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In this article, we will describe the Best Foods in Minecraft that you can gather and store in your inventory for long adventures or your daily Minecraft activities

In this article, we will describe the Best Foods in Minecraft that you can gather and store in your inventory for long adventures or your daily Minecraft activities to keep you away from hunger constantly or endure longer in fights.

Helpful information 

Foods are ranked by a nutrition value, and with it ranking each on how much Hunger Bars and Saturation restores after eating. This can range from the Poorest to the Highest, and there’s Supernatural — which is a special type of Food variant.  Here are the Best Foods in Minecraft.

Supernatural Food

Supernatural Foods are enchanted or foods crafted with Gold. They are the Golden Apple, Golden Carrot, and Enchanted Golden Apple. Each gives a special effect to the player per consumption. Expensive to make with the Gold used but gives major benefits in tasks like long-lasting fights against bosses.

Enchanted Golden Apple

The Enchanted Golden Apple can’t be crafted in-game since the 1.9 update, but it can still be gotten with cheats or Mods, multiplayer servers work differently as well. Eating this Provides:

  • A Health Regeneration level 2 healing 1 heart for half a second.
  • Absorption Level 4 for 2 minutes with 8 Gold Hearts increase in your Health
  • Resistance Level 1 for 5 minutes.
  • Fire resistance Level 1 for 5 minutes

Golden Apple

Golden Apple is the weaker version of the Enchanted Golden Apple, but this can be crafted in the game using Gold Ingots. Eating this provides:

  • Regeneration Level 2, healing 1 heart per half a second.
  • Absorption level 1 for 2 minutes providing 4 extra Gold Hearts increase to Health.

Golden Carrot

Eating a Golden Carrot restores 3 Hunger Bars, and gives 14 points of saturation. Meaning it takes longer to get Hungry. Aside from eating such expensive Food, Golden Carrots are mainly used to make the Potion of Night Vision.

Regular Foods

Regular foods in Minecraft can range from Animal Meat to Farmed Crops of Food. Each has its own nutritional value, it’s more or less the same, and we will just specify in a list what’s best to gather into your storage.

The Best Crop Foods 


The best starter food is crafted from Wheat being the easiest to grow. Bread restores 3 Hunger Bars, and Wheat being the primary food to breed Cows, Sheep, and Seeds for Chickens is what makes this a good all-around Food to consider other than for consumption.

Potatoes and Carrots

They are of the same, and alternatively, the better crop to farm switching from Bread, as you can bake a Potato and make Golden Carrots.
  • Potatoes restore 1 hunger bar, while Baked potatoes restore 3 Hunger Bars.
  • Carrots don’t have a cooked variant and will restore 2 Hunger Bars.

Honey Bottle

Honey is a great option to have which restores 3 hunger Bars. It can also remove Poison effects upon consumption, so having a Bee Farm with a steady Honey supply is a good option to consider.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is crafted using Pumpkins, Sugar, and Egg. It restores 4 Hunger Bars when consumed, so it’s helpful to have a stack of these when exploring.


I love Melons, do you? Melons restore 1 Hunger Bar, and when growing Melons, you can never fail to run out of them, as they drop around 6 slices of Melons when being harvested, cheaply effective.


Beetroot-like Melons are easy to farm, you can freely grow a lot of them, gaining stacks of it easily. A beetroot restores 1 Hunger Bar, and crafting it into Beetroot Soup restores 3 Hunger Bars.


Crafting Cookies isn’t so bad. It restores 1 Hunger Bar while being a nice cheap food item on hand since crafting it from 2 Wheat and 1 Cocoa Bean makes 8 Cookies per batch.


Apple farming is a tedious process as we need to grow trees and wait for the decaying leaves to luckily drop any Apples, but Apples are needed to make Golden Apples, an important resource, so it might take a while but beneficial in the end.

Dried Kelp

As it grows right in the ocean, you can gather these when not having any more food. Harvesting for days and having a never-ending supply. Restores 1 Hunger Bar and 64 stacks of it consumed in seconds, it’s the perfect wild crop you find while adventuring.

Mushroom soup

Mushroom Soup restores 4 Hunger Bars, it’s also tedious to find and grow Mushrooms to craft Mushroom soup, but they are a nice food item to make when having no other foods available on the go.


You can eat up to 7 slices per cake, which restores 7 Hunger Bars per whole cake eaten. You can make these every now and then to place around your base to eat when you’re too busy to get food.

The Best Cooked Meat

Cooked Porkchop

Pork chops are one of the easiest starter Food items you can collect and gather. Find a Pig, breed it, and make a decent population of Pigs enough to kill and breed again. Eating this restores 3 Hunger Bars.

Cooked Steak

Just like pork chops, finding a cow and breeding them into a decent amount isn’t hard. Restoring 3 Hunger Bars, it’s a meat worth considering to have in your storage, if you can’t find any Pigs nearby.

Cooked Mutton

The same as Porkchops and Steak, if you can’t find either animals to provide those Foods, sheep are also a good source for having Mutton which restores 3 Hunger Bars.

Cooked Chicken

Always an infinite supply of Chicken meat when having Chickens as farm animals, constantly laying eggs and easy to breed with seeds, and with their laying of eggs to make new offspring. Cooked Chicken restores 3 Hunger Bars.

Cooked Rabbit 

Rabbit anyone? Another optional Meat of choice restoring 3 ½ hearts, which can also be crafted into Rabbit stew that restores 5 Hunger Bars.

Cooked Salmon

Cooked Salmon is another alternative as it’s good when you badly need food but not something you can get stacks of it quickly. Nonetheless, it restores 4 Hunger Bars.

Since you now know the Best Foods in Minecraft to gather and eat, you can now start storing them in your chest and never let yourself starve to death ever again.

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