Top 10 Best Champions for beginners in League of Legends

When you first decide to play League of Legends, you start wondering which champion you shall pick.

There are more than a hundred champions and increasing.

So, in the beginning it’s a quite hard choice to make.

Every champion has its strengths and weaknesses.

As a beginner, you have to choose the easiest champion to master.

In this article, we will be viewing the top 10 best champions for beginners in League of Legends.

10. Warwick

warwick league of legends

The jungle is considered one of the hardest roles in the game to master.

Although, Warwick is considered a pretty easy jungler.

What makes him easy to play that he can clear camps and sustain in the jungle with his Q which heals him.

That would be easy for beginners who couldn’t manage HP well.

Also, his passive is helpful and grants the ability to hunt anyone in any lane.

9. Amumu

amumu champion league of legends

Comes in the 9th place: Amumu – The sad mummy. Amumu is a strong off-tank jungler. He has a great clear in the jungle which makes him strong in the jungle.

His Q allows him to reach to any enemy, it allows him also to escape from fights. If you can land Q it will be so simple to win the fight and the game.

This would be an easy pick for a beginner who wants to master the jungle.

8. Ashe

ashe champion league of legends

Ashe is considered one of the first champions to be released in League of Legends. When you start a tutorial you find Ashe. Ashe is an easy champion for beginners. ADC isn’t an easy role, but as a champion Ashe isn’t complicated.

Ashe’s passive “Frost Shot” makes her slow down enemies with every hit.

Her E “Hawkshot” and her Ultimate “Enchanted Frost Arrow” can cover the entire map. It’s easy to grasp this champion in a small period!

7. Miss Fortune

miss fortune champion league of legends

The Bounty Hunter “Miss Fortune” is one of the easiest marksmen ever. She has her own style of hitting champions.

She is the perfect pick for beginners as she doesn’t require kiting skills at all.

Just her Ultimate “Bullet Time” simply fires several waves of bullets in a cone towards the target location. With the needed damage you can get the easiest Penta Kill of your life even if you are just a beginner J

6. Dr.Mundo

dr mundo champion league of legends

Dr.Mundo is one of the strongest tanky champions ever in League of Legends.

Most players treat him like immortal because it’s so hard to kill him, that’s what makes him easy to play for beginners.

All what you need to know Is what to build and the tanky items, then you can just open your Ultimate “Sadism” which gives you a lot of heal and go inside the 5 enemies and you won’t die!

5. Annie

Annie is a mage who plays in the mid lane and deals great damage to enemies.

Her passive “Pyromania” stuns an enemy after four spell casts. That’s what makes her easy to play for beginners who seek high burst champions who can wipe the enemies in no time.

Just wait for the passive after the fourth spell and go initiate a fight with your Ultimate “Tibbers” and stun the whole enemy team and wipe them immediately!

4. Malphite

malphite champion league of legends

Malphite is a great tank and he is considered the best team fight starter in the game.

He can initiate a fight with his Ultimate “Unstoppable Force” which allows him to knock up every single enemy standing on the designated target and deals a good amount of damage to them.

His Ultimate is strong and easy.

So it would be preferable for beginners to start with “The Shard Of The Monolith” Malphite.

3. Garen

garen champion league of legends

Garen is considered one of the most beginner-friendly champions ever.

What makes him easy for beginners is that he is durable and sustainer (Strong Fighter).

Also, his skills don’t require mana, which means that it would be easy for a beginner to handle. His Ultimate “Demacian Justice” deals high damage in no time, which makes it easy to kill the enemies even if you are a beginner.

Don’t forget that the former 3 times Worlds champion “Faker” was banning Garen every single game!

2. Master Yi

master yi champion league of legends

“The Wuju Bladesman”, Master Yi is well known among League of Legends players as the noob champion.

That’s because he is so easy to play. Master Yi is mainly a jungler. His clear is strong and he has a tremendous scaling ability.

Master Yi makes it easy to chase down and kill enemies quickly, thanks to his Ultimate “Highlander” and his Q “Alpha Strike”.

His Q makes him untargetable while he hits multiple enemies and his Ultimate gives him extra attack speed and movement speed which makes the job easier.

You can watch the streamer “Cowsep” if you are interested in learning more about Master Yi!

1. Soraka

soraka champion league of legends

Coming in the first place, Soraka is a support who plays in bot lane.

What makes her easy is that she plays with another ADC in the bot lane and she just gives him heals with her W “Astral Infusion”.

Actually, her role is just protecting the allies especially the ADC, which makes her easy to deal with for a beginner.

Her skills don’t require so sophisticated mechanics so nearly any League of Legends player can pick Soraka and win the game easily.

Her Ultimate “Wish” heals ALL of the allies regardless of proximity.

That means only with one button (R) you can save the day for your team!


Every League of Legends champion has his own strength and weakness, which means that you can pick any champion and climb the ranked ladder with him.

The thing is, for the beginner it would be hard to decide which champion to pick. Eventually, every beginner has to be a Pro one day if he has the determination.

At last beginners can start deciding which champion to pick.

So, are you new to league of legends? Wishing to learn more about the game? What are you waiting for?

Pick a champion from the list and start learning the basics to climb the ranked ladder like PRO!

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