10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Minecraft (2023)


Minecraft is back on the chart and has been one of the biggest things on gaming this year.

You can find numerous contents online.

Whether you just started your first world or visiting your old worlds from your childhood, the game’s fundamental rule is unchanged: build something and unleash your creativity.

It’s an open-ended game that you can revisit time and time again, tweak to your own preference, or use other people’s creations to spice up your own game.

Unfortunately, Minecraft is also one of the games which are often affected by piracy.

Apps that make playing in free servers are still common, especially in the Java edition of the game.

These apps enable players to play the full version of the game, albeit with limited multiplayer capabilities.

If you can play the game for free, why would you shed money to buy it? Here are the ten reasons why you should buy Minecraft.

10 Reasons To Buy Minecraft

10. Piracy Is Unethical

Piracy has been the biggest enemy of entertainment products which include games, movies, and TV series.

A lot of people will download a pirated copy of these media online to avoid paying for the legit thing.

Piracy is unethical and damages the entertainment industry, If you want to play the best games, supporting the game makers is the best way to do so.

9. You’re Buying A Complete Game

Are you tired of buying a game, enjoying it, but have to spend more money for additional content?

When you’re buying Minecraft, you’re only making a single purchase.

Unlike most of the games right now, Minecraft updates are free and optional.

You don’t even have to worry about subscriptions because everything you need to enjoy the game is already in the full version.

8. Great Price

Minecraft is priced at $26.95, which is considerably cheap compared to the current games in the market.

Considering the fact that you don’t have to buy additional content at this price point, the game is as good as a steal.

If you know where to find the right place to shop, you can even get a discount or buy the game at a sale.

There was even a time when you can get the Windows 10 edition for free when you buy the Java edition.

7. Your Game Is From Legitimate Sources

Have you ever wonder why there are people who make pirated copies of games and distribute these files online?

Not all pirated copies of games are clean of malicious software.

When you buy Minecraft, you will get the original files from trusted sources.

You can rest assured that the game you downloaded is safe and will not try to run malicious software in the background.

6. To Get More Updates In The Future

Just like the original game, pirated copies are maintained by real people which requires money and manpower.

To experience more updates, the app developer needs to tweak things and also update the piracy app.

If for some reason, the people who maintain the cracks decided to abandon their project, you won’t be able to get more updates in the future.

You will be stuck on the features from the last update of your app.

5. Real-Time Updates

Let’s say that the piracy app developers decided to upgrade the app in sync of game updates.

At most, you will be able to play the latest version months after it was released.

When you own an original copy of Minecraft, you can download the latest version the same day it was released on its servers.

If you want to experience the latest updates as soon as it came out, you don’t have any other choice but to buy the game.

4. Multi-platform

Another reason to buy Minecraft is the fact that you can play the game wherever you go and however you want.

PC versions (Java and Bedrock) supports a lot of mods that can be enjoyed in big or small screens.

Ports for Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and mobile phones make the game portable.

For those who like to play in console, the game is available on Wii, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Xbox.

You can play Minecraft in whatever device you got.

3. Multiplayer

The Minecraft community is one of the most active player bases in the world.

It’s not really surprising since the nature of the game allows players to build things.

It’s in human nature to share creations with other people.

This is made possible in Minecraft via multiplayer.

Although there are cracked servers for people who are playing in a pirated copy of Minecraft, these are not as engaging compared to the official servers.

For some people, experiences in the official game servers are better compared to cracked ones.

Additionally, you can make one with your friends and share it with other people.

2. It Makes Things Easier

In some degree, playing the original Minecraft game makes everything easier.

Some multiplayer functionalities such as playing with more friends are not supported on cracked Minecraft copies.

If something happened to your game, you can’t really get support from the official Minecraft team and have to fix things on your own.

At most, you can only play with others via LAN and not on larger servers such as Mineplex or Hypixel.

These big servers offer fun games that you can readily play with other people.

If you really want to experience these fun things without paying, the closest thing you can do is to borrow an official Minecraft account from someone who bought the game.

1. It’s Worth It

The money spent in this game is just worth it.

Even if you stopped playing the game, you can go back each time and expect that there’s something new.

You can choose to start a new world or expand an old one.

Or invite friends to play on servers or build your own.

In each project you do or mini-games you’d play, you’ll find yourself enjoying each moment you spent in the game.

Time and money spent on enjoyable things are all worth it.

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