10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is One Of The Best Games Ever


Almost every gamer experienced playing Minecraft.

There are gamers who grew up playing this game ten years ago when it first hit the market.

Throughout the years, players are coming back in the game to enjoy the updates or play with their friends online.

It’s no doubt that Minecraft is one of the games that are just hard to die.

What makes this game a great one and why it is still relevant after a decade?

Here are the ten reasons why Minecraft is still one of the best games on the market right now.

10. Can Be Played In Almost Any Device

crossplay is minecraft the best game

Want to play Minecraft on a wider screen? You can do it by playing in your PC or in your game consoles.

But what if you’re traveling for a long period of time or just want to play on a smaller screen?

You can still play through a handheld console or through your phone or your tablet.

Minecraft is ported to a lot of devices while still using the same set of blocks and same set of mobs.

This reason alone is enough to have a wider player reach.

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9. Old Computers Love It

Another reason why almost everyone is playing this game is because of its low machine requirement.

If you have a PC with an i3 and at least 4 GB of RAM, you can fire up the game right away.

However, you might need a beefier computer if you want to play with mods or graphic-extensive shaders and texture packs.

8. Constant Updates Throughout The Years

minecraft updates minecraft is the best game

Even though the game was sold to Microsoft years ago, updates are always consistent.

Minecraft veterans who want to play the game once again will always have something new to see.

As of now, the newest update is the inclusion of bees, which is one of the most interesting mobs in the game.

7. Great Price

pricing minecraft the best game

Minecraft can be bought for $26.95, which is considered the best value compared to other games in the market. Also available on Amazon here.

Most games start at $60 with only the base functionalities.

In addition, once you buy the game, you own all of its functionalities such as multiplayer mode, which makes the game even better than before.

And all future updates are free.

The game also offers a demo version where you can play for 100 minutes to help you decide whether you want to buy the whole game or not.

6. It Is A Great Multiplayer Game

multiplayer minecraft the best game

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll also likely spend a lot of hours playing vanilla Minecraft.

However, the multiplayer option gives a whole new level of playability and fun in the game.

PvPs, adventure type RPGs, and even game parodies of other games such as Mario kart are offered by Minecraft servers.

There are even servers that thrive by recreating places from games and other pop culture references such as Pokemon.

Build structures with your friends or make a new world with Minecraft realms.

5. Minecraft Can Boost A Lot Of Skills Needed In Life

creativity life skills minecraft the best game

Minecraft improves a lot of skills needed in life.

The game boosts creativity and critical thinking, both from its building mechanics and Redstone contraptions.

Another thing that it improves is working with a team.

Players often go on missions with other their friends or other players that they meet online. Collaboration skills are important, especially in future jobs and professions.

There is a Minecraft version called the Minecraft Education Edition, which is used in classrooms for K12 subjects.

It is already used by thousands of educators in over 100 countries.

This version uses “lessons” where children participate in activities such as reconstructing UNESCO heritage sites in Minecraft.

4. Big Community Of Creators And Content Consumers

community mods minecraft is the best game

Because Minecraft is one of the most customizable games in the market, there is no surprise that there are a lot of players that create modifications or “mods”.

In fact, there are people who are more dedicated to creating mods more than playing the game itself.

Currently, there are more than 50,000 mods available in Curseforge.

This record is only followed by World of Warcraft with 7,000 mods.

In exchange, players can have more experience in playing the game, as well as giving feedback that improves the skills of the creators.

3. You Actually Learn Computer Programming

If you want to learn about computer programming, in particular, being a Minecraft mod creator is one of the best ways to learn.

Modding, or changing how a block behaves in-game, teaches real Java knowledge.

Minecraft was originally created by Java, which is also the reason why it is a very mod-able game.

If you need more motivation, Java is currently one of the most in-demand computer languages used by professionals.

Learning how to mod in Minecraft is like getting a beginner’s course in Java.

Even if you don’t mod, you can still learn skills important for computer programming by just playing the game, as it promotes critical thinking.

2. The Game Has Something For Different People

pvp servers minecraft the best game

What’s great with Minecraft is how it can entice different people because of the features it offers.

Builders and map makers can enjoy build battles via creative mode.

Those who like adventure can get their hands on adventure maps. Redstone is for people who likes to learn systems in a fun way.

PvP maps and servers are already available for players who want to have some fun in their free time.

As the engagement in the game increases, more things are being created by the community.

1. It Has No End

minecraft the best game

Usually, after finishing a game, developers add post-game content that players can enjoy even after the main events are done.

This is to add more value and replayability in the game.

Minecraft doesn’t need post-game content because it doesn’t really end.

Are you bored in your current world and want something new to check?

You can create a new world and add mods, texture packs, and even shaders.

Here are some examples of things you can do in Minecraft if you’re bored.

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