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ultimatix tcs

Every employee at Tata Consultancy Services uses an application called Ultimatix TCS. This has produced TCS Ultimatix, which offers several ERP-like functionalities. It is capable of holding all the major records without any restrictions. Let’s say that at any point in time, if a user or employee has a problem with Ultimatix, they are unable to contact the TCS helpdesk. Additionally, all of the TCS webmail services are available to customers at no cost.

Additionally, TCS Ultimatix touch apps for iOS and Android smartphones are available to consumers. It enables the user to have complete access to every function available on the ERP Portal. If an employee has any issues, they can contact the help desk directly by phone or by sending an email to the help desk’s email address. Employees may fill up timesheets, bank account information, and other personal information via the Ultimatix TCS portal.

What is Ultimatix TCS?

With the comprehensive HCM system Ultimatix TCS, businesses can handle every facet of their workforce management, from payroll and performance management to hiring and onboarding. It has a number of modules that address various HR functions, such as:

Core HR: payroll administration, benefit tracking, and employee data management

Talеnt Managеmеn:Manage performance, develop and train current staff, and hire and onboard new hires.

Workforce Management: Plan time and attendance, oversee leaves and absences, and monitor adherence to labour regulations.

Self-service: Allow workers to take control of their own HR data, including updating their profiles, requesting time off, and signing up for benefits.


Why use Ultimatix TCS?

The employee salary slides may be downloaded with ease using Ultimatix TCS.

Downloading papers like appointment letters, connecting letters, and Bonafede letters is another feature offered by Ultimatix TCS.

Through this, you may also explore commercial prospects.

It is feasible to incorporate Ultimatix TCS’s social networking so that individuals may communicate and exchange ideas.

It also makes it possible to employ performance management to control marketing and pay raises.

If you need assistance from anyone inside the organisation, Ultimatix TCS helps you get in touch with HR and other individuals.

In addition, it facilitates the raising of processes, submitting leave applications, and establishing objectives for your yearly performance review. You may even submit an application for illness absences reported using Ultimatix TCS.

TCS Ultimatix Login

How to obtain a username and password for the TCS Ultimatix site

Visit the TCS Ultimatix website at https://auth.ultimatix.net/utxLogin/login to access the TATA consulting service.

Navigate to the “Retrieve Ultimatix account details” option after opening the login page and selecting the “Need help” tab.

After that, select the option to “Get a personalised Ultimatix username.”

Click the option labelled “Receive by mail.”

Enter the date of your joining and your employee number

Verify the details again, add the missing information, and click the submit button.

Your email address will be used to receive the TCS Ultimatix username from the system.

Here is the process for logging into TCS Ultimatix

You must use your browser to go to ultimatix.net.

This is the moment to input the username and password that you were given by the TCS department.

Finally, you must select the “Login” button.

We have made an effort to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Ultimatix TCS and the login procedure.

Ultimatix Applications Necessary List

These are the Ultimatix applications that are required.

Tata Consultancy Services Mart

Tata Consultancy Services Video Channel


API Store of APPhonics

Global Speed



Resume Builder


Incident Management Tool

Global ESS

Timesheet Entry



Mind Works

Benefits of getting ultimatix TCS Application for tcs employees

Users get access to all the necessary documents, including letters, salary payment sleep sheets, and much more.

When needed, employees can also download appointment and promotion letters.

The users of this Ultimatix  may view all of the open positions.

Additionally, users may exchange their views and ideas for the network growth of the organisation.

The policies, rules, and codes of the firm are easy to familiarise yourself with.

You may also enhance customer service using this software.

Users may always access any HR-related service at any time.

Any employee can contact the company’s help desk immediately for assistance if they are having problems at work.

Estimating a company’s perspective on learning and development is another option.

The user is able to ignore your income transfers, promotions, and PF account information and alter

How do I download the TCS Ultimatix Touch App for smartphones?

Download the Ultimatix mobile app on your smartphone to take advantage of its features. The following instructions might help you download the TCS Ultimatix Touch App for smartphones if you don’t know how to do it

To register the device, open Ultimatix from Appmart on your smartphone and select Utilities >> Android or Smartphone >> iPhone.

Getting authorised and registering is the next step.

After you’re done, you may view every programme that can be downloaded for your smartphone, regardless of the kind of device.

With just one click, you can now install the TCS Ultimatix app by choosing it from the list of apps that are available for installation.

Although it is the official site and application for TCS workers, it is simple to download and install.

Therefore, the process for downloading and installing this programme is a little different. By following the above instructions, downloading and installing the software will be simple and effective.

TCS Ultimatix Helpdesk Numbers

India’s Toll-Free Numbers: 1800-425-4827 Or 1800-225-5827

UK Toll-Free Number: 0207-2458000

US Toll-Free Number: 1877-827-4639

Other numbers are: 1-800-425-2922 Or 1800-209-3111

Voice: Buzz (VoIP): 500 5555 PSTN: 6060 5555 # / 022 – 25188155

Helpdesk Emails




Nonetheless, anybody can contact the Helpdesk if they experience any issues with features or functioning. The employees of the help desk department will address your issue or offer a suitable remedy.


Official website

Old website: www.tcxultimatix.com

New:www.elximatix.net (or) www.auth.ultimatix.net/utxLogin/login



Tools like TCS Ultimatix are more than simply conveniences in today’s technological age; they are necessary for modern enterprises to run smoothly. Tata Consultancy Services appreciates its workers a great deal, as seen by the wide range of features and services Ultimatix provides.

Every element, from scheduling vacation rentals to handling payroll information, has been carefully integrated to provide users with a simple, hassle-free experience. It’s obvious that platforms like Ultimatix will continue to be essential for promoting organisational effectiveness and employee happiness as TCS expands and changes.

Recall that the main benefit of instruments such as Ultimatix is their ability to simplify everyday activities and obligations by streamlining operations. Therefore, if you work at TCS now or intend to in the future, getting to know Ultimatix well will definitely improve your experience there.



What happens if I lose my Ultimatix authenticator or token?

If a worker misplaces their token, they can request a change from the assistance desk, please. Until the user generates a password for access, the authorities will provide them with temporary access.

Is its mobile app available on all smartphones?

Once a user registers and obtains authorization from Appmart or the downloading function they are using, the software is accessible on all OS systems.

Can I access Ultimatix outside the TCS network?

Yes, there is a web version and an app specifically for external access.

Are there tutorials available for new users?

Of course! To help users become acquainted with the functionalities of the platform,  Ultimatix provides a variety of tutorials.














































































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