Top 10 Best Activities Fire Emblem Three Houses


If you are a huge fan of Fire Emblem series and own a Nintendo Switch, then I am pretty sure that you got your hands of the latest game in the series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, as soon as it came out back in a few weeks ago.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a jam-packed strategy JRPG that you can literally spend 20 or more hours just goofing around doing a variety of activities available in the game.

This does not include the lengthy main story as well.

Plus, the replayability for this game is really high considering you can start anew and select a different house for your second and third run.

The game is set in a monastery where the main character is a professor.

Hence, you have to schedule your day-offs to do activities with your students.

Activities usually cost activity points, and the amount you can use is dependent on your Professor level. Although some are exempted from this rule, such as fishing and gardening as they use items instead.

You can only do so much with your limited time so it is better to plan the activities you want to participate in for the week ahead of time, and thus, we decided to give you a list of top 10 best activities you can do in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

10. Attend Seminars

Seminars in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are basically the same as what we have in real life, we learn and get motivated by attending one.

Students in the game learn weapon proficiency faster based on the lecturer’s proficiency, and they get motivated if their objectives are aligned through the selected seminar.

Unfortunately, just like in real life, attending seminars will take the whole free time that you have so you cannot do any other activities.

This is the sole reason why it is at number 10, it is only recommended to do seminars once you are on your new game+ or if you justify that the six attendees will really benefit from it.

9. Participate in Tournaments

Tournament is a monthly activity where you select one of your students to participate in a House vs House event.

This activity is unlocked after completing the quest “Only the Bold”, and it costs an activity point.

Each tournament has a minimum level requirement and a weapon restriction, so it is best to select a student who meets the level requirement and has a high proficiency with the weapon selected particularly for the tournament.

Before the tournament starts, you are able to see both the combatants, as well as the rewards.

The rewards each round is a small amount of gold, but after winning five rounds, you will reap both gold and the reward indicated at the start of the tournament.

8. Answering Advice Box

Advice Box is an activity that does not cost an activity point, however, you may only unlock it after accepting Mercedes’ quest named “Words of Wisdom”. By going to the counselor once this activity is unlocked, you will be given a chance to give advice to the unanswered notes.

There are three suggestions to pick from, and the benefit of doing this activity is that you increase your support levels if you manage to answer their notes correctly.

The only catch is that you do not know who wrote the letter, but a silhouette is attached to it which gives you a clue as to whom it may be, and it also has a 30-second time limit.

This is a good way to make your support levels increase faster as it does not cost an activity point and it is fairly easy to do so in your free time.

Make sure to get to know the characters and at least put yourself into their shoes so you could easily answer their questions.

You may try restarting the game if you get an answer wrong, but there is no guarantee that you will get the same question as it is random every time.

7. Cultivate Plants in Gardening

Gardening is a free activity you can do in your spare time exploring the monastery.

Simply go to the Greenhouse Keeper and choose either you want to Plant, Cultivate, or Harvest.

Planting depends on your Professor level, so at first, you can only plant one selection of seeds per session.

You can gather seeds from random locations around the monastery, quest rewards, or even buy them from merchants.

Cultivating lets you use techniques to improve the growth of the plants you have just planted.

Your Professor level also has a factor in this as the higher it is, the more cultivation options that you have. You can only select one method per session.

Harvesting is basically the option where you have to gather the crops you planted. The number of items you will be able to gather is dependent on the seeds you planted, and the cultivation method you selected for the plants’ growth.

Of course, after harvesting the plants, you may opt to replant the new seeds that you have.

It is highly recommended to do this activity as it does not cost anything, and it reaps you a lot of items once you harvest the plants, which can be used for cooking, tea party, and more.

6. Reel in the Fishes

Fishing is another free activity just like gardening (#7), and it can be unlocked after completing the side quest “Fresh Catch”.

You need to have baits to be able to fish, and you can get them from random locations, quest rewards, and you may buy them later on from a merchant.

Baits also affect your chance of reeling a large or rare fish.

Once you have baits, talk to the fishing pond’s keeper. Select your preferred bait, and wait for a bite from a fish. You have three tries to reel in the bite before you lose the bait.

If you manage to capture one, you can sell it or cook it (if possible).

This activity needs a lot of patience, but you earn Professor EXP by doing this and it rewards you with ingredients or an item you can sell for gold.

5. Invite Someone for Tea

Tea Party is a great activity for bonding and building up affinities with someone in the game.

It is unlocked after completing the quest, “Tea for Two”.

This activity costs activity points and you need to have tea leaves to be able to invite someone.

You can get it from gardening (#7) or by purchasing them from merchants. There is a chance you may get declined with your invitation, but this is because it is a random response. Restarting your game may yield a different result.

Hosting a tea party can be considered a difficult activity in the game.

It is like a harder version of the advice box (number 8) simply because you have to serve tea that your invitee likes, and you have to carefully select conversation topics that they are interested in.

If you manage to be a good host and correctly give interesting topics to your invitee, you are rewarded with Extra Time and both you and your guest will get an increase in your charisma.

During Extra Time,you can now give gifts to your guests or observe them without a time limit or end the session.

You may also invite a birthday celebrant for a tea party without the cost of an activity point. It is highly recommended to do so to increase your affinity with the guest faster.

4.  Perform Faculty Training

Faculty Training focuses on improving the main character’s skill level.

This becomes available after completing the quest “Learning from the Best”.

This activity costs activity points so make sure to plan ahead if you need to do this in your free time.

You have to actively look for the Faculty members as they change locations every month.

At raining session per instructor can be done once a week, but you can have multiple trainings with different instructors as long as you have enough activity points to consume.

Note that for certain faculty members, you may increase their affinity towards you by doing choosing them as instructors.

The result of the faculty training is based on chance and the amount of experience you will get for your skill level ranges from Good, Great, and Perfect.

This is highly recommended to do if you are eyeing on a student to recruit, but your skill level is far from the student’s minimum requirements.

Of course, make sure to do faculty training with appropriate faculty members to get the maximum benefits.

3. Let’s Cook Together

Cooking Together is another activity that consumes activity points.

It becomes available after completing the “Creative Cuisines” quest.

You have to select your partner in this activity, as well as the dish that you want to create.

Of course, you need to have the ingredients for the dishes, and select characters that have blue arrows on their upper left as it means that you will get more support points by the end of the activity.

You may cook up to 12 different dishes, and these dishes have different buffs that will affect your entire allies for the whole month.

A great trade-off in my opinion, just make sure you get many ingredients as much as possible, so you can have a wide selection of choices. It is also recommended to do this activity by the first week of the month.

This activity will also give you Professor EXP, which helps you gain more activity points as you level it up.

2. Sing in Choir Practice

Choir Practice is an activity where it yields many rewards just by participating. It becomes available after completing the quest “A Passion for Music”

You need two partners to do choir practice. Just like Cooking Together (#3), it is recommended to select those that have the blue arrow on the upper left as they are more keen to sing, and may yield better results.

However, you can choose anyone you want, and it is advisable to choose students who focus more on magic (Faith and Reason).

Both you and the invitees will earn affinity (support points) towards each other, and if you choose to invite your own students, then they will gain EXP for Faith and Authority skills.

1. Eat Together

Share a Meal is another great way to bond with two characters, although it costs activity points.

This activity is available once you completed the quest “Share a Bite”.

There are two types of a menu when sharing a meal – Today’s Special and Full Menu.

The former can be chosen once since it is the signature dish of the day. On the other hand, the latter is the list of dishes that characters will enjoy, but you need to have the ingredients to be able to select this menu.

Certain characters enjoy certain foods.

It is highly recommended to select two characters who have affinities toward each other and have not maxed out their motivation since this activity also increases their motivation.

Of course, do not forget to select the food that they like to maximize the benefit you can get from doing this activity.