Top 10 Best Graphics Card Brands in 2023

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The Graphics Card Brands in the industry have started to skyrocket in the past decades. And, it is still getting more attention than any other computer peripherals combined to date.

Thanks to gaming and streaming, the demand for excellent and reliable graphics cards has increased.

Although it might sound like an easy task, looking for the best graphics cards today is not a joke at all.

There are hundreds of them in the market, especially online. Most of those manufacturers advertise their products as “extremely fast” but are not in reality.

Take note that the applications and games you use are solely responsible for how fast your graphics card can be once installed.

Buying the most expensive one can be a good idea (if you are rich enough since a graphics card can cost up to $2,000 or more for the craziest-end ones).

If you are smart enough, maybe about $500 (or let us say a thousand at most) might do the trick.

Let’s look at the best graphics card brands worth buying today.

Best Gaming Graphics Card Brands at a Glance

Rank Brand Graphics Coprocessor Video Output Interface
10 Palit NVIDIA DVI-D Check Price
8 ASRock AMD DVI Check Price
7 AMD Radeon DVI, HDMI Check Price
5 EVGA NVIDIA DisplayPort, HDMI Check Price
4 Sapphire AMD Radeon DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA Check Price
3 Gigabyte NVIDIA DisplayPort, HDMI Check Price
2 MSI NVIDIA GeForce DisplayPort, HDMI Check Price
1 ASUS AMD Radeon DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI Check Price

10. Palit PCI-E GTX1050TI

Graphics Card Brands
Graphics Card Brands
  • Turns PC into a gaming rig
  • Equipped with solid capacitors
  • Improved PWM design

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Palit used to be an underdog in the graphics industry. Their products have proven to be outstanding even before then.

Today, Palit has gained a lot of recognition from consumers since its graphics card has proven to be durable and can still perform the same way as it is advertised.

Their top graphics cards are the ones they manufactured with NVIDIA, and they were great at maintaining durability by promoting good airflow and at the same time making it bulky.

The main reason Palit is on our top list is that this brand is known for its cheapness. The discounts you will get from considering this can go up to high percentages you might have never imagined.

Some people may end up thinking that this brand can’t do much because of the low price, but I tell you this, Palit doesn’t compromise.


9. ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2060

Graphics Card Brands
Graphics Card Brands
  • Real-time raytracing
  • New turning architecture
  • DLSS with deep learning AI

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Another top-notch graphics card on this list is Zotac. If you prefer simplicity that works like a charm, Zotac would be your weapon of choice.

This graphics card brand is somewhat similar to Palit in terms of the price range. Still, it has some various features that could make this beast irresistible.

One great feature is that their manufacturing techniques have made their graphics card so compact but still maintain excellent temperature control when the graphics card is heavily used.

As usual, the performance is evident to be advertised by NVIDIA, one of their partner manufacturers. If you are into something simple but is also incredibly cheap and could last a lifetime, you might want to consider Zotac on your wish list.

8. ASRock Radeon RX 580

Graphics Card Brands
Graphics Card Brands
  • State-of-the-art graphics
  • Plenty of subtle settings
  • Streamlined design

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This graphics card brand is famous for its partnership with AMD. They are one of the best manufacturers that features an AMD chipset.

AMD, at its core, is the top competitor of NVIDIA, but they don’t compete in prices. Hence, AMD remains cheap despite the improvement of their chipsets over the years.

AsRock, as a manufacturer, ships cheap products that have just become a lot cheaper when they manufacture a graphics card with an AMD chipset in it.

This makes their products good for budget gamers and can produce products with less than $200 in prices but could outperform some of NVIDIA’s flagship cards with higher prices.

7. AMD XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS

  • True clock technology
  • Improved VRM and memory cooling
  • Reduced dB noise

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And speaking of AMD, of course, AMD is a part of this top 10 list. AMD has proven itself significant in hardware manufacturing, from making CPUs, GPUs, console chipsets, and many more!

This product might be the overall best if we are talking about the company as this brand is known to market really cheap products. Still, with performance, that is on par against its competitors.

AMD has been the top competitor of Intel over the years, EXCEPT for the price. You can see Intel’s pricing of their CPUs skyrocketing like crazy.

However, AMD has remained average in terms of pricing but still outperforms some of Intel’s chipsets.

This is the same case with AMD against NVIDIA in terms of graphics card manufacturing. AMD has remained cheaper, highly cheaper to be precise than NVIDIA’s pricing for their flagship products.

6. BTO NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

  • Low profile/Tower design
  • Hardware video decode acceleration
  • Surround technology system

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If you are into the founder’s edition with great emphasis on elegance and performance, regardless of the extra price, then NVIDIA’s graphics card may be the best one for you.

Many reviewers suggest that NVIDIA has been keeping their best chipsets for their own graphics cards, which may be true considering how well NVIDIA’s Founder’s Edition graphics card performs.

You will be shocked about how much extra performance this brand could show you compared to some other overclocked brands.

Also, NVIDIA is, without a doubt, one of the leading graphics card chipset manufacturers. Except for its downside of being too expensive, this company is the best in history. They continue to improve and innovate, and they do this at a very crazy rate.

NVIDIA has been releasing new graphics cards multiple times each year, and they have been in this phase for so many years already.

One should not be shocked if the graphics card they just bought 2 years ago will now be considered obsolete because of how fast NVIDIA innovates. That will not mean, though, that the graphics card you bought 2 years ago won’t perform well anymore!

5. EVGA GeForce RTX 2070

Graphics Card Brands
Graphics Card Brands
  • Real boost clock
  • Dual HBD fans
  • Adjustable RGB LED

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This next card is one of the most unique of all. At first glance, you can tell that it is an EVGA card. Their cards have very distinct physical features. These features aren’t just for show but are optimized for better temperature control.

Their graphics cards’ prices are somewhat average depending on the type that you will buy. Still, they are good in temperature control regardless of whether it’s a 1 fan design card.

Another great deal about EVGA is that they have their overclocking software, and you can set it to auto so the software itself can determine the value of your card’s overclocking capabilities.

They may be lacking in terms of aesthetics, but you can rest assured that this card will perform for so many years beyond what you can ever imagine. This is the main reason why this card is a favorite to many – it is considerably cheap.

It also has excellent features that you can’t get from other graphics card brands in the market.

4. Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580

  • Outstanding reliability
  • Dual fan cooling technology
  • Easy-to-install graphics card

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Sapphire, on the other hand, is more of an AMD GPU brand. They are highly specialized in manufacturing AMD GPUs, and they have been within this market for many years already. If you prefer an AMD card with great simplicity in terms of design, Sapphire might be a great choice.

Their cards also feature some unique lighting designs that you can never see from other brands.

They tailor their LED colors to match their designs to add more aesthetics to the card – and they never fail in doing so. A graphics card design with red LED will/may have a different design from its other color counterparts. So talking about customization, this would be a great catch!

Apart from its great aesthetic designs, this card is also very durable. This may not be that much in terms of overclocking, but you can be certain that this card will last until you decide to replace it with a new one.

3. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660

Graphics Card Brands
Graphics Card Brands
  • Two times cooling system
  • Intuitive controls
  • Composite copper heat pipe

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Though they are best known for their motherboards, Gigabyte is also an outstanding company in manufacturing graphics cards.

This brand is more like an all-in-one because it has excellent cooling, great aesthetics, performs as advertised, and is very durable.

There are many reviews about Gigabyte. Most of them are pleased because it is relatively cheap compared to its main competitors in the GPU market (MSI and ASUS).

Still, it is not far out in terms of performance. If there’s anything that fell short about this graphics card brand, it may be its overclocking capabilities and aesthetics.

Also, some reviews state that the fans could get a bit loud when it reaches a specific high temperature, but this is a fan’s mechanism to exert more effort to properly cool down the card – which is undoubtedly good in doing so.

2. MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080

Graphics Card Brands
Graphics Card Brands
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Smooth gaming operation
  • Customizable LED colors

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This card is undoubtedly the best in overclocking, which stresses the GPU beyond its advertised specs. This means that MSI cards can perform FAR beyond what they should only do without compromising their durability.

MSI itself claimed that its graphics card could last more than 10 years despite being heavily overclocked, provided the user is good at maintaining its optimal temperature.

The company itself developed the best overclocking software, the MSI afterburner, and is being shared with all other GPU brands, including EVGA, its overclocking software.

So if you are into overclocking, then MSI is the most recommended for you. They built themselves the best overclocking software. Hence, they designed their cards as well to handle some crazy overclocking by the users. The secret lies within its cooling capability.

Their top GPUs are big and bulky, with considerable fans to compensate for the chipset’s higher cooling demands.


  • Improved clock performance
  • Auto-extreme graphics card
  • Features an endless spectrum of colors

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ASUS is still the undisputed overall best brand of GPU. Though a bit more expensive than other brands, this GPU is a beast in terms of literally everything.

Their cards are now 100% machine-manufactured from the designs themselves, meaning their cards are assembled through sophisticated machines without any manual manipulation.

This resulted in a very compact design that even dust wouldn’t be able to penetrate. ASUS is the first company to implement a 100% dust-free design, which increases the durability of the card and, at the same time, minimizes the cleaning process of the card by the consumer even after years of usage.

They are also one of the best in aesthetics, making their GPUs ooze with RGB lighting complemented by the cards’ physical design itself.

And though their cards’ overclocking capabilities may be a half-step short of MSI’s overclocking power, their cards’ performance can still go far beyond their reference card counterparts.

Speaking of temperature control, many still wonder how this card could sustain such cooling capabilities despite not being so loud as other brands. So with that, the only disadvantage evident when talking about an ASUS GPU is its high price, especially if it’s a Founder’s Edition card.

To Conclude

These brands have different variations in terms of their GPU designs. Some variations are cheaper than others and may have some features mentioned in this article that are not present in that design variation.

Examples of these are MSI’s Armor GPU variations and Gaming Z variations; the Gaming Z has more features than the Armor one but at higher prices.

Most of the reviews being shown here were referenced to each brand’s best GPU design variations. If you are looking for the other variations, stay tuned. We are considering writing about this in one of our next posts.

In terms of the buyer’s guide, these brands are the best that you can see in the market nowadays. We highly recommend picking from any of these 10 brands mentioned.

Of course, your preference still matters most, so choose whichever is the one that has the most features that you needed.

We are confident that one or more of these mentioned brands have the features you prefer, so choose wisely!

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