Rekindling Love: Myrka Dellanos and Ulysses Alonso’s Legal Saga

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A Triumph Over Adversity: Judge Lifts Restraining Order

In a surprising turn of events, Myrka Dellanos and Ulyses Daniel Alonso find themselves on the path to reconciliation as a Miami judge lifts the restraining order that once separated them. Let’s delve into the latest developments surrounding this high-profile couple.

A Tumultuous Past: Dellanos and Alonso’s Domestic Strife

The drama unfolded when the Cuban news anchor, Myrka Dellanos, and her husband, Ulysses Alonso, faced a violent altercation in their Miami home on August 8. This led Dellanos to seek legal protection by obtaining a restraining order against Alonso.

Legal Proceedings: Judge Victoria del Pino’s Decision

Judge Victoria del Pino presided over the hearing, where Dellanos, 43, and Alonso, 27, came face to face. The judge posed a crucial question to Dellanos, asking, “Do you fear this man?” to which she confidently responded, “No, no I don’t.” With this decisive answer, the restraining order was promptly lifted.

A United Front: Dellanos and Alonso Post-Hearing

With the judge’s ruling, the couple left the courtroom discreetly, avoiding paparazzi attention through the back door. This marked the first public appearance together since Alonso’s arrest on August 25. Dellanos and Alonso are now free to rekindle their relationship, having undertaken family and marriage therapy in the weeks leading up to the legal proceedings.

Allegations and Consequences: The Background

The police report sheds light on the severity of the incident. Alonso allegedly threatened Dellanos with harm, causing physical injury during a heated argument. The altercation escalated when Alonso returned to their residence, leading to Dellanos seeking police intervention for the safety of herself and her family.

Moving Forward: A Second Chance for Dellanos and Alonso

The legal saga has taken a surprising turn, providing the couple an opportunity to rebuild their lives together. This incident serves as a reminder of the complexities within relationships and the potential for redemption, even in the face of adversity.


In conclusion, the lifting of the restraining order against Myrka Dellanos and Ulysses Alonso signifies a turning point in their tumultuous journey. Judge Victoria del Pino’s decision to allow the couple to reunite sends a powerful message of hope and redemption. Despite the past conflicts and legal battles, Dellanos and Alonso now have an opportunity to rebuild their relationship, having faced the challenges head-on.

This legal saga serves as a reminder that relationships are complex, and individuals can evolve through therapy and commitment. The couple’s willingness to engage in family and marriage therapy reflects a shared determination to overcome their differences. As they step into a new chapter, the public watches with a mix of curiosity and optimism, acknowledging the potential for growth and healing. Only time will tell if Myrka Dellanos and Ulysses Alonso can truly overcome their past and move forward together, but for now, this legal development marks a moment of potential transformation in their intertwined lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why was the restraining order initially issued against Ulysses Alonso?

The restraining order was sought by Myrka Dellanos following a violent altercation with her husband, Ulysses Alonso, in their Miami home on August 8. The order was a legal measure to ensure her safety.

What led to the lifting of the restraining order?

The restraining order was lifted after a hearing presided over by Judge Victoria del Pino. Myrka Dellanos, when asked by the judge if she feared Alonso, responded negatively, leading to the immediate removal of the restraining order.

What legal consequences did Ulysses Alonso face after the altercation?

Ulysses Alonso voluntarily turned himself in to Pinecrest, FL police on August 25. He was arrested and faced charges related to the alleged threats and physical harm during the domestic incident.

Have Myrka Dellanos and Ulysses Alonso sought professional help for their relationship?

Yes, two weeks prior to the arrest, the couple initiated family and marriage therapy. This proactive step underscores their commitment to addressing and resolving the issues in their relationship.

How did the public react to the lifting of the restraining order?

Public reaction has been varied, with a mix of curiosity and optimism. Many are hopeful that the couple’s engagement in therapy and the legal resolution mark a positive turning point in their relationship.

What is the significance of the backdoor exit after the court hearing?

The discreet exit through the back door was a strategic move to avoid paparazzi attention. The couple aimed to maintain privacy as they navigated this challenging and highly publicized situation.

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