The Minecraft Trident is a deadly weapon stronger than an Enchanted Diamond Sword, using this almost makes you a God, but to get Trident in Minecraft isn’t that easy. So, ever wondered how to Get the Trident in Minecraft, as well as use it and Enchant it for more strength?

How to get Trident 

Tridents are pretty tedious to get, although it’s simple to know where and how to get one. To get a Trident, we must kill Drowned, or Drowned Zombies, they are zombies that have drowned underwater, or have spawned in Underwater Ruins.

Drowned Zombies usually spawn with Tridents, it’s not a guarantee you’ll get a Trident by killing the first Drowned Zombie, so we need to kill dozens of them depending on your luck.

Drowned Zombie Locations 

Heading to an Ocean and finding an Underwater Ruin is the only optional choice to get Trident in Minecraft. Yes, we have to repeatedly find and kill Drowned zombies over and over again, and hopefully a Trident will drop. It’s known to be a rare item drop with a 8% drop rate chance, so expect a long grind.

Tridents can only drop when a Drowned Zombie has a Trident on-hand, which makes getting Tridents a hard task. Keep in Mind finding a Zombie Dungeon Spawner and converting Zombies into Drowned Zombies do not drop Tridents, as Converted Drowned Zombies do not hold Tridents.

Alternative Drowned Zombie Farming

Alternatively, we can avoid such a painstaking activity by Building a Drowned Zombie AFK Farm, which enables us to simply AFK and wait for Drowned Zombies to naturally spawn in the farm to be killed. This is a tedious task but a great investment later on if done correctly.

This is the most recommended, and easiest way to get Trident in Minecraft as we are standing in one place, rather than exploring to find Drowned Zombies.

Repairing a broken Trident 

Before you celebrate, you need to acquire more than 1 Trident due to how the repair system works in Minecraft. Once you have gotten a Trident in your inventory, it will be close to breaking, so make sure to not use it. We have to quickly repair the Trident in order to use it for endless possibilities.

Having multiple Tridents, we can achieve and repair the Trident to its full durability by using an Anvil. All we need is to combine an extra Trident with the main one we are planning to use, and it will restore a percentage of its durability.

Once you have successfully repaired a Trident to its max durability, be careful on using it, as it can break easily. The trident has a durability of 250 points equivalent to an Iron Sword and for every single usage it takes away a single point.

The Enchantment Mending for repairs 

Now, don’t feel hopeless with repairs. Thankfully we can apply the Enchantment Mending to the Trident. The Mending Enchantment gives us the ability to repair the Mending Enchanted weapon with every experience point collected.

The only thing you have to do is kill anything that drops experience points, and it will auto-repair your Trident which has Mending on-hand, awesome right?

How Strong is the Trident? 

A Trident is a powerful melee & ranged type weapon, and one of the first weapons to do so in Minecraft. It can deal up to 6.5 hearts worth of critical Melee damage, and 4 Hearts for Range damage, making it equivalent to a Diamond sword and has a durability of an Iron sword which can be further improved with Mending and Unbreaking Enchantments.

With the Trident having all the Enchantments, it will be considered the strongest weapon to have compared to an Enchanted Bow or Diamond Sword as a Trident can be range and melee plus with the neat exclusive features the Enchantments have, it would make killing any Mobs a simple task.

Trident Enchantments 

There a lot of specific Enchantments meant for the Trident which makes the Trident more powerful than it already it is, as specified below.

Mending – As said previously Mending is an Enchantment that repairs an item on-hand via experience points for every Mob killed with the Mending Weapon used.

Riptide – A Riptide enchantment is made for the Trident. Riptide enables you to teleport, or be thrown with the Trident to wherever it lands. This only works when there’s rain, in water, or a snowy biome, dealing a magical effect called Splash Damage upon impact to nearby Mobs.

Loyalty – Loyalty is an enchantment unique to the Trident. It enables the Trident to return to player once thrown, so you don’t have to lose or find wherever your Trident lands as it will come back to you.

Channeling – Channeling is another unique enchantment to the Trident. It enables the player to the throw the Trident and produce lightning to where it lands. Channeling can’t be combined with Loyalty, and only works in Thunderstorms.

Unbreaking – Unbreaking is a universal Enchantment that works with the Trident, it’s a helpful Enchantment when combined with Mending as it just makes the Trident have longer-lasting durability.

Impaling – Impaling increases the damage done on Aquatic mobs per impaling level, a pretty cool added bonus if you want go killing more Drowned Zombies or exploring Ocean Ruins.

Curse of Vanishing – Something you may not use, as it just destroys the Trident upon your Death.

Since you now know how to get Trident in Minecraft, you can have an awesome fun time with it. It’s worth the time spent on getting it as it’s one of the best weapons in Vanilla Minecraft, and bringing it on your adventures makes problematic Mobs easier to deal with.