15 Best Dances in Fortnite That You Need


Looking for the best dances in Fortnite? Fortnite has been a trending game among the younger audience lately and it has come to no surprise that dancing in Fortnite has become one of the influential entertainments among the player base. Fortnite Dances are often sometimes referenced and made as a spin-off from a real popular dance or music.


Sometimes we see it in videos, memes, pictures or even real life when someone dances to it. Fortnite dances belong to an in-game feature called Emotes, and are usually labeled as that, “emotes”. Here are the best dances in Fortnite you could ever possibly have wanted in order to show off during a match. 

Best Dances in Fortnite that heavily trended worldwide


Rollie is one of those most iconic best dances in Fortnite that went popular worldwide with the help of Tiktok. The music track in the Rollie dance emote uses the song “Rolex, by Ayo & Teo” which the emote has appeared in the shop since last April 23, 2020. 

Say So 

Say So has one of the best dances in Fortnite with iconic music and choreography that was based off of the trending Tiktok Dance made by Harley Sharpe and trending along with it is the song of Doja’s cat “Say so”. The emote is purchasable via the item shop for 500 V-bucks which was last seen in April.

Don’t start now 

Don’t start now was also one of the worldwide iconic dances of Fortnite that trended mostly everywhere, the choreography moves were flashy which were done by Hannah Balanay that danced to the Music of Dua Lipa “Don’t start now”. 

Take The L 

Take the L is a pretty light way to “trash talk” the person you just killed since the title “Take the L” signifies the enemy to take the Loss on his way out after he dies. Take the L is actually based on the clown Pennywise dances in the movie It, and if you want to get down in dirty doing some nasty gestures to annoy the enemy you just killed then having the Take the L dance would be a fun way to go about it. 

It’s complicated 

Fortnite is known for having pretty nice dance moves in their emotes, and “it’s complicated” is no exception as the dance moves for it are pretty great and fun to follow along which are complimented with electro dance music. 

Out West 

Out West trended along with Renegade as the two follow a similar style on hand choreography and beat which both heavily trended in Tiktok worldwide for the vast majority of female audiences. The music track used in the emote is from the song Out West by Travis Scott, a popular singer and rapper in real life that had his own live concert in Fortnite. 

The Renegade 

I’m pretty sure you know this, the dance choreography of Renegade is actually a very popular trend for most Tiktok users as the beat and the dance moves vibe well together to make a dance video about it. This sparked a trend among Tiktok and Fortnite players alike as it was iconic mostly for the female audience along with the dance emote Out West.

I’m Diamond 

Did you know Fortnite makes parodies of actual popular K-pop dances, let’s take “It’s dynamite” by BTS which Fortnite released when collaborating with BTS for a Fortnite cosmetic collection, which the Dance emote being inspired from the Dynamite by BTS song, this is great for any Fortnite players who are Kpop and BTS fans to acquire and have.


Scenario is another K-pop music allowed to be displayed in a Fortnite dance emote by the group Ikon that is another popular Kpop group. The song Scenario by Ikon has great instrumentals and smooth dance moves which I really like. Although, there’s no pure vocal lyrics for the dance emotes music track, or even the raw original sound so, Fortnite simply made a remix of the tune, and I think it’s great which made fans of the group and other Fortnite players enjoy it as well. 

Pull Up 

Pull Up’s Music track is from the song ROCKSTAR by Dababy. Pullup has appeared in tiktok videos and a lot of people love making covers of it, it was a recent Dance Emote that appeared in 2021 which the beat is something you can’t skip dancing to.

Gangnam Style 

Gangnam has been out for quite a long time, and one of the first kpop songs that helped make kpop a mainstream thing worldwide. Gangnam style is no exception for anyone who grew up through its era of popularity, and Fortnite has added this dance to the game just because it’s a fun and a vibrant dance move which young and old audiences love. 



JABBA SWITCHWAY is another popular dance emote with a trendy choreography that people love and honestly, it’s pretty amazing. The Track used is from the song BOP by dababy, a popular artist with a considerable number of other dances already in Fortnite. 

GO Mufasa 

Go Mufasa is another one of those best dances in Fortnite that has a trendy dance move made mainstream by tiktok and internet. Go Mufasa music track is referenced from song made by DABABY who is known for having other Fortnite dance emotes available in the game. 

Blinding Lights 

Blinding Lights was released last year and is known for its catchy instrumental, the music track is based on the popular song Blinding Lights by the Weeknd with a fun choreography to follow that fortnite never fails to present us an awesome Fortnite dance Emote with an awesome music track to listen to.


Toosie Slide 

Toosie slide is known for the song that was based on the Drake’s song “Toosie Slide”, and made into a Tiktok dance music challenge later on in the internet that caught attention globally.  

Hope you like them

Well, it isn’t the end, there are countless of Fortnite dances that have went majorly popular during the years of Fortnite, and thanks to Tiktok these dances went mainstream, Fortnite never fails to give us such trendy dances thanks to its popularity among the younger audiences and some of these dances are just great to have in-game in order to show-off, display and motivate you. 

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