What To Do Before Burning Erdtree in Elden Ring?

What To Do Before Burning Erdtree in Elden Ring?

Players will find a plethora of dungeons, tombs, hidden locations, challenges, and more throughout the Elden Ring environment.”Prepare thoughtfully for the transformative ritual of burning the Erdtree with meticulous steps and reverence.”

But there are also a lot of undiscovered places under the surface. The Siofra River Well is in the starting location, Limgrave, thus you may reach several of these sites early on. One of these is the Siofra River Bank.

However, the vast majority of them are so well-hidden that they can only be discovered by chance. Now we may examine them:

Nokron, Eternal City

Nokron, Eternal City

Nokron appears when you are doing tasks for Ranni. Finding The Deep Ansel Well in the Mistwood woodland in southern Limgrave is the first step in reaching Nokron.

You may reach Nokron below by this lengthy elevator. Even after defeating the monster and acquiring some gear, you will not be able to access any of Nokron’s other regions.

You must vanquish Radhan in order to get access to the other gate to Nokron. Consequently, a massive asteroid will obliterate Mistwood and Limgrave, leaving a gaping hole that leads to the other side of Nokron.

There are further monsters, objects, and the formidable mimic-tear summoning spirit ash to be found.

Deeproot Depths

You should also investigate Deeproot Depths before setting fire to Eritrea. To access this location, you will need to venture to the furthest corners of Nokron until you come across the Siofra Aquaducts.

The Twin Valiant Gargoyle boss encounter will unlock when you’ve explored that region to its fullest. Upon defeating these bosses, a coffin will be located in the rear of the enormous boss arena. By interacting with and entering the coffin, you will be transported up the waterfall and into the Deeproot Depths.

Lichdragon Fortissax, an optional monster, and a slew of formidable opponents await you in this section.

Mohgwyn Palace

The Mohgwyn Palace is another spot that is accessible but not widely publicized. This area can also be accessed via the Consecrated Snowfield. In order to reach the Mohgwyn Palace, you must engage with a magic teleporter that is located on the area’s western side.

There are several terrifying elements to this setting, such as the presence of cursed opponents and the abundance of blood in the form of streams and big puddles. This region is also home to the renowned “bird rune farm.”

If you keep going in this direction, you’ll eventually reach the Palace of Mohg, Lord of Blood, a massive temple-like building.Do not confront Mohg unless you are prepared for a difficult fight; he is one of the game’s hardest bosses and will constantly deplete your Hit Points while you fight him burning the Erdtree closed-off swaths of the map (not just secret regions), making it impossible to pick up numerous missions and goods.

Securing Important Items and Interacting with NPCs

Securing Important Items and Interacting with NPCs

The safekeeping of the Sanctified Whetblade is another paramount duty. Obtaining this item before proceeding can greatly enhance your battle abilities.

Also, it’s important to talk to the NPCs at the Roundtable Hold. You may enhance your gameplay experience by consulting these NPCs, who might give useful information and possible tasks.


The path you take in Elden Ring is determined by the decisions you make. The Erdtree’s destruction is a major choice that impacts the story, the gameplay, and the whole experience. Before making this impocriticalice, make sure you’ve optimized your Elden Ring journey with this guidance.

Knowing what to do before setting fire to the Erdtree may greatly enhance your Elden Ring experience, regardless of your level of Tarnished experience or familiarity with the Lands Between. Get yourself educated, be ready for what’s to come, and revel in the complexity of this fascinating universe.


What is the Erdtree in Elden Ring?

The Erdtree is a central figure in the Elden Ring, representing a physical and symbolic entity within the game.

What happens after burning the Erdtree?

Burning the Erdtree marks a significant turning point in the game, affecting your gameplay experience and possibly the game’s ending.

What should I do before burning the Erdtree in the Elden Ring?

Before burning the Erdtree, complete key quests, secure essential items, interact with certain NPCs, and explore as much of the map as possible.

Does the game end after burning the Erdtree?

No, the game does not end after burning the Erdtree. However, it marks a significant shift in the game’s narrative and gameplay.

Can I still complete quests after burning the Erdtree?

Some quests can still be completed after burning the Erdtree, but specific searches become inaccessible. Therefore, completing as many quests as possible is recommended before making that decision.




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