Top 10 Best Golden Guns In Overwatch


Overwatch is one of the best PC games played by millions of games online.

With its fascinating, detailed world and captivating stories of each character, Blizzard did bring online games the team-based hero shooter gameplay that they wanted.

Overwatch has come up with different kind of surprises every season for their supportive players.

Then they had the Golden Weapon Skin Rewards; these cosmetic rewards only affects the weapons of your Overwatch heroes but made everyone lost their minds.

These Golden Guns Season Rewards could only be unlocked through Competitive play where points are given to every game that a player won.

These awesome skins will cost players 3000 competitive points each to unlock which is easy but takes time.

There’s a specific golden weapon for each character and once a player has purchased a specific golden weapon for his or her favorite character.

So whether your Overwatch hero does have a Legendary Skin on or not, that particular Golden Gun skin equipped.

Most players have already unlocked gold shiny side pieces for their favorite heroes as Overwatch is now on Season 15. But the real question is, what’s the best Golden Weapon there is?

Here are the top ten golden weapons in Overwatch!

10. Moira


Moira can heal allies and damage enemies as well when you buy Moira’s gold gun skin.

You’ll have her Biotic Grasp in gold as well. Biotic grasp is Moira’s primary weapon which can fire a short range stream that heals her teammate and can produce and discharge a medium range beam that deals damage to an enemy.

When Moira’s golden gun skin was first released on Overwatch, the only thing that’s gold is her gauntlets. But as Overwatch does listen to their supportive players, they made her long tipped nails gold as well, giving Moira a deathly yet lavish look.

Moira’s golden weapon does go best with her Blackwatch skin.

9. Zarya


With Zarya’s heavy gun, it fits just right as gold is hefty as well. Zarya’s main weapon, Particle Cannon turns to gold as you buy her golden gun weapon skin.

As for this weapon, when held down, it shoots a large beam which inflicts continuous damage to the first enemy it hits while the second fire does shots out a grenade like energy which explodes once it hits an enemy or a solid surface and also deals damage around in a ranged area.

Zarya’s golden Particle Cannon looks dashing on her Cyberian and Champion skins.



Have you ever wanted a Rocket Launcher in gold? As for Pharah’s main weapon, you’ll have her rocket launcher in gold when you buy her golden gun weapon skin. This weapon shoots high splash damage battering projectiles, but it can also deal self-damage. This also gives a mild knockback to your character and your enemies.

You can clearly see the gold details on Pharah’s Rocket Launcher; it also looks appealing on her Qinglong, Black Anubis and Copper skin.

7. McCree


It’s awesome to see a handsome cowboy having a golden revolver. When you purchase McCree’s golden gun skin using your 3000 CP, you’ll have his Peacemaker in gold. Peacemaker is McCree’s primary weapon which is a six-shooter revolver.

The first fire shoots a single, flawless precise shot down the crosshairs which is best used on targets at a medium range which could possibly lead to a headshot.

McCree’s golden Peacemaker standouts more with the Blackwatch, Scrooge and Mystery Man skin.

6. Reinhardt


You’ll have Reinhardt’s hammer in gold when you buy his golden gun skin.

Reinhardt’s primary weapon is called the Rocket Hammer. Reinhardt swings his hammer which deals damages to all enemies who’s in front of his range.

The Rocket Hammer can strike and be swung in 360 degrees wherein you can hit more than one enemy.

You’ll definitely see how shiny and glowy Reinhardt’s golden hammer from his victory poses and highlight intros.

Reinhardt’s golden Rocket Hammer goes best with his Lionhardt and Stonehardt skins.



When you have’s Golden Gun, you’ll have the Fusion Cannons for Toki.

Toki is’s mech which is equipped with two short-range rotating cannons which fires consistent shot-gun like bullets to the targeted enemies and D.Va’s Light Gun is in gold as well once is ejected from her Mech. can get on with the fight with her Light Gun which is a mid-range automatic blaster gives damage because of its fast speed projectile bullets.

Most players prefer’s Black Cat and Seoul Dynasty skin as it looks garish with her golden guns.

4. Sombra


Sombra’s primary weapon is called Machine Pistol. This turn into gold when you buy the Golden Gun Skin for Sombra.

Her Machine Pistol is easily noticed with its large magazine and even though it shoots at a vastly fast rate. Sombra’s primary weapon deals more damage on a short-range combat.

Sombra has a lot of skin collection in about every single color, so matching her golden gun isn’t a problem as it looks good on every skin that Sombra has. Players talked about how good Sombra’s Golden Machine Pistol in her Los Muertos, Cyberspace and Tulum skin.

3. Widowmaker


A headshot is what most players in a shooting game are afraid of. That’s why Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss is what you need to be careful of.

Once you get 3000 CP from competitive play, you can buy Widowmaker’s Golden Gun right away.

This is Widownmake’s multiskilled sniper rifle is best for scope-aimed shots at far away targets. With Widowmaker’s good looks, its a no surprise that her golden gun looks fancy and luxurious as her.

Players who use Widowmaker love Huntress and Noire skin as its perfectly well with her golden gun.

2. Reaper


As Overwatch fans know that Reaper wants any enemy team dead once his ultimate skill is activated.

You’ll get a golden Hellfire Shotguns which is Reaper’s primary weapon.

These twin shotguns are alternatively fired which deals high damage at a short range and high damage if it passed the said range. Whoever said that death would look this good and can’t accessorize?

Reaper’s gold Hellfire Shotguns looks best and makes the gold pop with his Blackwatch, Nevermore and Baseline skins.

1. Genji


Genji has two weapons that he uses, which means if you buy his golden gun skin, you’ll have those two in gold as well.

Genji uses Shuriken as for his primary weapon.


First fire shoots three shurikens at the same time while the second fire will make Genji throw three shurikens to a high speed in front of him in a cone form.

Genji’s secondary weapon is pulled out once he activates his ultimate ability.

His secondary gun is called a Dragonblade which is an odachi or a katana.

Genji does show off his shurikens and his Dragonblade flawlessly when he does his character intros which makes his golden weapons more visible and shin when equipped.

Genji’s golden weapons look best with his Carbon Fiber, Nihon Chrome and Oni skins.


There’s a lot more to wait on what Blizzard has in store for Overwatch fans. They’re a lot of complaints and suggestions on how and what to do with Golden Gun Weapon Skin but we’ll never know when Blizzard will give in. But as any Overwatch fan’s suggestion, the best golden gun weapon skin to buy from the cosmetics store in the game is the weapon of what character you usually play.

So what’s the first golden weapon skin you purchased in the game and what’s the best golden gun skin for you? Let us know by commenting below.

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