10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Still Very Popular

why minecraft is popular

In this gaming market full of games with great graphics, different kinds of characters, and different sets of weapons, one begs to break all these conventions.

Minecraft was released by Mojang in 2011 when all games were trying to bring the best graphical experience that hardware at that time can deliver.

As the attention of gamers all around the world shifted to battle royales and first-person shooter games, Minecraft managed to stay popular, and eventually get a resurgence after ten years.

Minecraft is currently one of the games with top player base in the whole world.

According to the reports from Business Insider, there are 91 million monthly players just this summer.

In addition, even in the past years, the game still managed to rake millions of users every month.

The game is no doubt one of the most loved games in the recent gaming generation.

But what are the qualities that made it one of the most replayable games ever made?

Ten Reasons Why Minecraft Is Still Popular

10. It Has A Unique Graphics

graphics why minecraft is popular

In the gaming market where every game developer wants to make the best looking games, Minecraft decided to create its own definition of “great graphics”.

Sure, the structures are all blocky and sometimes, more uniform than most games.

However, this is also the reason why Minecraft has its own unique aesthetic appeal, especially in this era where games are trying to achieve the same thing.

9. Enjoyable Family-Friendly Content

family friendly why minecraft is popular

It is an open secret that YouTube likes to promote family-friendly content, and one of the best examples of this is Minecraft.

This is a game that both parents and their children can enjoy during their free time.

It’s easy to share and enjoy the content, something that can be enjoyed together with your loved ones.

Not to mention the game is ported in different devices, making it very accessible.

8. Not Restrictive

Not Restrictive why minecraft is so popular

Most of the games follow the formula of a guided storyline, in which all the gamers experience the same exact thing.

Same storyline, same character deaths, and same consequences leading to one (or several) endings.

In Minecraft, you create your own story and create your own endings.

Additionally, you can continue your game anytime in the future, even if the game itself is not releasing updates anymore.

7. There Are Countless (Stupid) Ways To Die

died why minecraft is popular

There are three common ways to die in Minecraft: get killed by hostile mobs, fall in the high place, or via unexpected lava block.

However, if you’re one of the unlucky players, you might’ve expected bizarre and unexpected deaths such as getting struck by lightning, gets suffocated because of growing trees, and last but not the least, getting pushed a cow and fall into your death.

6. You Don’t Have To “Grind” To Slay

survival why minecraft is popular

Minecraft is one of the games where your level does not correspond to your monster-slaying skills.

That same zombie that killed you during your first night in the game can kill you again even if you’re clad in your diamond gears.

The same skeletons and creepers will still annoy you even if you’re using weapons with the highest enchantment levels.

In the end, it’s up to your skills to survive.

5. The Devs Are Responsive To The Community

responsive active devs jeb minecraft is popular

Probably one of the reasons why Minecraft managed to keep relevance in the past decade.

Even after being bought by Microsoft, Minecraft devs remained to be responsive to the community.

If you stopped playing for years and decided to come back now, you will be up for new features.

Yet, devs don’t usually change the basics of the game, which makes doing the old stuff you enjoy possible.

4. The Only Limit Is The Height Limit

creations no limits why minecraft is popular

In the past years, creators stepped up their games and made a lot of exciting things.

In fact, the only limit considered in Minecraft is the height limit.

You can do whatever you want, whether it be destroying everything in your path or creating interesting stuff that you can show to your friends.

Modifications are the best part of the game, as creators can add things that they want and show it to other players.

3. Majority Of Players Remained Playing Throughout The Years

youtube popular pewdiepie why minecraft is popular

Yes, majority of the players never left Minecraft.

In fact, the game gets millions of new players, as well as active players every year.

There are several YouTubers such as CaptainSparklez, ExplodingTNT, Logdotzip, and YouTuber groups such as Hermitcraft that still produce Minecraft videos on a daily basis.

In addition, YouTubers such as PewDiePie and jacksepticeye has started their own Minecraft series.

2. Playing Minecraft Is Meaningful

meaningful why minecraft is popular

Whether you’re building a big project or just goofing out with friends in your realm, one of the best things why Minecraft is still popular is the fact that each project that you make feels meaningful.

After all the hardship of gathering materials and building your own project, seeing your work in its full form is one of the best feelings in the game.

If you’re not into building structures, you can set on a journey to defeat the Ender Dragon or the Wither.

You’re a modder? Creating a mod that can be enjoyed by a lot of people is another fulfillment thing.

Even if you’re just creating a mod to improve your play experience, it’s always a satisfying thing to see your projects working as you would imagine it to be.

However, big projects would be better off done with other players, as one of the greatest enemies of Minecraft players is demotivation.

1. There Are Different Stories To Share With Friends

play with friends why minecraft is popular

One Minecraft gameplay will never be the same as other people’s gameplay.

With different spawn points, different game techniques, and different priorities, players will always have different stories to share.

You can actually see this with the number of different gameplays on YouTube.

Unless you’re playing a story-based mod, you will have different experiences compared to other players, even if the game mechanics are the same.

This makes the game more enjoyable and more memorable than any other game right now. 

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