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better animals plus fabric

The blocky, pixelated visuals are an element of Minecraft’s nostalgic appeal; the game is similar to digital Legos. But come on, the animals could really use a little help. Having spent over two hundred hours exploring Minecraft environments, I can say that I’ve always desired a more varied and dynamic array of animals. In this case, the Better Animals Plus add-on is useful. My curiosity was piqued to see whether the Fabric edition of Better Animals Plus might revitalise Minecraft’s ecosystems because I’ve been a player and admirer of Fabric mods for quite some time.

My jaw dropped when I switched to the Better Animals Plus Fabric patch from the original game and saw the enormous improvement in the realism and coloration of the animal models. With detailed HD graphics, intricate motions, and lifelike designs, the update augments the game with more than forty additional animals. Whether I was riding a graceful horse over the plains or hiking in the forest with a group of elephants, it was as if I were seeing Minecraft creatures for the first time. In comparison to the usual monsters, their actions and noises are far more lively and realistic.

Background of Better Animals Plus Fabric

As an expansion and continuation of the original Better Animals mod, Cybercat5555, Vic4Games, and Mellohi produced Better Animals Plus. From fish to mammals to reptiles, it expands the game’s animal kingdom. The team began working on it in early 2020 and released the first version in June of that year.

Subsequent versions have added new species, tweaked existing ones, and made Better Animals Plus more compatible with other systems. The mod now has around 40 creatures in it, with more on the way (as of version 1.18.2). It’s compatible with mod loaders made by Fabric and Forge alike.

Features Of Better Animals Plus Fabric

The vast improvement in models and textures over vanilla Minecraft is the defining feature of Better Animals Plus. New animals include realistic dimensions, a rainbow of hues, intricate motions, and lifelike behaviours, all with softly rounded edges. These seem like real, breathing creatures.

Impressive steeds gallop across open plains, elephants with droopy ears make ear-piercing trumpet calls, snow leopards stalk mountain biomes, and big white sharks hide in the depths of the ocean. Visual enhancements are also applied to domesticated animals, such as sheep and cows.

Not only does Better Animals Plus have a graphical refresh, but it also has new armour, tools, and creature-based food. The mechanics of breeding, rearing, and taming animals bring exciting new objectives. In sum, it adds a lot of life and detail to Minecraft’s animals.

Fabric Version Of Better Animals Plus Fabric

The Better Animals Plus crew keeps an official Fabric version with all the necessary dependencies and compatibilities in order to help out the expanding Fabric modding community. This means that the mod may be enjoyed by users who are running the lightweight Fabric Loader.

There is nearly no difference between the Fabric and Forge editions in terms of content or functionality. Architectural, fiber, and loom dependencies are the key differentiators. With Modrinth technology, installation is also made easier.

Analysis of the Better Animals Plus Fabric Edition

I chose to write this article with the fabric version of Better Animals Plus in mind, as I am a heavy fabric user. This study will go over all the technical elements that are important to the Fabric edition, including the new creatures, dependencies, installation method, performance implications, and more.

Advantages of the Better Animals Plus Fabric Version

After putting the fabric version through its paces, I’d like to point out a few things that make it better than competing options:


Lightweight Installation

In case you forgot, the fabric version is a breeze to test out thanks to the streamlined Modrinth installation procedure. Using complicated modpack launchers is not necessary. Installing Better Animals Plus is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Broad Compatibility of Better Animals Plus Fabric

Most other popular fabric modifications are compatible with the fabric release thanks to dependencies like architecture. The experience may be tailored to your liking. Connecting to vanilla servers while using the client-only mod is also fully functional.

Ability to Upgrade Easily

Using the main Modrinth website, it’s easy to always have the most recent version of Better Animals Plus. Automatic updates can be enabled as well. Much less hassle with upkeep over time.

Fabric API Support

More options are available because of the integration with useful libraries such as Fabric API and Cloth Config. When compared to alternatives, customization and cross-mod compatibility are far better.

Stable Performance

Framerates remain smooth even on mid-range PCs, thanks to the optimised code. Unlike other creature tweaks, the aesthetic enhancements won’t slow you down.


New Creatures In Better Animals Plus Fabric

With forty or more additional creatures added to the mod, Better Creatures Plus truly shines. The Fabric version also has all of them, so you can have a far wider range of creatures in your Minecraft environments.

Among the most beloved contributions of mine are:

Horses:The beautiful steeds are yours to mount and ride, and they come in a rainbow of hues. They gallop with manes that swing with motion.

Better Animals Plus Fabric
Better Animals Plus Fabric


Snow Leopards:Snow leopards are large, secretive cats that inhabit snowy mountain ranges. Their white coats are speckled with spots. Intimidating and difficult to control, they show no mercy.

Better Animals Plus Fabric
Better Animals Plus Fabric

Dolphins: The Bottlenose Dolphin, which was long delayed but is now available in vanilla Minecraft 1.13, receives a major aesthetic update in this version. They soar through the seas, cresting each wave.

Elephants: massive, curving tusks and prickly ears characterize elephants. They swarm in groups and squawk like trumpets.

Better Animals Plus Fabric
Better Animals Plus Fabric

Quokkas: These cute little marsupials, which resemble kangaroos, jump across different ecosystems. They may create adorable sounds and show a lot of emotion through their features

The incredible variety of animals, from axolotls to koalas to frogs, enriches every ecosystem. Exploration becomes more fulfilling, and ecosystems seem more tangible.

Peaceful mobs

Pheasant, Lammergeier, Deer, Squirrel, Songbird, and Reindeer are among the monsters on the passive list. For whatever reason, these monsters will attack you. Actually, they are so adorable and non-threatening that you may keep them as ornamental pets or even feed them in a flock. There are also neutral creatures present.


Aggressive mobs

Grizzly and brown bears, coyotes, feral wolves, boars, tarantulas, miniboss Hirschgeist, and lamprey are among the hostile creatures and monsters introduced by this update. On sight, they would launch an aggressive attack. Keep in mind that some of these animals, like coyotes, are only dangerous at night; otherwise, you can mistake them for being friendly when you see them during the day.

Download Better Animals Plus Fabric for Minecraft 1.19.2


Downloading Forge Modloader is the first step.

After the download is complete, open the file to install Forge.

Press play after selecting the Forge mod loader profile in the Minecraft Launcher.

To add mods, go to the main menu, select “Mods,” and then open the folder containing the mods.

To get your Forge modifications loaded into Minecraft when you run it again, just drag and drop them.


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