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twitch bits to usd calculator


Bits to USD/EUR/CAD Calculator

Convert Twitch Bits to USD, CAD, EUR

*Does not include Taxes and VAT.

If you donate 100 Bits the streamer gets $1, but the cost to buy bits is higher because of the cut Twitch takes + taxes.

100 Bits = 1$ to streamer, $0.40​ to Twitch, ~​$0.35 taxes

twitch bits to usd calculator

Twitch does run promotional discounts sometimes for example they ran if you had Twitch Prime you got 85% off 500 bits.

Also if you bulk buy bits there are discounts up to 45%  (depending on which currency you use).

Buying Twitch Bits Prices with discounts

Bits Dollars / Price
100 Bits $1.40
500 Bits $7.00
1,500 Bits $19.95 (5% Discount)
5,000 Bits $64.40 (8% Discount)
10,000 Bits $126.00 (10% Discount)
25,000 Bits $308 (12% Discount)

The conversion of Twitch bits are highly dependent on which currency you use. For example Euro is more expensive than US dollars.

Now that you now what a bit really costs go and support your favorite streamer.

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