Top 10 Best Farm Layouts in Minecraft

minecraft best farm layout

In this article, we will be showing the Best Farm Layouts that are effective and efficient while maintaining a nice visual appearance in farming different kinds of crops.

Farm Layouts depend on what you want to achieve with your farm and what crops you want to farm with it.

Either way, we will present 10 different farm layouts for different types of crops that you can follow or will give you an idea when building your farm.

10. Sugarcane Farm Layout

Sugarcane Farm Layout minecraft

This is the simplest, and most effective nice-looking Sugarcane farm you can manually farm on.

As you can just run and break the Sugarcane towards the end while keeping the farm layout uniformed and organized.

The straight layout of Sugarcanes and depending on how long it is will give you stacks of Sugarcanes depending on how big and long your farm is.

example Sugarcane Farm Layout minecraft

9. Cocoa Bean Farm Layout

Cocoa Bean Farm Layout  minecraft

A simple Cocoa Bean Farm layout can be built like this, a 6-block high of Jungle Wood and 4-block wide, which will give you 2-blocks of space to work with.

You can place the Cocoa Beans in the inner area which will allow you to comfortably farm Cocoa Beans, since the Jungle Wood is 6-blocks high, you will be able to reach the 6th highest Cocoa Bean.

Additionally, you can add hoppers as they can catch the Cocoa Beans you didn’t somehow get to collect and will transfer leftover Cocoa Beans to the chest.

example Cocoa Bean best Farm Layout minecraft

8. Mushroom Tree Farm Layout

Mushroom farms are a bit more tedious to build, as we do need a light level of 12-13 or less hence why we mostly find mushrooms in thick forest areas or caves that are less bright, away from direct sunlight.

You can follow our example or use it as a reference to achieve your place to grow Mushroom trees or mushrooms for your soups and potions.

7. Tree Farm Layout

tree Farm Layout best farm layout minecraft

There are a couple of reasons why you need to consider building a Tree farm, first being that it’s stationary, venturing out of your base to destroy trees would be quite tedious, second if you are in a biome where your desired tree doesn’t grow in, you could very well use a tree farm and grow all the trees in other biomes there.

Tree Farms are simply built in a uniform square wide spaces, but I have done a couple of modifications by adding a hopper and chest, to pick up the falling tree debris.

Which makes things easier when farming and gathering.

example blocks Tree Farm Layout minecraft

6. Basic Auto/Non-Auto Cactus Farm Layout

Basic Auto Non-Auto Cactus Farm Layout minecraft

This layout can be set up either for an automatic or manual Cactus farm.

We will first show the automatic build that requires no Redstone at all.

For the auto-farm we are simply taking advantage of Minecraft’s logic on Cactuses, this trick is widely used among Multiplayer servers that have greater use for Cactuses.

Cactuses can only grow when there is 1-block of air surrounding the sides of the Cactus.

Referencing from our picture, Cactus at the bottom won’t break but when the Cactus grows into the 2nd highest block it will automatically break which is affected by the placed Stone Slab.

A simple efficient process of farming Cactuses.

You can remove the Stone Slabs if automatic isn’t your choice of style, as the layout itself makes the best placement for farming Cactuses efficiently in big amounts.

example Basic Auto Non-Auto Cactus Farm Layout minecraft

5. Nether Wart Farm Layout

Nether Wart Farm Layout minecraft

Nether Warts are simple to farm just like wheat, but since they can only grow in Soul Sand, they are a pain to farm and replant.

Just by having a decent layout with a walking path, you can farm Nether Warts easily without the frustration of slow movement from the Soul Sand.

example Nether Wart Farm Layout minecraft

4. Chorus Fruit Farm Layout

Chorus Fruit Farm Layout minecraft

This is a basic layout and nothing to complex.

Though even when Chorus plants should grow at full length to acquire the most out of the Chorus Fruit drops, it’s tedious to collect the Flowers(seeds) as we know that Chorus plants are very tall.

The seeds or Flowers for this type of crop are gotten from the end of the plant mostly coming in 2-4 at the top, which is why it is tedious to collect the seeds.

If you break the Chorus plant from the bottom, the Chorus Flowers(seeds) are broken with the plant and unable to collect.

With this layout, I find it the best way to avoid the tedious work of going up to the highest points of the plant, and the layout will enable us to collect the Chorus flowers at our head level so we can collect them at an easier rate while still acquiring a nice amount of Chorus Fruit.

example Chorus Fruit Farm Layout minecraft

Building it is self-explanatory shown in the picture below.

Adding a cross-like slab formation 3rd block high of the area of planting the Chorus, which is in the middle.

3. The Proper Crop Farm Layout (Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, and Beetroot)

The Proper Crop Farm Layout (Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, and Beetroot) minecraft

You must know that making a crop farm should always be a 9×9 area per 1 water block in the middle, this hydrates 80 Farmland blocks.

So, you don’t necessarily have to make a long streamline of water to hydrate a big crop field (which new players usually do).

With this proper way, we are allowed to place more crops in the surrounding area without the water taking up space, the actual efficient way of growing and farming crops.

2. Melon and Pumpkin Farm layout

Melon and Pumpkin Farm layout minecraft

Thanks to the Reddit user u/bibby_tarantula, we are given an idea what the best efficient layout to use for growing Melons or Pumpkins, as we can use the 9×9 per 1 block of water advantage, we can simply build our Melon farm layout like this.

We will show 2 of the best placements that were tested which the second layout surprisingly forms as a creeper face.

Layout #1

example 1 Melon and Pumpkin Farm layout minecraft

Layout #2

example 2 Melon and Pumpkin Farm layout minecraft

1. An All-Essential General Farm layout

An All-Essential General Farm layout minecraft

If building each farm isn’t your desired choice considering they are quite large and you want to keep the farm area simple and compact, don’t worry we got a nice organized layout concept just to keep things all in one enclosed area to farm and work with.

The small layout contains Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Melons, Pumpkins, Nether and Bamboo.

You can follow the layout or grab ideas on making a compact farm with all the crops you want.

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