6 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Actually Scary

minecraft is scary

With its colorful terrains and child-friendly mob designs, Minecraft seems like its far from being scary.

Some would say that the game is like a child’s drawing coming to life and becoming your own world.

It doesn’t even have the usual characteristics of typical horror video games such as grotesque graphics and the most unsettling plot lines you’d ever hear.

You won’t even see blood when you kill a mob or when you die.

In fact, there’s not even a drop of blood spilled inside the vanilla Minecraft.

So why is it that the game is considered scary by some players?

Minecraft Is Scary?

scary cave systems reasons why minecraft is scary

No one can disagree that Minecraft is a game full of unexpected jumpscares.

It’s one of the rare games that don’t have a certain “script” or a definitive ending.

Although it might not seem like it, there are times when the randomness of the game gives you a good reason to yell a few curse words in front of your screen.

Here are the top six reasons why Minecraft can be a scary game too.

6. You’re Not Expecting It To Be Scary

creeper minecraft is scary

Minecraft is one of the most child-friendly games ever created.

You can enjoy the game even with your parents because simply put, the game is just about breaking and putting blocks together.

You don’t normally expect it to be scary.

That’s why when the scary moment finally happened, it’s much scarier than it seems.

Although these unexpected jumpscares can happen anytime in the game, these will have more impact at the beginning.

Imagine yourself trying to chop your first tree and creating your first crafting table when suddenly, a creeper sneaked out and suddenly killed.

Or when you’re mining inside a cave and a poisonous spider suddenly appeared and tried to kill you.

These moments would even be scarier if you have a few hearts left.

5. Its “Death” Every Time You Look Behind

mobs minecraft is scary

Did you ever have that experience when you’re just doing your own business and then you suddenly heard the “hiss”?

You looked around and the next thing you know, you’re dead, and all your items are gone with you after the Creeper explosion.

At that point, you experienced fear like never before, and then annoyance when you realize that you’re dead. 

Almost every Minecraft player experienced death because of a Creeper sneaking into them.

This experience is not limited to Creeper’s sneak attack.

If you’re a new player, you’re likely going to get scared during your first night.

You’d run at any encounter against a hostile mob because you don’t want to lose the stone pickaxe that you’ve got during your first day.

Fortunately, as you become better in the game, you’re also harder to surprise with jumpscares and mob surprises while you play, unless…

4. Community Contributions

herobrine why minecraft is scary

If you’ve been playing for a long time, you probably know or heard about Herobrine, the most famous “Creepypasta” character in Minecraft.

He was the talk of the whole Minecraft community during the early days of the game.

A lot of side characters and alleged “sightings” of him circulated on the internet for quite a while.

Later on, Entity 303 is the next one who replaced Herobrine as the most popular creepypasta character.

The Herobrine and Entity 303 tales made the game scary in an interesting way.

Whether it’s from creepypastas or from mods, the community of Minecraft players can make the game scarier than it is intended.

With the contributions from the player base itself, the game can become something more enjoyable and scarier for players around the world.

3. Sound Effect Is On Point

cave sounds minecraft is scary

Mining is an integral part of the game, you won’t be able to get the resources needed for your weapons and armors without getting in the mine, swing your pickaxe, and break some blocks.

If you’re new to the game, you would find your first experience inside a cave to be scary and adrenaline pumping.

Random zombie growls and skeleton noises make you feel like there is a monster in above or underneath you.

The cave system ambient sound is so on point, that you would be hesitating before you destroy another cobblestone.

The sound effect is not only on-point inside the mine.

Throughout the game, sound effects are used or muted effectively so the player can feel the adrenaline when adventuring, or focus on the task when building.

However, the cave system ambient sound is the most effective (and most scary) in all the ambient sound effects in Minecraft.

You would find more immersion if you’re playing in VR.

Most players experienced their most traumatic Creeper experience inside a cave, and that’s because of a good reason.

2. You Can Die In Almost Any Way Possible

falling into lava minecraft is scary

One of the most annoying things in Minecraft is that you can almost die in any way possible.

Players mostly die in the hands of hostile mobs such as zombies, spiders, skeletons, and phantoms (if you’re an insomniac).

Falling through a pool of lava or in a high place are also common ways to die.

And it’s one of the scariest things in Minecraft.

One moment, you’re just building and playing the game as you usually would.

The next thing you’ll know is you’re falling to the sky because a skeleton shot you while you’re building.

1. There Are Bigger Stakes When You Die

loosing items died minecraft is scary

Unlike other games, when you die in Minecraft, your items might be gone forever and definitely in hardcore mode.

Good armors and weapons cannot be bought in stores, unlike in RPGs or other kinds of games. You need to mine to get diamonds.

That’s more than 30 pieces of diamonds for both the weapons and the armor set.

This is in addition to the effort that you would need to get all the enchantments like Mending and Unbreaking.

If you die, all of your efforts will be lost if you’re unable to retrieve your items, which, admittingly, is most of the time.

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