10 Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored In Minecraft

things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Minecraft is one of the most-enduring games in the market.

Millions of players are still active in the game even after a decade due to its consistent updates.

Unlike other games, it has no definite end, which means players can make their progress infinitely.

Minecraft is not only a game but also a platform for creators and adventurers.

A lot of Minecraft players consider the fight against the Ender Dragon to be the ending of the game.

However, for others, the ending is when they don’t have any inspiration left to build something.

There will be a time when breaking and putting blocks together is not as fun as before.

If you’re bored playing in creativity mode or your survival world, here are ten ideas you can do to make Minecraft fun again.

10. Find And Tame All Tamable Mobs

Tamable Mobs things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

One of the best updates in Minecraft is the addition of tamable animals inside the game.

Taming an animal is not only a fun thing to do, but these mobs can also bring benefits to the gamer’s gameplay.

Wolves can be tamed using bones and will help the player attack a mob. Ocelots and Cats can be tamed by feeding a raw fish and will help scare away nearby creeps.

Horses, Donkeys, and Mules can be tamed and used as transportation. Llamas can be used for storage while parrots serve as a player’s companion.

9. Become A Redstone Engineer

Redstone things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Redstone is one of the most complicated elements of Minecraft.

Computers, functional web browsers, and even a walking house have been built with the use of Redstone circuits.

You can automate farms and build automatic structures such as TNT bazookas or automatic elevators.

If you’re playing faction, Redstone contraptions can be used to hide your base, fortify it with automatic weapons, and make a passcode-locked door.

Learning Redstone is hard and can take a lot of time, but it would improve your gameplay a lot of times. Not to mention that you will forget your boredom for a while.

8. Play In A Multiplayer Server

Multiplayer Server things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas hypixel

If you’re already bored in vanilla Minecraft, consider playing with others in a Minecraft server. Awesome servers are already available for old and new Minecraft players, and one of the biggest is the MIneplex server.

In this server, there are also different kind of arena, zones, and more game types.

They even got Minekart, which is the Minecraft version of Mario Kart in all its blocky glory. If you’re into battle royale type of games, there are servers like Brawl where the last man standing will be the winner of the match.

7. Play Different Maps

skyblock maps things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Although Minecraft is a home for adventurers and people who likes to battle other people, it is also a home for creators who want to create things that a lot of people can enjoy.

These creations are in the form of Maps, which are user-created custom maps and uses some elements of the vanilla game.

There’s a lot of Minecraft maps available for download for free.

One of the most popular survival maps is the Skyblock, where you need to make a city in the sky using limited resources.

For those who like adventure maps, you can enjoy Jailbreak, where you need to escape a prison.

6. Re-create Your Real-Life House

real house things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

This challenge might sound silly, but recreating your real-life house is harder than you think.

You need to consider how you’ll build the interior and decide what blocks to use.

The hardest part is to put real-life things which don’t have any game equivalent block. In the meantime, you will be able to improve your building skills and learn how to use blocks to achieve the look that you want to create.

5. Play With Glass

Glass underwater house things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Glass is one of the easiest blocks to create in the game.

This block is very versatile, it can be used in any kind of theme. Some people use glass to improve their roofs and to create an aquarium-like display.

If you’re bored and you want something to do, try building a secret underwater Glass hideout.

This involves a lot of planning and resource gathering, which is great if you want to pass the time.

4. Create The Largest Explosion Without Dying

tnt explosion things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Who would not want to create the largest explosion and see the damage?

Some people would use mod packs to create a different type of custom TNTs, even adding effects to make it more interesting.

Admit it, you already tried to obliterate a village with village-wide explosions in creative mode before. Now, try recreating the biggest explosion in Survival mode without dying.

3. Play In Hardcore Mode

hardcore mode things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Playing in normal mode already have some of its difficulties, what more so in playing in Hardcore Mode? Hardcore mode is a variant of the Survival game mode where the difficulty of the game is locked on “Hard” and players cannot respawn when they die.

When the player dies, they can only spectate in their world and will not be able to continue their progress.

One of the longest record in Minecraft hardcore was achieved by a YouTuber named Philza, achieving five years of hardcore mode run before his character died in the game.

2. Build A Roller Coaster / Railway System

roller coaster railway things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Rollercoaster rides can be recreated with minecarts and rails.

In order to create roller coasters, you need to get stacks of iron and Redstone.

This is a time-consuming challenge, as you need to mind your resources and build your roller coaster system. If you want more challenge, include The Nether in your rail tracks.

Make an efficient railway system to help you travel your world and save a lot of time.

1. Defeat The Ender Dragon

ender dragon boss things to do when you’re bored in minecraft ideas

Defeating the Ender Dragon seems to be the main event in Minecraft.

Almost all the players would want to defeat the largest mob in the game and reach the credit screen.

In reality, only a portion of Minecraft players has reached the Ender Dragon and defeated him in all its glory.

The preparation for fighting the Ender Dragon is already tedious.

If you want to pass the time, this is the ultimate quest you can partake.

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