Top 10 Best Dota 2 Teams in History 2023


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Dota 2 has been one of the best game in history.

It is so good and well-known that it became the top performing eSports game in terms of the prize pool.

With this prize money, many teams were lured from all over the world to experience the thrill of eSports and at the same time carry their pride as they fight for the Aegis of Immortal – the trophy that signifies a team’s championship victory in the biggest eSports event in history – Dota 2’s The International tournament.

It is very easy to build a Dota 2 team, but what’s difficult is the competition.

The competition is so intense in this game that only the finest of players can join tournaments.

On top of that, players of each team must have a very good teamwork regardless if they are individually the best. Dota 2 is a game where teamwork matters most, and with that said, let us share to you our top 10 best Dota 2 teams in history.

10. Mineski

Mineski was originally an all-filipino team which originated in the Philippines. It is without a doubt the most famous Dota 1 Filipino team, and has been one of the best as well in the Philippines in terms of Dota 2.

Despite struggling against their number 1 rival in the Philippines which is the TNC, Mineski have proven themselves worthy as one of the best Dota 2 team in history after winning the Dota 2 Asia Championship in 2018.

To date, Mineski is still one of the best but they have collaborated with China to make Mineski a mixed Filipino and Chinese team with members from both countries.

9. Fnatic

Another great team that made it up to our top 10 is Fnatic. Fnatic have had ups and downs in Dota 2 tournament history. They missed quite a number of majors, and lost a lot of battles, but what made them as one of the best is the roster that they have now.

They have former TI champions like Universe and Aui_2000, and they have been showing promising performance that will make you think that TI could just be on their fingertips this year.

8. Digital Chaos (2016)

It is impossible to miss the Digital Chaos roster of 2016. Misery, w33, and the rest of the team were almost treated like a joke because their roster was kind of rushed during this time. However, they have proven everyone wrong when they made it to the championship match of the International 2016, beating EG in the Semi Finals which was a total shock to everybody.

Though they lost against Wings Gaming in the championship match, there’s no denying that they have placed themselves in the best team list as they went from being an underdog, to be one of the most cheered team in TI 2016. Not to mention the teamwork they developed despite being together for a very short time.

7. TNC

This Filipino team is considered to be the best Dota 2 team in the Philippines. This team also has Filipino members only, and they have a number of very loyal players like their captain Kuku. Their members are very versatile and often times they switch roles if necessary.

TNC is more of like an underdog as well as they are quite underrated – until today. However, if you check how well they perform during tournaments; winning championships, and kicking out well-known strong teams, TNC have proven themselves to be one of the best Dota 2 teams and they have been very active in maintaining that status until today.

6. NaVi (2011)

Dota 2 will never be this way if not because of NaVi, most especially because of Dendi.

Though a lot of players have already surpassed Dendi’s skills, Dendi still made a history that can never be forgotten during his performance in the first ever Dota 2 International tournament.

That event is definitely one of the best, not just in Dota 2, but in the whole history of eSports. But even though Dendi was without a doubt their best player, it is actually the whole team that made them win The International Dota 2 tournament that time. They had a very smart captain, and their teamwork and performance were so consistent and planned.

5. Wings Gaming (2016)

This team had a very straightforward performance in The International of 2016. Even during the start of the tournament, both opposing teams and viewers already realized the potential of Wings Gaming. Their standing was pretty much very consistent, and there were a lot of predictions already that they will win TI on that year. Their performance was so smooth, and most of their wins were very easy to predict.

They won TI of 2016 eventually which weren’t really that shocking – as if people were expecting it. However, this team has been banned since then after having issues with their country itself, China, regarding contracts and taxes issues.

4. Virtus Pro

Another team that is so impossible to ignore is Virtus Pro. This Russian team has always been on top in terms of Dota 2, and they have proven this by winning a lot of major tournaments in the recent years. This is also one of the very few teams which has consistent team rosters, and they have been maintaining it until today.

3. Evil Geniuses

A former Ti Champion with a real genius young player, Sumail. This team is surely the most famous among fans because they were so inspired on the fact that Sumail, who’s a teenager, had performed so well leading to their TI win in one of the most sophisticated Dota 2 Chamionship match up in history. This team is also known for its very good teamwork and consistent victories over the years.

2. OG

OG is the 2018’s The International Dota 2 Tournament champion, and they have been consistent in winning championships over the years. Their Captain, Notail, is also one of the smartest player in the league and has been loyal to the team for years.

Their triumph to the Aegis of Immortal during that tournament was never easy. As a matter of fact, they had to recruit a totally inexperienced pub player (Topson) to join the team which turned out to be a really good player.

This team is also one of the few which has a roster of evenly skilled players – meaning they are all superstars.

1. Team Liquid

The first ever team which swept a TI championship event at 3-0 run. Yes, they never let Newbee win a single game during that time. During this team’s first few games, they were thinking that Miracle will carry the team alone.

However, they were all wrong. It turned out that just like OG, this team also have a roster of 5 superstars. They have won majors after majors, and if ever they are going to lose, they will never fall below the top 5 and will usually be at top 2 at least – a team proven to be second to none.

Additional Information

We all know that the teams of Dota 2 have unpredictable rosters. They change players from time to time, and what we have listed here are the ones that have consistent performance throughout history regardless of the roster they have. There are of course some that are listed here that were only good in a specific year.

So we provided a date after the team’s name to specify that only that year’s roster was considered a part of our list. With that said, we will be updating this list regularly to make sure that our top 10 list will always be up to date.

Who do you think are the best Dota 2 teams? Comment your thoughts below!