “account statement.”
  3. Choose a date range for detailed transactions.
  4. Export the report to Excel for a comprehensive yearly overview.

Expanding the Workforce: Adding New Employees

  1. Open SDMS PX Indian Oil website.
  2. After logging in, choose “service request” > “partner sites.”
  3. Click “site name” to view employee names.
  4. Add a new employee by providing mandatory details.
  5. Review and submit the form for successful registration.

Subsidy Reports Unveiled

  1. Log in to the SDMS portal.
  2. Click “relationships” > enter customer number > relationship ID.
  3. Access subsidy status reports under “my reports.”
  4. Download the report in PDF format for easy reference.

Initiating LPG Connection: A Step-by-Step Process

  1. Visit the Indian Oil SDMS website.
  2. Log in and click “contacts” on the dashboard.
  3. Add a new LPG connection by entering personal details.
  4. Complete the KYC process and submit necessary documents for seamless registration.

Legal Heir Changes Made Easy

  1. Navigate to SDMS PX Portal.
  2. Log in and select “relationships” > “customer number” > “relationship ID.”
  3. Choose the “document” tab and select “+ icon” for name change.
  4. Input consumer details and create a new payment profile.
  5. Submit the form for a successful name change in the legal heir certificate.

Reactivating Connections: A Simple Guide

  1. Visit the website and click “relationship” on the menu.
  2. Enter the consumer number and relationship ID.
  3. Initiate reactivation request in LOB transaction type.
  4. Upload the necessary attachments and submit the request.
  5. Reactivate with ease and resume seamless services.

Aadhaar Delinking: Your Freedom, Your Choice

  1. Open the SDMS website.
  2. Log in and click “relationships.”
  3. Select “consumer number” > “relationship ID.”
  4. Delink Aadhaar by choosing the appropriate options.
  5. Submit the request and enjoy the freedom of choice.


In conclusion, the Indian Oil SDMS Portal for 2024 is an essential online centre that serves the various requirements of organizations, associates, and the general public. The portal offers quick and effective business administration with its user-friendly features and smooth access to a variety of goods.

Being inclusive, the SDMS PX Web Portal can handle LPG distributors, RO/KSK Dealerships, and more. It offers a thorough way to verify sales orders, payment statuses, and financial information in addition to a platform for financial activities.

The portal’s easy-to-use login choices and simple registration process make it a delight to navigate. All users may use the step-by-step guidelines, which guarantee accessibility and facilitate a hassle-free experience.

To put it simply, the Indian Oil SDMS Portal is a digital landscape catalyst that promotes efficiency and transparency. This site promises to be an essential tool for businesses, distributors, and individuals as they traverse the future and usher in a more efficient and connected era with the Indian Oil Corporation. The SDMS portal is more than simply a website—it’s a doorway to a more connected and efficient future.

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