Top 10 Best Event Weapons Monster Hunter World

Top 10 Best Event Weapons Monster Hunter World

Getting the best equipment in Monster Hunter World is a serious matter that every hunter should consider for their future hunting.

The monsters in this game are a no joke, and even with the best equipment at hand, there’s still a huge chance that you’d going to get killed in battle.

This is unlike any other games wherein if you wear the game’s end-game equips, you will already become almost invincible to the AI enemies.

Monster Hunter World is built for true gamers, and while there is an SOS feature where the casuals can use to ask help when they are in trouble, it is still imperative to really get your hands on these really strong weapons so you’ll have a chance against these beasts.

With that said, this is a guide that will inform you about the best weapons in the game – yes, the best of the best weapons in the game can be obtained from event quests only!

So, check out from time to time if the event quests are available so you’ll get the chance to wield these top 10 state of the art weapons in the game.

10. Downy Crake Love

This weapon is surprisingly easy to obtain, and while the attack value of the weapon looks demotivating, its sleep status effect is what makes this weapon a top-notch.

It has 120 sleep status effect value that if complimented with the right skills, can sleep lock a monster.

Yes! Especially when playing alone, this weapon can make the monster you’re hunting to sleep like crazy a ton of times during the quest.

This is something that you might want to consider against monsters you’re having crazy times to fight against!

This weapon can be acquired by doing the event quest: “Where sun meets the moon”.

9. Wyvern Ignition Impact

The undisputed best Great sword in the game – and it has no competition.

If you plan on playing Great sword and want to inflict the most damage against monsters, then the Wyvern Ignition Impact would be your go-to.

Weapons that are slow to swing like the Great sword and the Long sword rely too much on raw attack.

And unlike Long swords that have different variations (there are several Long sword weapons with great raw attack), there’s none other than the Wyvern Ignition Impact in terms of Great sword raw damage.

This weapon has 1,008 raw attack, and even if it has negative affinity, it is still easy to reach 100% affinity on this sword given the fact that it has built-in white sharpness.

Pair the sword with 4 of the Behemoth armor sets and some damage/faster charge modifiers – then boom! Instant end-game equipment on the side of the Great sword users.

But what really makes this weapon a beast? The fact that you can easily get this weapon so easily during an event is what makes this weapon really a good blessing to Great sword users! You can get this weapon from the quest “Every Hunter’s Dream”, a quest that is relatively easy even for beginners.

A hunter’s dream indeed.

8. Kjarr Strongarm Ice

We all know that Charge Blade is one hell of a weapon, and most pros know that the GOAT (greatest of all time) of charge blade is the blos CB because of its insane raw attacks.

Well, it can be true – but not in all situations.

Meet the Kjarr Strongarm Ice, the strongest ice charge blade that defeated the blos CB if the monster is weak against ice.

So if you have this charge blade and happen to cross path against a monster weak to ice, then don’t hesitate as this charge blade would be your best option against that monster!

This charge blade is just insanely strong that if you fight Kirin which is a monster weak to fire, and use this ice charge blade against it, your results would still be better with this charge blade compared to using a fire CB against it!

This weapon can be obtained from the event raid Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth

7. Taroth Sword Fire

Don’t be confused, this weapon is not meant for fire elemental attacks, but for insane RAW DAMAGE!

This sword has a LOCKED fire element, meaning the fire element within this weapon will not work unless you unlock it using elemental release skill.

This long sword is one of the best counter productive weapons in the game, hence it has very good raw attack, very good white sharpness, and is compatible with the elementless skill which the raw weapons truly would love.

This weapon is good in any situation against any monsters, but will slightly be defeated by the Kjarr sword decay against monsters weak to dragon.

This weapon can be obtained from the event raid Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth as well.

6. Kjarr Sword Decay

Another weapon that can be obtained from Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth, this long sword is the only elemental longsword that is good.

Its element is dragon, so this is without a doubt the best sword against monsters weak to dragon such as the Behemoth.

The weapon is complimented with high affinity, and though the weapon can’t use elementless jewel that will boost raw attack of non-elemental weapons, the weapon is still insanely strong given the fact that it has very high dragon elemental value.

5. Taroth Assault Support

This Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth weapon is the best pierce heavy bowgun in the game. It can carry up to 8 rounds per clip if you have ammo up with it, and can be complimented by the rapid shot skill.

This weapon is highly specialized at long range combat, making it a great choice for those hunters who love to stay far from monsters as much as possible.

4. Taroth Assault Glutton

The GOAT of all heavy bowgun – a choice for many speedrunners.

This ATKT weapon is so strong that it can kill monsters in a matter of minutes.

The bowgun has no single elemental ammo in it, making it eligible for elementless jewel. It can shoot up to 8 ammos per clip, and can be complimented with the rapid shot skill.

At almost melee range, this shotgun will surely break a monster’s head the way a real shotgun would break someone’s face at point-blank range.

3. Kjarr Bow Stream

If you think the Legiana bow is brokenly strong, think about the Kjarr Bow Stream. A direct update to the infamous Legiana Bow, this ice bow is now the best ice bow of all. This bow can also be obtained from Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth.

2. Kjarr Bow Water

The ultimate Extreme Behemoth/Behemoth killer.

Search out YouTube and check which has the fastest solo run on these two strongest monsters in the game, and you will see that they are from bow users.

And guess what? They all use this bow – the Kjarr Bow Water.

This bow is so strong not just because of its high elemental attack value, but also the fact that it is already unlocked by default. To add more, the bow also has a built-in crit element skill which increases elemental crit damage, adding more to value to its dps.

Extreme Behemoth has about 50k HP more or less, and this badass can drain it all in less than 15 minutes!

1. Taroth Blitz Support

The best all-around light bowgun which damage can not be matched by any other guns.

This weapon is weak only against AT KT itself where we get this weapon from, but expect this weapon to dominate overall against other monsters.

It has the ability to paralyze multiple times, and can also inflict sleep on monsters at least twice every quest too.

A weapon worthy to be included in a party hunting for really strong beasts.

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