Top 10 Best Crops in Minecraft



This Article will list the Top 10 Best Crops in Minecraft, whether it’s for Food to help you in your survival or to craft resources and items to help us in achieving certain task.

As farming crops is one of the most important things that you’ll be doing first in Minecraft.

10. Pumpkins

Pumpkin seeds can be found in Village chest, Mineshaft chest or Dungeon chest.

You can also acquire Pumpkin seeds from Pumpkins if you find one naturally spawned in any Biome.

Pumpkins can be used in a variety of things, aside from the usual composting and trading, they are also mostly used for creating Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Helmets to protect you from Enderman, craft Pumpkin Pies and Jack O’ Lanterns.

A variety of beneficial uses for Pumpkins, which makes it to the top 10 crops due to the multiple things you can do with them.

9. Sweet berries

Sweet Berries are only found in Taiga Biomes harvested in the Sweet Berry Bush.

When planting Sweet Berries, it will grow into a Bush, these bushes are particularly fond in being used as a defense mechanism because it poisons a player or mob upon passing through these bushes.

Though it doesn’t deal any significant damage but it’s more of an annoyance and a decreased in movement speed.

Sweet Berry Bushes are a great way to making Mobs not pass through a certain area, because in Minecraft, Mobs tend to avoid these bushes and look for a way to go around it especially enemy mobs, if they can’t, they’ll not chase you and won’t cross the Berry Bushes at all which makes you safe as Berry Bushes act as a wall, but will damage if you ever try to pass through it yourself or mob.

8. Melons

Melons is a nice food source in collecting because it drops 3-7 Melons upon breaking a Melon Block, getting stacks of these is fairly quick and easy.

Though, Melons would require a Melon seed, common spots that Melon seeds naturally spawn in are in Dungeon chest & Mineshaft chest which are fairly challenging to find during the start of the game.

Melons provide an unlimited source of Food, and replenishes only 1 hunger bar but due to their large quantities when harvesting, it’s reasonable.

Melons can be used in composting and trading, but is mostly used in creating a Glistering Melon Slice for potion making, which used to be brewed into a Potion of Healing.

7. Carrots

Carrots are found in any Village and Shipwreck locations which are the common spawn areas for Carrots that are found in big quantities just like Potatoes.

Growing Carrots is as simple as growing Wheat and Potatoes, the profit is also beneficial as Carrots that are ready to be harvested will give you 1-5 Carrots.

The usage of Carrots is used when crafting Rabbit stew, breeding, composting or trading.

The major usage is crafting Golden Carrots.

Upon eating one, it replenishes 6 hunger bars, Golden Carrots is also mostly used in potion making, specifically to brew the Potion of Night Vision, an important potion for adventuring under the Sea or in the dark.

You can also craft a Carrot on a stick with a normal carrot for Pig riding.

6. Potatoes

potatoes crops best crop minecraft

Potatoes can be found in Shipwrecks and Villages which they are a common spawn for Potatoes and are mostly found in big quantities at these locations.

Potatoes are a great secondary food source as the profit is 2x more than what you plant – fully grown potatoes can drop 1 to 4 potatoes upon harvesting and you don’t lose out.

You can use potatoes to trade, breed, and compost.

You can also bake potatoes in a furnace which replenishes you 5 hunger bars and also being an ingredient to craft Rabbit stew.

5. Sugar Canes

Sugar Canes is something you would need because it’s the ingredient to craft the items that is required for Enchanting, they are used to create paper, that crafts you books which also crafts into bookshelves.

Sugar Canes can also be used to make sugar that is important to make the Potion of Swiftness, and make Cake.

Sugar Canes are also used to nicely create underwater pathways because you are able to place these underwater on a block that is 1 block high in a one path only area.

Water can’t destroy Sugar Canes so it creates an Air pocket for you to walk normally like you were in walking in land.

It’s more of a technique if wanting to move underwater, and also an aesthetic to your world.

4. Nether Warts

Nether Warts in Minecraft is a key ingredient in brewing potions, finding Nether Warts is considered fairly hard as you would need to find a Nether Fortress and find the generated farm within the huge Nether Fortress.

Although, if you have found one, you can grab the Nether Warts and bring it back to your World which you would need soul sand to grow the Nether Warts in.

3. Bamboo

Bamboos can be found in Jungle Biomes where Pandas can be seen in as well.

You can easily find Bamboos in the Jungle Biome due to their tall nature, being in big amounts causing a thick field of Bamboos to be scattered amongst the area.

Bamboos are the fastest growing plant & crop in Minecraft.

Why I consider this an important crop is because you can craft an item which would ease some complex building task in our survival world.

The item is called Scaffolding, in order to craft Scaffolding, we’d need 6 Bamboos and a string.

Scaffoldings are tools to help you build tall structures, like a 10-floor tall house, a statue or whatever of some sort that would require you to go higher than ground level.

Bamboos can also be used as fuel in the furnace and the only way to breed Pandas.

2. Apples

In Minecraft, Apples aren’t considered crops because you can’t directly grow and harvest it though we can technically consider it as a crop in nature because Apples come from trees, in Minecraft it’s randomly dropped from the decaying leaves so it’s not certain to acquire one right away unlike actual crops.

Apples can only drop from an Oak or Dark Oak tree.

I included Apples in the list because Wheat seeds may be the first to get, but Apples is the 2nd common food resource that you’ll come across on which you’ll be seeing a lot depending on where you spawn and how many trees you destroy.

With the concept of Apples dropping from the specified tree, you can happily build tree farms to collect Apples.

Apples are important, because we need Apples to make Golden Apples, Golden Apples is a food concept created in Minecraft that gives you a 5 second heal regeneration upon consumption, a key item that you would need in near death scenarios.

1. Wheat

Wheat is most likely the first crop in the game that you’ll be getting, simply because the process in trying to get Wheat Seeds takes a few minutes of breaking grass.

It’s the fastest seed to get because you’re most likely to spawn in a world where grass is probably a block away from you.

Unlike other crops, finding Potatoes or Carrots that spawn in Villages would take up time depending on where you spawn in your first Minecraft world, but most of the time, you’re going to spawn in a biome with grass, and Wheat would be the first option to make food for you, to breed and to trade because it’s straight-forward.

3 Wheat makes 1 bread that gives you 3 hunger bars when eaten.

It only takes 1 to 6 in-game days for the Wheat to grow depending on how hydrated the crops are.