Apex Legends Revenant guide: The Master of ambush

What makes Revenant such a strong character is due to his Ultimate skill and passive skill that makes him a worthy team player and enemy to play against. Not a lot of people like him simply because they don’t fully understand him or properly know how to use his skills effectively.

Apex Legends Revenant guide

but in truth, Revenant is a great character to learn and play where you will find yourself winning with your team easily. So, don’t worry as our Apex Legends Revenant guide will teach you on how to use Revenant in Apex Legends effectively. 

Apex Legends Revenant guide: Revenant’s Primary and Passive Skills 

Passive skill: Stalker 

Revenant’s passive skill is based on his physical attributes giving Revenant faster crouching speed and where he can climb higher walls which it can be utilized to your advantage since you’ll climb higher walls two times as normal which is 10-11 meters. He can also climb shorter walls at 25% more speed which makes maneuvering around high terrain and structures a breeze for a revenant player. 

Tactical Primary Skill: Silence 

Silence is a crowd control skill great for nearby combat and it can have up to two charges stored that you can throw two times. Silence gives Revenant the ability to throw a device which deals 10 damage on impact around the area. 

Silence also allows you to ”Silence” an enemy disabling their tactical primary and ultimate skill for 20 seconds long, annoying for your opponent isn’t it? This also disables some passive abilities of certain characters when active such as: 

  • Lifeline’s combat Revive 
  • Gibraltar’s Gun Shield 
  • Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook 

Ultimate Skill: Death Totem 

Death Totem is a powerful ultimate in the right hands, and this is what makes Revenant such a good character with the proper team chemistry doing the correct effective strategies.  

When you activate the skill, Revenant drops a Death Totem and anybody in the team can use it, and this protects the user from death, instead of dying or getting downed, the player will respawn back at the totem where it was placed. Beware enemy players can use the Death Totem if found. 

The only downside in using your ultimate is how enemy damage goes straight to your Health and not your shields and while going too far from the totem will make you exit your Ultimate form causing you to be venerable in a middle of a fight. You also cannot heal in Ultimate form, or apply shields. The weakness of your Ultimate form is easily countered via an AOE skill like Caustic Nox Gas Traps/Grenades, Bangalore Airstrikes and other AOE abilities most of the time.

Apex Legends Revenant guide: Tips on how to use Revenant Apex Legends 

  • Communicate when you’re going to Totem or Silence 
    Don’t forget to Communicate with your teammates because your ultimate and tactical skill is for team fights, and letting your teammates know where and when you will use your ultimate is crucial where you have to time it and know exactly what you’re going when engaging an enemy squad. Timing your silence so your team can charge as well without worry about enemy abilities is important, so communicate as much as possible. 
  • Know when and where to place your Totem 
    Totems are great because it saves you from actually dying or getting downed, but placing this Totem somewhere vulnerable or predictable is bad, as respawning back takes times which you might get ambushed, or enemies will use your Totem to their advantage. 
  • Don’t go alone or stray far from teammates. 
    Revenant is an aggressive character, but he needs to be with the team to be of good use because his skills are meant for team fights, and not dueling enemies alone. So, keep in mind to coordinate with your team when attacking, because Revenant can and will wipe an enemy squad with a confident team. 
  • Use Revenants passive to your advantage 
    Revenant can climb higher walls and crouch faster which you can use this passive for a lot of versatile movement from terrain and infrastructures during combat. Not a lot of new players know this possibility, or don’t know how to properly engage enemies when navigating terrain and objects with Revenants. 
  • Silence skill is your best friend 
    Revenant players tend to forget on using their Silence skill during crucial moments or end up using it in unnecessary moments. You should use Silence as much as possible when a squad is all close together, whether behind cover or inside a building, which they should time it with other abilities like Gibraltars ultimate and Bangalores ultimate. Silence is overpowered, it disables enemy abilities for 20 seconds and their passive which just makes this such a great primary skill to use in combination with other character skills in the team.
  • Using SMGS or Shotguns Weapons as Ideal weapons 
    This is subjective, but in the end a SMG or Shotgun weapons would be a better choice because Revenant’s abilities and team tactics are meant for close or mid-range fights, so having weapons for close to mid-range would be a better loadout choice. 

Keep practicing and have fun

Revenant is quite hard at first, and it can intimidate new players, but in fact his abilities are quite easy to use and you just need a good team with the right coordination that you can execute properly which makes winning easier with Revenant. Learn how to time your Ultimate and Silence skill in combat and everything will work in your Favor. 

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