Top 10 Rarest Skins Fortnite (You’ll Never Get)


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Today we’ll be taking a look at some of fortnights most uncommon skins the measure we use to judge rarity is simply the availability of the item.

If everyone can buy it right now, it’s not a collector’s piece however even if it’s just a common but hasn’t been in the shop for over a year it’s going to be considered rare as can be.

That brings us to the rarest melee skin…

10. Piledriver 

Piledriver features a beautiful insignia on its face and the gold trim at the top gives it a great finish.

Rare as can be it’s become a collector’s item coveted by many and owned by only a few!

9. Thumbs up/down

Currently the rarest emote, this puppy hasn’t been seen in forever and for such a common gesture you’d think it would be an always available but nope!

Due to its absence from the shop, it’s become an item to flex on your friends with.

Not many have the emote and it’s going to stay like that likely so you’ll want to pick it up the next time you ever see it come back into the store as it won’t stay for long!

8. Flapper (Honorable Mention)

While this item dropped back into the shop not too long ago it’s worth a mention as for a long time it was the rarest emote in all of fortnite, it was the ultimate flex and was frequently used to taunt collectors who joined the game at a later date as they have no way of getting the item, like salt in the wounds!

7. Raptor Glider 

The absolute rarest glider in the game, this skin simply disappeared from the shop and seems like it isn’t coming back.

While there are plenty of way more impressive appearing skins, this is definitely one that if you managed to scoop up will make a few collectors fawn over.

It’s funny that a 500 V-Bucks skin is really the most coveted glider but not having can make anyone go wild I suppose.

6. Black Knight (Season 2 Battle Pass)

black knight battle pass rarest skins fortnite

Probably one of the coolest season pass rewards, the Black Knight skin was the talk of the town when it was released those who grinded in the early weeks and donned the skin quickly were looked at like gods.

In a game where the only differing factor between you and your opponents are skins as everything else is an even playing ground we all know how cool flexing an ancient battle pass skin is, there are some kids today that wouldn’t even have been around to pick it up which makes it even rarer!

5. Renegade Raider, (Season 1 Season Store)

Probably should be in number 1 as it’s a true badge of honor collector’s item nowadays, the reward for getting to level 100 in the first-ever season of fortnite, there are some players who didn’t even join the game till season 5+ who have no chance at this item ever.

The mark of a dedicated veteran, skins like these provoke fear in their opponents at least the ones that can recognize it in the heat of battle of course.

We all know skins don’t actually make you better, but the sight of this skin instantly shows you how much time the opponent has played causing a slight hesitation in some players.

4. Midnight Ops

Making its debut exactly one year ago from the time of writing the midnight Ops gear features that ever so sick cyborg arm, with a bit of a cyberpunk feel to it with 2077 right around the corner this skin will only grow in popularity as well!

It’s very unlikely this skin will return to the shop anytime soon as it was so recently released but odds are it will end up back in the rotation around the cyberpunk release as a bit of a cash grab.

Not a problem for us though, as it’ll open up the doors for us to buy that skin with our sweet V-bucks and add it to the collection.

3. Codename E.L.F

Ah Christmas, a time for beautiful holiday cheer and limited release skins, this puppy debuted back in 2017 and went a bit under the radar until it became quite clear it wasn’t coming back onto the store.

It’s now become a bit of a bragging tool as due to the time it’s been out of the store it’s now quite desired.

Only for guys though this skin is of course not accessible for a chunk of you out there that only play ladies characters, it’s still a great rare item that is coveted by many collectors if you see it available again in the future I’d suggest picking it up~!

2. Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul Trooper is probably one of the most infamous rare skins, it’s absolutely one of those rare gems but as of 2 days ago from the time of writing this piece, it was announced that the ghoul trooper skin is actually making a return for this years Halloween event.

If you missed out on grabbing it before, now is the time to grab it though with all cosmetics it’s a double-edged sword when they return to the store as it diminishes the rarity of the item down to nothing as everyone has access to it yet at the same time it’s still a wicked skin you should pick up!

1. Recon Expert

The rarest skin on our list but by no means the coolest, this skin is simply so rare because it’s never been put back into the store.

Although it debut’d as a rather lackluster cosmetic just like with vintage mickey mouse cups that your grandma has in her china cabinet, the fewer people have something the cooler it is.

This skin itself definitely isn’t anything to write home about but if you’ve got it from way back when know that there are collectors with multiple season completion outfits that are jealous of this random skin you bought a few years ago!