Gigachad:Is He A Real Person


If you spend enough time on social media, you’ll almost definitely come across GigaChad alluring stare. He’s an incredibly handsome man with a Hulk-like body, a well-manicured grin, and a chiseled jaw.

For the past five years, GigaChad has served as the inspiration for many memes. But as more images of this real-life action figure surface online, internet detectives have concluded that GigaChad isn’t human—or is he?

This post will discuss the history of the Giga Chad meme, how it went viral online, and whether or not he is a genuine person.

The Reason Behind the Giga Chad Meme

A bodybuilder/model known by the moniker “GigaChad” may be seen in several highly stylized, monochromatic pictures. With his prominent muscles, full beard, and square jawline, he has the appearance of an actual action figure.
The moniker “GigaChad” alludes to the pinnacle of “Chad Thundercock,” a colloquial phrase for a handsome, prosperous guy, according to Know Your Meme.

GigaChad is the reverse of “lower ranking” archetypes like beta men, soy boys, or simps in the highly informal online male hierarchy. The 4chan cesspool is where the GigaChad meme first appeared. Nevertheless, his image may still be found on popular websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

How the Internet Was Overtaken by GigaChad

On October 17, 2017, GigaChad earned his moniker when someone uploaded a photo of him to 4chan with the caption, “Behold, the Gigachad.” They assigned the ideal human being to lead mankind in our conflict with reptiles.

From this point on, images of GigaChad circulated across incel groups, bodybuilding forums, and subreddits, where both sexes were envious of his stunning appearance.

GigaChad saw a meteoric rise in popularity in February 2021 following the usage of his images in the “Average Fan vs. Average Enjoyer” meme style. With the song “Can You Feel My Heart” playing in the background, GigaChad appears in a viral video that has received over half a million views on YouTube alone.

By 2022’s summer, there were Gigachad was the subject of 600,000 Google searches per month, making him one of the most well-known memes in internet history. Even more GigaChad merchandise is available for purchase on RedBubble.

However, the issue still stands: Is GigaChad real, or is he just a character on screen?

Is the Person Giga Chad Real?

The GigaChad meme’s hypermasculine dude isn’t real, therefore the quick answer isn’t yes. He is an artist called Krista Sudmalis’s digitally modified rendition of a Russian fitness model.

Let’s start from the beginning as GigaChad’s development has been somewhat intricate.

The 18+ art project SLEEK’N’TEARS, created by Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis in 2011, is “based on the idea of ICONic male beauty.” She has since taken pictures of several male models, one of whom seems to be GigaChad.

Under the moniker “Berlin.1969,” GigaChad established his own Instagram account in 2016. He quickly disclosed that Ernest Khalimov was his true name. After believing for years that he was the result of someone’s creativity.

But internet detectives soon discovered proof that Khalimov was a Photoshopped version of another man and not the real Khalimov. Some say she Photoshopped Artur Farad, her ex-boyfriend. Some claim he’s a combination of several different persons.

In any case, there are three indications that Ernest Khalimov, also known as Giga Chad, is not a genuine person:

  • GigaChad’s behind-the-scenes images are missing from Krista Sudmalis’s collection of male models.
  • GigaChad has no videos available online.
  • The only thing on the internet that GigaChad has is an Instagram account for Krista Sudmalis has already uploaded images.
    If the lack of an eight-pack abs made you feel bad about your appearance, remember that “he” is a Russian art project and not a real guy.

Is GigaChad’s future over?

Even though GigaChad is a fictional character, his creator is still making money off of his notoriety. GigaChad introduced a series of 140 NFTs in August 2021. A photograph with the caption “GigaChad #1” sold for 23 ETH in 2022 (about $36,000 as of this writing).

According to the OpenSea description, “GigaChad NFT Collection is not just a meme collection; it is an artwork by itself translating art photographer’s ideas, expressed in her unique style.” “These images are distinctive works of art that are well-liked by a large audience and have influenced contemporary online culture.”

GigaChad, in addition to the cryptocurrency endeavor, achieved a milestone of one million followers on Instagram with his Berlin 1969 account. Therefore, you can confidently assert that the person in charge of the establishment has the authorization to print money.

GigaChad’s body is practically unachievable to attain. If this meme has motivated you to get in shape, though, make sure you have enough DUDE Wipes on hand to clean up all the protein spills and gym shorts.


For a variety of reasons, the gigachad phenomenon has captured the attention of several internet users. He is a photoshopped model who gained popularity on the internet as a meme, a symbol, and an object of intrigue, particularly among incel enthusiasts. Moreover, He is a phenomenon that highlights the focus on masculinity and dominance in our beliefs, the fixation with beauty and perfection in our culture, and the negative effects of our anxieties on our sense of happiness and self-worth.

He isn’t only a meme. Moreover, He is a mirror of both our culture and who we are. He has the power to uplift, entertain, or unnerve us. If we are open to learning, he has a lot to teach us.

Additionally, Gigachad has impacted how internet users generate and disseminate memes as well as the larger meme culture.

His influence has prompted numerous riffs, spin-offs, and remixes, elevating him to prominence and sustaining his fame within certain internet circles. Other memes that feature his name or appearance have also surfaced as a result of him, such as the Chad Face and the Average fans

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