How to Breed Animals in Minecraft

If you’re new to Minecraft and learning to farm Animals by breeding them continuously, we will teach you all the types of foods to Breed Animals in Minecraft, so you can have an everlasting supply of Animals in your farms. This guide also includes known Animals set for release in the upcoming 1.17 update this Mid 2021.

To Breed Animals in Minecraft 

We need a pair of the same Animals, to begin with, and feed it with the correct type of food since each Animal has its own favorite food of choice to eat and breed. When breeding the pair of Animals you selected, Heart symbols will float above them, and both will make love to have a baby

Animal Breeding information 

When an animal breeds already, it takes 5 minutes to breed them again. Breeding also gives 1-7 experience to the player nearby. It also takes 20 minutes (1 Minecraft day) for a Baby animal of any kind to become an adult.

General Farm animals    


To breed Pigs, you need either of the 3 food items: Potatoes, Beetroots or Carrots. Holding these items can make the Pigs follow you.


The only food item you need is Wheat to breed a Cow. This as well enables the cow to follow the player holding the Wheat.


Just like Cows, these Animals will only breed by being fed Wheat.


Sheeps are also another animal that can only be fed Wheat to breed an offspring, they will also follow the player holding it. Breeding Sheeps of different colors will mix the two colors and the resulting color will be on the new baby.


You can breed chickens using various seed types: Wheat seeds, Beetroot seeds, Melon Seeds, and Pumpkin seeds. They also tend to follow players holding seeds.


You can breed Rabbits with Carrots, Dandelions, or Golden carrots. They will also slowly approach the player if holding said item.


You can breed Bees with any type of Flower, this will cause the Bees to follow you as well.


Finding Turtles might be quite hard. They can be commonly found in the ocean or trailing on the beaches. To breed 2 Turtles, you must need Seagrass, this will make 1 Turtle stay on the beach and find a place to lay eggs, eggs hatch after a few Minecraft days


To breed Axolotl in Minecraft, you must tame the Axolotl by picking them up in a Bucket, then by placing them in the desired location, you can breed the tamed Axolotl with Buckets of Tropical Fish.


Goats need Wheat to breed and will follow a player that holds it.

Pet Animals


Make sure to tame a Donkey, as they can only breed when they are tamed. When tamed, you can feed them a Golden Carrot or Golden Apple.


Horses are like Donkeys and need to be tamed to breed. They also use the same food type: Golden Carrot or Golden Apple to breed.


You must tame the cats to breed, feeding them the Fishes: Raw Cod or Raw Salmon will enable them to Breed which the kitten will automatically be tamed, so don’t worry. Beware Cats might need a few fish to breed.


Ocelots are like cats and will need to be tamed and be fed Fish for the two Ocelots to breed. They are stubborn to tame just like Cats as they will run away from the player


Just like most pet-like Animals, you need to tame a Wolf using a Bone to breed. Once tamed, feeding them any raw or cooked meat will breed the two wolves. Just like Cats, they require a few amounts of meat sometimes to Breed.


 Just like Cats and Ocelots, they are stubborn to tame as they will run away from a player. Taming foxes is needed to breed and requires Sweet Berries to breed both pair of Foxes.


Llamas also need to be tamed for both to breed. You can breed Llamas by feeding Hay Bale which is the Block version of Wheat, or you can go to a nearby village and collect their Hay Bale. Breeding Wandering Trader Llamas is not possible.


 Bamboos are used to breed Pandas; the number 1 thing Pandas love and will follow a player holding it. To breed Pandas, you must place 8 blocks of Bamboo within a 5-block radius of the two pandas you want to breed. Beware that Pandas tend to attack the player when not having 8 blocks of Bamboo placed.

Other Animals 


To breed Striders, you would need an item called Warm Fungus, feed them to the strider like a normal pair of Animals and they will make a baby Strider.


 An item called Crimson Fungus is used to breed a pair of Hoglins, Hoglins hate Warm Fungus so that will not work. They will also follow the player holding the Crimson Fungus

Animals you can’t Breed

To have the baby versions of these animals, you would need to use /summon or a spawn egg by cheating.

1. Polar Bear Cubs
2. Dolphin Calf
3. Baby Squid
4. Parrots (No Baby Versions)

Breeding Villagers 

Since this is related to breeding, I will include Villagers as a Bonus. Breeding Villagers demand more food and have to be “willing” to breed a new offspring, giving them by dropping 3 bread, 12 Carrots, 12 potatoes and 12 Beetroots will encourage them to be “willing” to breed. This increases the chances of creating a Baby Villager.

Helpful information 

To make a Golden Carrot and Golden Apple, you can follow this picture below.

You can put a Carrot on a stick for pigs to follow you, this also works for Warped Fungus.

To make Hay Bale for breeding Llamas, you need 9 Wheat.


I hope this guide has helped you and given you the information needed to breed animals in Minecraft and expand your farm you’re wanting, happy farming.

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