Tanzohub is a brand-new, innovative platform that’s revolutionizing how consumers engage with live performances and events.It is elevating live experiences and fostering closer ties between artists and audiences with its cutting-edge technologies.



Using their cellphones and other devices, consumers may actively engage in live events through Tanzohub. It produces genuinely immersive and engaging events, in contrast to conventional live experiences where the audience is inert.

Tanzohub visually incorporates the audience into the event through the use of cutting-edge real-time video rendering technology. It allows guests to record videos with their smartphones, mapping those feeds onto animated avatars that are subsequently projected onto enormous screens and seamlessly integrated into the live production in real time.

As a result, distant attendees can interact with the artists, the event itself, and each other in a shared metaverse-like setting. Tanzohub removes the obstacle separating active engagement from passive viewing.

Key Features and Benefits

Among Tanzohub’s notable attributes and advantages are the following:

Immersive Participation

Attendees at Tanzohub are more than just viewers. They turn into engaged participants who are instantly immortalized in the ongoing action. As a result, the audience influences the performance and atmosphere of the event, creating a highly immersive and captivating experience.


Social Connection

Through their animated avatars, participants can visibly communicate with each other on Tanzohub. This makes it easier for people to connect with one another and create a sense of community by simulating in-person interactions.

Gamification and Rewards

Tanzohub uses elements of gaming, such as leaderboards, badges, and points, to encourage user engagement. The event is made more engaging and enjoyable by allowing participants to get prizes and recognition for their participation.


Data and Analytics

The software gathers a wealth of real-time analytics and data on attendance and engagement from attendees. This gives organizers invaluable information that they may use to improve and optimize Tanzohub as a platform and future live shows.


Multi-Platform Accessibility

You can use Tanzohub on a variety of devices, including big format monitors and smartphones. This enables broad global attendee access and accommodates a variety of event settings for organizers.


Audiences at Scale

Compared to traditional live performances, Tanzohub allows events to visually connect viewers at a much larger scale. This amplifies the excitement and commotion of events where thousands of people are taking part at once.


Tanzohub Platform

The Tanzohub Studio and the Tanzohub App are the two main parts of the Tanzohub platform.

Tanzohub Studio

The audience integration and live event management are handled by the organizers using this production software. Producers can influence how the crowd interacts with the show by superimposing numerous real-time audience video feeds into different scenes using the studio.

Tanzohub App

Using this mobile software, attendees can record their video, change into avatars, and take part in the live event graphically. For users to connect with the experience, the app offers interactive elements, including gestures, emotions, dances, and more.


Use Cases

Tanzohub opens up new opportunities for a variety of live performances and events, such as:


Concerts and Festivals

Performers can play before virtual audiences created by computers. Virtual concertgoers from all across the world can engage with artists and fellow enthusiasts through animated avatars.

Speeches and Presentations

Keynote speakers can deliver their speeches from a distance to sizable visual audiences. Additionally, presenters can get immediate feedback and responses.

Dance and Theater

Interactive dance routines can be choreographed by performers. Remote attendance can be incorporated into the visual settings and narratives of theatrical productions.

Fitness and Classes

Trainers can conduct training sessions, workshops, and workouts with remote participants joining them live on stage. Participants are able to inspire one another and move together.

Weddings and Events

Couples can view in real time their first dance and other memorable moments with their attending friends and family. Attendees can virtually mingle and rejoice together.

Gaming and eSports

Players can see crowd responses to significant plays by projecting themselves into eSports arenas. Supporters can participate and cheer from home, just like they would at an event.

There are opportunities in the areas of enterprise, education, and entertainment. Tanzohub offers live experiences of the future.

Blockchain: The Backbone of Transparency

Blockchain technology is the foundation of its innovative methodology. TanzoHub creates an unchangeable and transparent database of Tanzanite transactions by using blockchain. With the help of this technology, every significant step in the supply chain is carefully documented, allowing for a traceable return to the source of the gemstone. In addition to increasing participant trust, this transparency eliminates the threat of dishonest business practices that have dogged the sector.


Smart Contracts: Streamlining Transactions

TanzoHub adds even more value to transparency by utilizing smart contracts to increase efficiency. Tanzanite transactions are facilitated by these automated, self-executing contracts, which also serve to enforce agreements between parties. This feature streamlines the process and significantly reduces the need for middlemen, which lessens the likelihood of disputes and encourages a more productive marketplace.

Decentralization and Broadcasting

TanzoHub rejects centralization and builds a peer-to-peer network instead, releasing itself from the grip of a single entity. This protects against manipulation while also giving smaller miners and traders—who have hitherto been marginalized in traditional markets—new opportunities. TanzoHub is an ecosystem driven by the community that is changing the dynamics of the tanzanite industry, not just a marketplace.


Ethics and Sustainability at the Core

This discusses the ethical and environmental issues related to gemstone mining in addition to the transactional aspects of trading. The platform actively supports ethical labor standards, ecologically friendly operations, and responsible mining. TanzoHub’s emphasis on ethics is in line with the increasing worldwide awareness of ethical sourcing, which elevates the platform beyond a mere marketplace and positions it as a leader in the gemstone industry’s ethical standards.


Global Reach

This gives Tanzania access to a worldwide market that is unrestricted by national boundaries. Due to this connectivity, buyers and sellers can access a wide variety of Tanzanite products, and sellers can reach a larger consumer base. Both sides of the spectrum gain from TanzoHub’s worldwide market access, which promotes a more vibrant and broader sector.


Benefits Across the Spectrum

It provides a number of advantages to consumers, dealers, and miners alike. Small-scale miners locate a platform that increases their exposure and pays them equitably. The atmosphere for transactions is simple and safe for traders, which lowers the possibility of dishonest behavior. Customers love the transparency TanzoHub provides, as it allows them to follow their tanzanite’s journey and adds to the allure of gemstones that are sourced ethically.


Challenges and Future Prospects

TanzoHub has come a long way, yet there are still difficulties. Decentralized platforms and blockchain technology may encounter opposition; TanzoHub must keep informing stakeholders about the revolutionary potential of its strategy. It seems like a bright future as we look ahead. TanzoHub is positioned to establish new benchmarks for sustainability, fairness, and openness in the tanzanite sector as ethical sourcing becomes more popular and blockchain adoption increases.

Product Rollout

In 2018, Tanzohub tested and improved the platform with a small number of partners while it was in private beta. Developers and content producers have access to Tanzohub’s SDK, APIs, and technology integrations as of 2019.

In Q1 2020, the firm released the Tanzohub App and Tanzohub Studio in their initial iterations. Tanzohub’s self-service platform went online in Q3 2020, making it possible for anybody to register and begin producing interactive live events.

More than 250,000 remote participants have participated in over 10,000 events that have been hosted on Tanzohub worldwide. The business is expanding its customer base across industries and improving its platform at a quick pace.

Future Roadmap

Tanzohub has big intentions to keep developing its platform and changing live experiences in the future.

Improved social capabilities that allow participants to communicate and socialize with each other via their avatars

Integrated streaming support for interactive broadcasts to YouTube and Twitch

shared metaverse settings that allow participants to interact and explore virtual worlds

Tanzohub avatars and interactions can be integrated into real-world settings using augmented reality features.

more choices for animation, such as lifelike avatars and full-body motion capture

Tanzohub Marketplace: An online store for creators to purchase and sell interactive tools, materials, and content

Through in-person meetings, the organization hopes to open up new avenues for human connection. “Beyond just watching, Tanzohub is about being part of the action,” stresses Zviman.



Tanzohub is at the forefront of turning passive spectatorship into engaged engagement. Tanzohub offers immersive, interactive experiences of the future by enabling audiences to participate at scale and visually immerse them in live events.

This new platform is being welcomed by both event planners and attendees because it improves communication, community, and entertainment. Tanzohub’s potential to transform live events is boundless as it develops its platform and keeps upping its technological innovations.

Tanzohub gives you the means to break through the fourth wall. We now possess the vigor and thrill of the most interactive live shows on the planet.



What is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is an interactive live event platform that uses animated avatars projected on displays in real time to visually connect attendees who are remotely into performances. Instead of just watching passively, this enables spectators to actively interact.

How does Tanzohub work?

Participants record video with the Tanzohub app, which instantly turns it into animated avatars. The Tanzohub Studio software is used by the organizers to manage interactivity and blend audience feeds into the live production.

What can you do on Tanzohub as an attendee?

In addition to earning points and interacting with the performance and other participants, attendees can clap, dance, emote, talk, and more. It involves viewers in the event.


What types of events work with Tanzohub?

With Tanzohub, live events and performances of all kinds, including conferences, esports, theater, dance, comedy, and concerts, may become interactive.


How is Tanzohub different from virtual event platforms?

Tanzohub is made especially for combining live, in-person productions with real-time remote audience involvement to provide a hybrid and enhanced experience.




















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