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Dota 2 has millions of players worldwide – something that you could expect from a 100% fair free-to-play game that hosts tournaments yearly with a huge price pool not many could imagine. The developers mainly earn their revenue through skins and aesthetics, and they are so good at doing so since they really can’t offer gameplay boosts for money. With that, you can expect variations after variations of virtual aesthetic products, hence some of these are wallpapers and Best Loading Screens in Dota.

Now the thing is, it can be very difficult for you to check every single one of them since there are just hundreds of them, and with that, we feel obliged to compile 10 of the best loading screens in the entire Dota 2 history!

10. Rustic Finery Loading Screen

Rustic Finery is just a simple skin set for Enchantress, though it’s unarguably cute.

You can get it for a very cheap price from the market or from Steam itself, and it comes with a loading screen – which turned out to be one of the best.

Rustic Finery Loading Screen only has a common rarity, but with cute Enchantress winking at you makes a lot of difference. Remove the price and put this into a bargain, for sure many will offer more for this masterpiece.

9. Rightful Heir Loading Screen

Next on our list comes one of the most favorite players – Rikimaru.

This stealth assassin is invisible for more than 90% of the game, but not on this badass loading screen.

Rikimaru’s selfie on this loading screen may look a bit mediocre to some players, but the nice blend of colors in purple shading makes this loading screen look elegant and badass.

8. Sanguine Royalty Loading Screen

A perfect depiction of the Queen of Pain – Akasha.

Staring at this loading screen would grant you the image of how much of a saddest this queen is.

Sitting at her throne being complimented with a red shade background that seems to depict blood – this loading screen may just haunt you down if in a very good way.

7. Sinister Lightning Loading Screen

The next loading screen on our list features Invoker. Invoker is one of the most, if not the most difficult, heroes in Dota 2.

This badass wizard has different build variations, and one of the most famous is the Quas Wex build, hence, you can see on this loading screen that this is something the Quas Wex community will surely appreciate.

We can never be sure if the designer made this exclusively for the quasi-wex players, but if so, he did a great job in doing so.

6. Vehement Plume Loading Screen

Another favorite among players – Lina. She burns whichever she wishes, and when she is really serious – she can manipulate lightning and concentrate it to hit her opponents at light speed.

This loading screen however shows the charming side of this heroine.

And though it is complimented with a flame background she probably painted herself, how it was done just makes this loading screen one of the best, and it is also one of the cheapest you can easily find in the market.

5. Flowersong Tempest Loading Screen

Without a doubt the most beautiful Windranger loading screen of all time. We all know that this very talkative, yet really strong heroine has so many great aesthetics in her arsenal.

She’s one of the heroes who has the most aesthetic products created by Valve, and we can’t blame them because she’s just a very charming individual.

Well, not much to talk about her other aesthetics as they are unarguably great, but what will get your attention is the Flowersong Tempest Loading Screen.

The loading screen is in the flower theme which speaks about her overall personality.

On top of that, the loading screen is also perfected with great green scenery showing her shooting multiple arrows at an unimaginable speed.

4. Flowering Shade Loading Screen

The loading screen that haunted many poor souls as the Spectre does not just stalk her targets, but also serves unimaginable fear that only those who experienced can fathom – if they were still alive.

The loading screen clearly shows how unmerciful she is with a dark background to show that the dark was never safe for anybody.

She’s one with darkness, an entity not of this world, proof that when there is darkness – there is death – and this loading screen will remind you of that.

3. Hakobi and Tenneko Loading Screen

So much about badass heroes and strong characters, let us talk about pets this time.

This loading screen will make any pet lover try playing Dota 2, hence the Hakobi and Tenneko Loading Screen is one of a kind.

It features a pet dog which is a courier in the game.

If you are having too much stress playing the game, which is very common especially when losing, try out using this loading screen for a few hours, and you will realize how much this would make a difference in terms of relieving your stress.

2. Loading Screen of the Onyx Lotus

Onyx Lotus best loading screen dota 2

This loading screen features Lanaya – the Templar Assassin.

If you know her story, she’s more like the Lara Croft in Dota 2, solving mysteries and puzzles as she goes along her journey.

She’s known for her deadly critical strikes that pierce the enemy’s armor, and she’s the kind of heroine who will wait patiently for the perfect timing to ambush her prey.

This loading screen however shows more of Lanaya’s bright side, someone who is full of light under the dark skies – just wandering to unravel mysteries that no human could ever comprehend.

1. The International Loading Screen

international best loading screens dota 2

The main event every year among Dota 2 players; whether to those who will just watch or to those who will participate.

The very image of Dota 2; the aegis of immortal trophy with which only the best of the bests can ever carry – yet at least everyone can have the loading screen.

If you want to have that aesthetic feeling of participating in a TI tournament, then this loading screen might just be able to make you experience that.

Very simple, yet it signifies Dota 2 – a treasure every single Dota 2 player would dream of achieving in their lifetime.

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