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wayne jenkins baltimore wife

The startling tale of widespread corruption in the Baltimore Police Department, particularly in the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF), is the subject of “We Own This City.” Many of the task force’s members, led by Sergeant Wayne Jenkins, take use of their authority to perpetrate heinous acts and benefit themselves. The characters in the show are based on real people, and the plot is inspired on actual events documented in Justin Fenton’s book of the same name. We get a unique look into Wayne Jenkins’ family life in episode five.

wayne jenkins wife


Kristy, the wife of Wayne Jenkins of baltimore, has opted to avoid the spotlight. After meeting in high school, she and the former captain got married in North Carolina. They are committed to their kids’ education and are the parents of three kids. Wayne would regularly return to Middle River from his time in the military in order to meet Kristy’s demands.

spouse imprisoned

Not only is Wayne Jenkins facing accusations, but Kristy is the spouse of a police officer who was found guilty of a crime. Jenkins is presently incarcerated in a federal prison for 25 years. Kristy, his spouse, practices law in the area and is the mother of three children.


Jenkins worked as a sergeant for the GTTF in Baltimore, a specialised team assigned to look into violent crimes in the city. Jenkins was a devoted parent and spouse. His career was not quite as fascinating as his personal life. His three kids and two stepgrandchildren made up an amazing family.

Several Crimes

Wayne Jenkins faced numerous charges following the major incident, including racketeering and record-faking. He was thus given a 25-year sentence to serve in a federal prison in Kentucky. But his wife is unhappy with the verdict and is requesting that her husband be pardoned.

His Journey

After joining the Baltimore police force in 2003, Wayne Jenkins advanced to the rank of sergeant. As a skilled police officer, he had made numerous arrests. Jenkins’ coworkers held him in high regard as well. Despite being a well-liked police officer, he was charged with wrongdoing in four different cases. Actually, three of them worked, and the head of internal affairs for the police force stepped in to stop him from being disciplined.


Wayne Jenkins, who received a 25-year prison sentence, remains deeply in love with his partner. He used to go great miles to visit her and their three kids. Sadly, after the divorce, his career took a turn for the worst, and he was unable to watch his children grow up.

Where Is Kristy Jenkins, the wife of Wayne Jenkins of Baltimore, now?

She WROTE with District Court Judge Catherine C. Blake by letter during his trial.

“This is not the man I know,” Kristy said in the letter, stating that Wayne “truly regrets” his actions. He is really sorry. Kristy did not address the court during the trial, despite her pleas for the judge to be lenient while imposing her husband’s sentence. After Wayne’s imprisonment, not much is known about Kristy, and it appears that she would rather stay out of the spotlight. After dating in high school, the two were married. Reports state that Wayne would frequently travel the considerable distance back to Middle River, his hometown, to see Kristy when he was stationed in North Carolina.

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