WWE RAW Results (1/22/2024)

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WWE RAW Results (1/22/2024)

Seth Rollins was notified that his knee was gravely wounded. He thought he wouldn’t be returning for a while as he arrived at the back following his match with Jinder Mahal. He considered the notion that he does miss WrestleMania. Seth claims to have a grade 2 MCL tear, and the surgeons have informed him that his recuperation time following surgery may be as long as three or four months. He would return the following week if he could, but he is unable to refuse. He is coping day by day and week by week. Gunther enters the room.

Gunther claims that since he and Seth have been avoiding one another for some time, he is here to express his opinions. He came to inform him that he was a champion workhorse who battled for every triumph. He is grateful that Seth, like him, is bringing dignity to a championship in which everyone can take pride. Seeing him in this state truly saddens him and tugs at his heartstrings. Rollins claims he ought to have let him complete. He will honor his word and bring this title to WrestleMania, regardless of the advice of the medical professionals or how difficult his rehabilitation will be.

He’ll stop at nothing to win the World Heavyweight Championship and go out of WrestleMania. Gunther thinks that’s great. He finds that very admirable, as he would follow suit. He makes him feel a lot like himself. That’s why he’s going to win the Royal Rumble on Sunday, from one great champion to another. And he will choose Rollins to face him at WrestleMania. With all due respect, though, he will focus on his back, his knee, and whatever else that isn’t fully functional to defeat him and win the title of World Heavyweight Champion.

Seth Rollins appreciates his honesty. He is free to challenge him, but keep in mind who he is pursuing. Gunther reminds him to be aware of who is after him. They give each other a handshake. The New Day surprises Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci right as Gunther exits the ring.

#1. Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci of Imperium vs. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods of The New Day –Winner: Double Countout 

When the bell rings, the fight goes on. Woods protects his pal Kaiser as he nearly hits a restrained Kingston with a steel chair. The four men battle until one of them smashes through a few tables.

#2. Valhalla vs. Ivy Nile (with Maxxine Dupri) – Winner: Ivy Nile

Next week, Kofi Kingston challenges Gunther to an IC championship fight following an impassioned promo from New Day on Imperium.

Nia Jax comprehends the motivations behind Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch’s desire to square off at WrestleMania. Both of them are crushed by any road that has Nia Jax. She is going to crush both of their aspirations in the Royal Rumble. Becky Lynch’s hits musically. She threatens to lose the Royal Rumble if he doesn’t stop talking. Bayley breaks up the celebration. How pleasant is this get-together? She plans to attend WrestleMania. This soon escalates into a brawl between the three, which concludes with Bayley taking a leg drop from Nia Jax.

#3. Dominik Mysterio vs. The Miz (with Judgment Day) — Winner: Dominik Mysterio with the Frog Splash

DIY to prevent The Miz from being destroyed. R-Truth tries to offer Damian Priest more money from the item sales backstage, but his real goal is to deliver a strong message to Drew McIntyre.

#4. Ivar vs. Chad Gable – Winner: Ivar

CM Punk and Cody Rhodes will have a face-to-face meeting in the ring. Punk claims that they have traveled rather diverse routes to get here, so let’s savor the present. What would Punk like to chat about, Cody asks.

He wants to talk about his dad. Dusty Rhodes called him in 2007 and told him he was sending his child to OVW, an occurrence he had never before spoken about.

When he asked Punk to watch his kid, he had to say yes. The work was not difficult. He didn’t encounter any difficulties. He wants Cody to develop into a main event-caliber superstar rather than just a preliminary performer. Punk is pleased with him. He feels as though he is betraying a commitment on Saturday. He’ll be searching for him on Saturday at the Royal Rumble when that bell rings. WrestleMania’s main event, the Rumble, will be won by CM Punk.

Cody claims he’s not alone himself. He is aware that Dusty is seen by many people. He made an effort to be his own man ever since he departed from this place. Although there are no buddies in the Rumble, Punk treated him well throughout his first year and thinks of him as a buddy. How about on a Sunday morning? Although punk may distinguish between work and personal life, Cody was raised in this industry. Punk claims that Cody has emerged from the shadows with remarkable grace.

Although following distinct routes, their objectives are identical. You may argue that Punk embodies more of the American Dream than reality because he claims that his father was an electrician. Cody Rhodes would like to discuss the pipebomb. For a decade, he served as an inspiration to many gifted people, yet he eventually disappeared. Who took up the flame mattered not to him, but he did. Cody accomplished all he talked about. That makes him more CM Punk than him when you think about it. It’s starting to get warm in here.

Punk gives Cody props for appearing on the new video game’s cover. Just as he is about to wrap up the tale, a greater star who hasn’t been seen in a long time arrives to steal it from him. Cody responds that while he could be correct, there is only one way for him to move forward: through punk. They exchange tense looks and end the conversation that way.

#5. Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark vs. Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae – Winners: Baszler & Stark

Damage Attacking the tag team champions who had been there at ringside for the previous match, CTRL sent a message.

Jinder Mahal informs Adam Pearce that he wants to talk business because he is the most talked-about celebrity in 2024.

#6. Drew McIntyre vs. Damian Priest — Winner: Drew McIntyre wins after R-Truth’s intervention

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