Top 10 Coolest Banners In Minecraft

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There are over 150 different types of blocks in Minecraft, and all of those can be used differently. There are blocks that are pure utility. some that are used as crafting material and some are purely for decorations. Although a lot of blocks are used as is, there are blocks that can be customized a little bit before actual usage.

A good example of these blocks is banners.

Banners In Minecraft

Banners were added in Minecraft 1.8 for Java Edition and were commonly used before with dual or one color only.



There are 16 colors to choose from and originally features six different patterns only.

You can use banners to decorate the house or for navigation.

Recent updates only made the banner feature better because of the addition of the Loom block.

Because of the Loom addition, there are more patterns and designs to choose from.



You can do almost all the possible patterns that you can think of with the right dye, the right materials, and the right pattern techniques.

Putting the banner design is very tedious, especially if you’re making a very complex pattern.

However, this feature is great for people who want to customize their game a little further.

Here are the best Minecraft banners that have been achieved so far.



10. Pepe the Frog

pepe the frog best banners minecraft

If you think you can’t put memes in Minecraft because the game is kind of a meme itself, then you might want to reconsider.

Pepe the Frog, one of the most recognizable memes on the Internet right now, can be recreated via a banner in Minecraft.

You need a white banner base, white wools, ink sacs, and kelps. And red rose to make this banner.

9. Awesome Face (By iprefermuffins)

awesome happy face best banners minecraft

What? You can put emojis in Minecraft banners? Yes, this feat is now possible with the use of the loom.

All in all, there are seven steps in the looming process.

Getting the material might be hard depending on your location.

You need to have white wool for the base, inc sacs, bone meals, dandelion yellow, rose red, and pink dye to make the banner.

8. Letter “R” (By Anon)

letter r best banners minecraft

What does the letter “R” mean? That really depends on what you want to symbolize using the letter “R”.

Is it a faction logo?  it the first letter of your name or your base’s name? Is it related to Team Rocket?

Who knows!

To make this banner, you need to have inc sacs and rose red. This banner takes 8 steps to complete.

7. Evil Eye (By Avarikk)

evil eye best banners minecraft

This banner shows how the right use of color and pattern techniques can make a very detailed banner in Minecraft.

First, an orange base was layered with different designs seven times before arriving at the design.

You need five dyes to craft this banner: orange wool, inc sac, and vines.

Orange dye and oxeye daisy. A lot of people might actually want another color for this design.

In that case, replace the orange base with the color of your choice and use a complementary color from other dyes.

6. Monster Energy (By dreamwolfhd)

monster energy best banners minecraft

Minecraft offers a platform where people can make things that inspire them.

Even the simplest inspiration can make a very creative output.

With six pieces of lime wool, five pieces of inc sac, and a piece of vine, dreamwolfhd made a cool-looking Monster Energy banner.

What makes this even more amazing is that the items are accessible and it only takes three steps to make this design.

5. Animal Mobs

sheep animals best banners minecraft

Animal mobs are very relevant in Minecraft.

Farming efficiently is one of the things to do if you want to progress early in the game.

If you want to add some decorations to your farm, you can now craft animal mob banners (unofficially). Here’s a banner for your chicken farm, Sheep farm, pig farm, and horse farm.

Some materials are hard to obtain (like the creeper head in the sheep banner).

4. Order of the Phoenix – Fawkes (By Anon)

Order of the Phoenix - Fawkes best banners minecraft

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you would likely be familiar with Fawkes.

Fawkes was Dumbledore’s own pet and loyal companion throughout the series.

A banner which is inspired by Fawkes was created, starting with a yellow base and adding six more layers.

You need yellow wool, vines, rose red, orange dye, and oxeye daisy to make this banner.

Change the dye materials if you want to modify the colors for your custom design.

3. Pokeball (GogonGaming)

pokeball pokemon best banners minecraft

Pokemon is one of the most popular games in the whole world.

It’s not surprising that it can appear in other popular games, especially in a very customizable game like Minecraft.

There are even mods in Minecraft that make customized 3D Pokemon “mobs” appear when the player walks in grass.

To complete the experience, you can use a Pokeball banner and use it in your world.

This banner has a total of seven layers and needs white wool, rose red, ink sac, and bonemeal to produce.

2. Fox Banner (By Majsilajsan12)

red fox best banners minecraft

Have you tamed a fox in Minecraft, named it Bengt, and watch it sleep under a tall tree?

Then, you can move on to the next step: creating a Fox banner.

This banner is one of the best looking banners out there, It is only six layers and requires four crafting material which is easy to find.

1. TARDIS (By Anon)

Fans of the Doctor Who series are familiar with the TARDIS or the “Time and Relative Dimension In Space.”

It is one of the most popular science fiction television shows and has a lot of fans around the world.

The show is very popular because of its space-time vehicle called the TARDIS.

Fortunately, someone made a banner recipe that creates a TARDIS-based banner with bricks, bone meal, ink sac, and lapis lazuli. If you have a spare of lapis lazuli, this is a fun project to do.

Bonus: Minecraft Ender Dragon Flag (by JonL98)

ender dragon best banners minecraft

What’s a good way to commemorate the moment when you finally defeated the Enter Dragon?

Overall, this banner has 13 layers and requires, purple dye, an ink sac, an oxeye daisy, vines, and black wool.

If you’re new to making banners, doing this one will teach you a lot of things about how to create the patterns that you want.

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