How to get to The End in Minecraft Fast

The End in Minecraft is considered the last achievement for all players, it’s where the Ender Dragon resides and the End city that can only be found in. It requires decent preparation of resources in order to venture inside the End World and we will teach what and how to get to the End in Minecraft with everything you need to know about The End.

How to find the End Portal 

First things first, in order to reach the End World, we must find a Stronghold which by doing so will lead to an End portal so we can teleport into the End. To find a Stronghold, we will be using an Eye of Ender to lead us to a location of where a Stronghold spawned in the World.

How to Find a Stronghold 

Craft an Eye of Ender 

To find a Stronghold, we need to craft an Eye of Ender, these are normally crafted using Ender Pearls and Blaze powder. Slain Endermen drops Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder which are crafted from Blaze Rods dropped by slain Blazes in the Nether World. 

How to use Eye of Ender 

Eye of Ender is needed as it serves as this magical orb that guides us to a general location of where a Stronghold should be.  

Right click the Eye of Ender into the air, and it should hover into a location, then drops. Keep in mind, Eye of Ender breaks upon 1 to 5 times of usage.  

You should follow wherever the Eye of Ender hovers to and after picking it up, repeat the process until it only hovers in 1 location always. If it only hovers around 1 location always, dig down, and deep enough you should be able to find a Stronghold. 

How to Find the End Portal 

Once you’re in the Stronghold, you have to explore around the area in order to find the location of the End Portal. Which all Strongholds are placed and generated differently, so exploration is the only way. 

You’d usually find Chests with loot, a Library and the End Portal somewhere in the Stronghold. Beware there are Mobs and also silverfish Mobs which can only be found in Strongholds that can be annoying to deal with. 

How to Activate the End Portal 

To activate the End Portal, we need around 12 Eye of Enders. We place these Eye of Enders by right clicking around the End Portal Frames which there should be 12 Frames around the End Portal. 

Once activated, we can clearly see a black abyss open in the middle of the Portal. Jumping through it will teleport you, and there’s no going back until you kill the Ender Dragon, or die and lose your stuff.

Before you Enter the End

We must prepare ourselves as there’s no way of going back until you kill the Ender Dragon, and you have to die in the End in order to spawn back into the Normal World, the Overworld.  

Usually players would craft a bed which serves as a respawn point next to the End Portal, of course if the Stronghold is far from your base, you might want to write down the coordinates, and setup a temporary base in the Stronghold. 

How to Kill the Ender Dragon

Killing the Ender Dragon is something we must prep for, and in order to make this an efficient battle, we must understand how the fight goes down. 

What to look out for 

Flying towards you 

Ender Dragons are big damage dealers, they will damage you a lot by flying towards you, and will throw you up into the air to fall to your death. Avoiding this must be prioritized. 

End Crystals

End Crystals are a priority to destroy in order to take out the Ender Dragon, these Crystals heals the Ender Dragon over time when he flies around their proximity   

There’s over 10 pillars each holding 1 End Crystal placed very high and sometimes protected by Iron Bars. Use a bow to destroy the unprotected crystals, and Cobble or any block to build up to destroy the protected ones.

Ender Dragon’s Breathe 

The Dragon’s Breathe is a rare item only acquired from the Ender Dragon’s Breathe. It’s used to make Lingering Potions, a special type of potion to give you magical effects only made using the Dragon’s Breathe. 

You can get the Dragon’s Breathe by having glass bottles equipped on your hand, and right clicking the ground whenever the Ender Dragon Breathes out a purplish colored flame of particles on the ground, this won’t last long so you should be quick. 

How to Attack the Ender Dragon

Using your common weapons 

Ranged weapons work best from Bows, Tridents, or Crossbows, you can also use melee weapons depending on situation. Ender Dragons don’t always fly eventually coming down to hover near the ground, this will give an opening for you to attack using melee. 

Using Beds

If you didn’t know, beds explode in other dimensions when trying to sleep. We can time our attacks by placing a bed, and wait for the Ender Dragon to fly at us then we prepare to right click the bed which activates the explosion. 

How to Find End City

Once you kill the Ender Dragon, a new portal structure surrounded by Bedrock will appear somewhere. Usually in the corner of the floating End island which you have to build your way to it. 

It’s not reachable for the MC player as it’s only 1 block high, so we have to use an Ender Pearl for this. Aim the Ender Pearl at the Portal Block, and it will go through it, which will make you land somewhere random. 

Awesome, we are on the other side. An End city should be somewhere in the proximity, just adjust your Render Distance higher and walk around, you’ll eventually find it.  

Now you know how to reach the End in Minecraft, and everything you need to know about the End Realm. Have fun, and happy adventuring. 

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