Top 10 Best Skins in Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars is a type of game that has an ever-expanding cast of characters and skins.

It’s no surprise since, at the time of this writing, the game already has 25 brawlers and 28 skins in total. Looking at these numbers, it might seem like everything is fair and square – it’s not.

Some brawlers have 2 or more skins while others such as Pam, Carl and more don’t even have one.
It is also worth noting that not all skins are created and priced equally.

So, for this list to work, we based our rankings on gem value, overall appearance and animation upgrade. Also, only one skin per brawler is allowed in order to give a chance for every brawler to be on this list.

So, before buying that skin, let’s first find out if it made it in our list of the top 10 best skins in Brawl Stars. Enjoy!


Kickstarting this list off, we have the Viking Bull Skin. What makes this skin at the bottom of the list is because it doesn’t have an animation upgrade.

But for its price, which is average, it’s not too bad. This skin provides a nice contrast to the default Bull skin that has a plain shirt and short-sleeves jacket.
Bull has another skin which is the Touchdown Bull in which his gun has a football stuck to it.


Currently, Colt only has one skin but it is fire! Sadly, we get no animation change for this skin however, it is only 30 gems so it makes sense.

Who knew that Elvis dressed as a cowboy would do well together? Not to mention that Colt’s default hair is basically Elvis’!


Next, we have the cutest outfit ever! In this skin, the adorable Nita gets even cuter with a dog costume and a school-girl outfit. Her ever-trusty bear’s face is now replaced with a cuddly Shiba dog face complete with tags and everything.
We get no animation change in her attack nor her Super but her lovable pose is enough to make it into this list.


In this skin, Jessie becomes a medieval knight with a crossbow! Her trusty gun turret is now a fire-breathing dragon. Each time her dragon shoots enemy brawlers, it breathes fire!


It seems only fitting that Rico gets popcorn skin. With his transparent body coupled with his silly attitude, it was only a matter of time. We get to see the popcorn popping inside Rico’s body plus, his kernels turn into popcorns for his Super. For 150 gems, this is a fun purchase!


Who knew that Spike could get cuter? Well, in this skin, she gets two pink flowers on her head as well as an adorable pink outfit. Her basic attack is a flower thrown at enemies and her Super is one big collection of flowers.
It is also a plus factor that default Spike attack has sound while Sakura Spike does not. This adds a nice little stealth factor to her. Lastly, she has an angry emote every time she attacks which just adds to her overall cuteness!


The Bunny Penny is one of the newest skins in the game which is already at this list. The Easter-themed skin is a complete contrast to the default Penny which screams death! For this skin, Penny is dressed as an Easter bunny along with her mortar and an animation upgrade for her basic attack all for 80 gems only. This makes the Bunny Penny one of the best skins to buy in Brawl Stars.


The jolly bomb-throwing Dynamike new skin transforms him into a full-blown chef. His bombs are replaced by two spices which makes sense because they explode. For his Super, he throws a casserole that explodes, leaving enemy brawlers to admire his culinary greatness. For 150 gems, this is one of the best skins to buy in Brawl Stars.


If you created your Brawl Stars account in 2018, chances are you already have this skin! That’s right, this exclusive skin is not available for purchase making it more valuable.
In this skin, Shelly is a star, literally! No really, her whole outfit has the star shape all over it. Aside from that, her basic animation and Super attack are star-studded as well. If you have this skin, consider yourself lucky because this is one of the best free Brawl Stars skin aside from the first on the list.


The bartender becomes a wizard! This is the best free brawl Stars skin simply because everyone can get it. You just need a Supercell account and after linking it, that’s it.

Wizard Barley gets a cool wizard outfit with a hoodie while holding a bunny. He also gets a different pose and sound effect from the default Barley. Most importantly, he shoots blue flames now making his Super basically a barrage of flames that will engulf all his enemies in one fell swoop.

That wraps up our top 10 best Brawl Stars skin list.

Do you agree with our list? Did your favorite skin make it into the list? Tell us in the comments below your answers!

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