Top 10 Best Horror Maps for Minecraft

best horror maps minecraft

Its that time of the year again when carved pumpkins and skeleton decorations are becoming popular.

Aside from spooky television specials, a lot of games are making their own Halloween themed celebrations.

If you like more scary stuff, then playing in Minecraft might make this occasion more fun, because as you know, Minecraft is scary.

Who said that Minecraft is just a family-friendly game? Maps are common objects in the Minecraft community.

And to celebrate Halloween, here are the top ten hair-raising and spooky Minecraft horror maps that you can enjoy solo or with your friends.

10. Enceladus

enceladus best horror maps minecraft

Enceladus is one of the most futuristic maps on this list.

The story itself is unique and features one of Saturn’s moon: Enceladus.

During the 1990s, astronauts and civilians were sent to Enceladus to try and terraform the icy moon and establish a civilization.

After 50 years. Dr. Fischer (the player) is sent to know what happened to the mission.

In this map, you need to know what happened 50 years ago, as well as to survive what is hidden inside this sinister moon.

9. Five Nights At Freddy’s

five nights at freddys best horror maps minecraft

Who hasn’t played or heard about Five Nights At Freddy’s?

It was one of the biggest games in 2014 and has been ported out to different platforms.

The experience has been faithfully recreated for Minecraft and has been available since 2014.

Just like in the original game, the player cannot move and needs to survive the five nights to finish the game.

It’s an old map, so there are features that might not function if you play in a newer version.

8. Back To School

back to school best horror maps minecraft

Back To School is a short horror map which is set on a beautifully-built Ernesto Sorolla school.

You will play as Daniel, a professor who wants to investigate the death of one child inside the school’s premises.

Although this map is meant to be played in Minecraft, you won’t believe that this is created in the Minecraft world because of its great graphics and sound effects.

Before playing, make sure that you’re not using OptiFine and your render distance is 8 chunks to get the best experience.

7. Escape From The Hospital

escape from the hospital scary best horror maps minecraft

In this map, you will play as a sick patient who is trapped inside an abandoned mental hospital.

Before you die, you need to escape and get the cure.

However, before you can escape the place, you will have to face the challenges and the sinister things that you’ll encounter.

This map doesn’t have a lot of jump scares, but it’s not really needed because of how the scary-looking the aesthetic is.

6. Granny

granny best horror maps minecraft

If Five Nights At Freddie’s wants you to survive the attacks of several animations, Granny is a game that only has one villain: Granny.

Instead of baking pies, making teas, and telling you an old story, Granny will terrorize you during your five days at her house.

If you fail to leave before the 5th day, she will chop your head alive.

What makes this game a hair raising experience is that Granny hears everything, so the player must press shift to crouch during some moments.

5. Area 51

area 51 best horror maps minecraft

Area 51 is a horror map which teleports the player in a Minecraft version of Area 51.

You don’t have to do a Naruto run, but you need to keep your Mental Health bar in check.

Apparently, an alien was caught on the premises of Area 51, wreaking havoc in the whole place and terrorizing you during the whole gameplay.

Prepare to see a lot of chopped heads and follow the Redstone blood trails to answer the mystery.

4. P.T. Silent Hills

P.T. Silent Hills best horror maps minecraft

P.T. Silent Hills is a recreation of the “P.T.”, which is a game that is supposed to be an installment of the Silent Hill series.

The original game was available for download briefly at the PlayStation Store but was pulled out by Konami after.

You can’t re-install the original PlayStation 4 version, but you can experience the game via this map in Minecraft.

Another great thing about this map is that you don’t have to install a mod to experience the scares in the game.

Remember to turn All Particles on in video settings and set the Brightness to Moody.

3. Slender Creeper

slender creeper best horror maps minecraft

True to its name, Slender Creeper is a map where you need to avoid Slenderman.

You need to collect eight pages in order to escape the place.

Slender Creeper will make this task harder by appearing in random places to kill you.

If you saw him face to face, he will explode and you will die.

Find all the pages by navigating the map using a flashlight.

This map was created more than five years ago, so it might not work properly on new versions of the game.

2. Amnesia Adventure Map

amnesia the dark descent scary best horror maps minecraft

Amnesia Adventure Map is a remake of “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. It is specifically made for the 1.6.4 version and needs the Amnesia Map Resource Pack.

This map has a second part due to its popularity with fans.

Unfortunately, part 3 was never made even if there’s a great demand for it.

Just like the original game, the game will make you breathless because of the eerie music and the jumpscares.

1. Minecraft Survival Horror

survival best horror maps minecraft

Last but not least is the Minecraft Survival Horror map, which is made by Hypixel.

You need to find shelter before you start your adventure.

Prepare before the battle by arming yourself with (unfortunately) a stone sword.

There are different resources spread out in which you need to manage.

Survive 25 waves of monsters in order to beat the game.

Once your box of stone swords is finished, you need to fight with a fist, which is quite difficult.

Amidst all this, you need to fix the generator lights for your source of lighting.

Playing with friends is recommended because the sheer amount of monsters might overwhelm a solo player.

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