Top 10 Best Texture Packs in Minecraft (Java Edition)


Texture packs are a great way of changing how the game feels and looks, it adds a whole new experience and fun for the game. The list consists of Texture Packs that have been most-used, downloaded, and rated by the Minecraft community gotten from Curseforge, Planetminecraft and websites alike.

All Texture Packs on this list are compatible to play on the latest version of Minecraft 1.14+.

10. PewdiePack

PewdiePack best texture packs minecraft java edition


As we all know who Pewdiepie is, that has apparently revived the game Minecraft and motivated people to play the game again, you can’t really leave this out if you’ve seen Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series, the PewdiePack has been gathering popularity throughout the community as it’s a texture pack devoted to Pewdiepie and used in his Minecraft series.

The pack does bring a fun and colorful vibe to the game, and if you want fun vibes, then this is a great texture pack for you.

It would be weird to leave this out, as it is a popular pack this year in 2019.

9. Jolicraft

Jolicraft best texture packs minecraft java edition


Jolicraft has been a texture pack since the beginning of Minecraft, which still has an active fanbase.

This pack is a medieval, RPG inspired texture pack that makes changes to the GUI, the day and night sky, and new animations.

Compared to Beyond the Lands texture pack, this pack is less serious in design and tries to add some fun, comedic textures for the players to enjoy.

If you love packs that provide a lot of new content to explore and experience the new feel of your Minecraft gameplay.

This is a great pack to try out!

8. Beyond the Lands

Beyond the Lands best texture packs minecraft java edition


Beyond the lands is gaining popularity as the go-to texture pack for the fantasy, medieval theme appearance, as it rightfully achieves the design and elements of what you should see in a medieval era world.

Though the pack has been reportedly buggy but the creator does his best to fix them by the help of the community.

The texture pack is pleasing to the eyes of a Medieval fan, and will look good if you’re wanting to build structures relevant to the medieval era or make your world look like an RPG and have the more serious medieval tone.

7. Glimmar’s Steam Punk

Glimmar’s Steam Punk best texture packs minecraft java edition


Not into the themes of Fantasy, Cartoons, or Realism?

And the only theme you prefer to have is Steampunk, thankfully one exist, and it’s a great pack to cater to your cravings of the Steampunk Minecraft environment, if you’re aiming to make your world look Steampunk with animated skies, better looking GUIs, new animated mobs or improved coloring for that steampunk atmosphere, this is a texture pack for you, as it does a great job achieving the appearance of the Steampunk environment.

The pack is also in 64x HD, which only some remain in 32x textures.

It has been said by the creator if you have installed the Optifine mod with this pack, then you will be able to have access to 3,000 connected textures.

So, if you’re into steampunk and want to build a world of industrial sci-fi structures, then hey, give it a go.

6. Firewolf

Firewolf best texture packs minecraft java edition


Ever since people started liking texture packs that try to stay true to Minecraft Vanilla textures, we have gotten such a variety of packs to try out.

Firewolf is one of them, but in 128x.

Which means, higher definition, smoother and a sharper look that tries not to be as pixelated that 32x or 64x texture packs tend to look.

It goes great with shaders, as it looks crisp and clean which has a minimalist feel to it that people like.

If you may think it looks weird, that’s perfectly normal, since the textures are 128x, which just makes it super clean and polish that gives the cartoonish vibe but in fact, it is realistic, per se.

5. Lithos

Lithos best texture packs minecraft java edition


This is an inspired “Faithful” texture pack, which tries to be similar to the Vanilla Textures of Minecraft, this type of theme is very popular among players as we all want that simplistic design to our world, changing the looks yet trying to not be majorly different.

Lithos is one of the most liked texture packs that follow this concept and has received a lot of positive reviews in being a great choice to use.

It changes a lot of textures in the game, but tries to keep it the same as the original from color-scheme, lighting and keeping its simplistic appeal that doesn’t overwhelm us with that strong vibrant textures.

4. Default3D

Default3D best texture packs minecraft java edition


Default3D is gaining popularity as it’s something different, instead of dealing with flat 2D pixelated textures every day, why not add a little more attractiveness with a 3D look in your Minecraft world.

Everything in this Texture Pack from blocks to inventory items are mostly achieved to look like 3D Voxels which catches people’s eyes as it’s something different from the Flat 2D textures we usually see every day.

The texture pack doesn’t modify or change any design and keeps the original look of the game.

3. LB Photo Realism

LB Photo Realism best texture packs minecraft java edition


Who doesn’t want Photo realism in Minecraft? Realistic textures in Minecraft have been a demanded concept since forever, as players want to know what Minecraft feels like with close to reality graphics.

There are tons of photo realism texture packs out there, but most of them fade away and get outdated.

Thankfully, always one or two realism packs manage to appear on the board, which brought us to this, LB’s Photo realism.

Which is a great Photo realistic texture pack and goes well with shaders, most players use this, so it’s constantly updated.

2. Soartex Fanver

Soartex Fanver best texture packs minecraft java edition


Soartex Fanver is a 64x texture pack, leading it to have a very clean, smooth and detailed textures.

The pack aims to achieve a detailed art-style that borderlines between not so much photo realistic, and not so much cartoony.

It does look similar to the Fireworks texture pack when you compare it, but Fanver has that distinct look to it.

Maybe because it’s a mix of cartoonish and realism, but the textures is overall crispy clean and people love that appearance in their gameplay.

1. FaithFul


FaithFul is one of the best texture packs that have been consistently at the top of the popularity boards.

It has been constantly recommended by Minecraft players just because of its simplistic design and that it stays true to the original Minecraft Vanilla Textures just with a bit of tweaks to make it owns.

Faithful is an old texture pack that has been around for ages, and it has been popular among the community ever since which kept the texture pack regularly updated.

At first glance you wouldn’t tell the difference but as you look closer, you’ll start realizing it’s a different texture, simplistic just the way people like it.

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