8 Ways on How to get Better at Fortnite in 2023

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Fortnite has been a popular game for a long time, and it’s very competitive. Some of us struggle to gain the skills naturally to get Better at Fortnite or we just need help to properly guide us in improving in Fortnite. If you want to know on how to get better at Fortnite easily, you came to the right place, as we will show you the tips, tactics, and strategies that the best and pro players use to improve their Fortnite skills.


There are certain fundamentals that we should know and practice to be better at Fortnite, and we will show you how and why these fundamentals are important to consider in getting better at Fortnite.

Find your perfect Mouse sensitivity and Keybinds 

Finding your perfect mouse sensitivity in Fortnite with your preferred Keybinds is important as it improves your crosshair control and helps with your aim in Fortnite, as well as Keybinds making you play more comfortably and quickly. To find your mouse sensitivity in Fortnite by referencing other better or professional players in Fortnite, then you work towards your own or you just can copy what the pros or generally good players use.

Mouse sensitivity 

Mouse sensitivity depends on feeling and repetition. You must know what feels best, and what can be better controlled for you, whether it’s low sensitivity or high. Finding a mouse sensitivity that works perfectly for you takes time, it’s usually trial and error in adjusting the decimals by 1s or 10s.

Once you find a good mouse sensitivity in Fortnite to work with, you must hone it, practice with it, and get use to the feeling, as you’ll see progress with your aim slowly but surely.

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Keybinds in Fortnite are important as Keybinds are a focal point for fast-paced building, although the default Keybinds are okay, having a custom setup in your keybinds may improve your playstyle if you find what suits best which makes gameplay smoother and easier for you during a fight.

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Learn the Map 

Learning the map is important for any battle royale game, and in Fortnite, it comes down to knowing where to drop, and the location you’ll be dropping in, having map awareness of what locations are more riskier than the others, knowing map rotations, and map awareness.

There are tons of videos on YouTube that explain each map location and the ideal drop spots in detail to get to know the location and study the routes to take during a live game. There are tons of materials that the community has uploaded that help pinpoint spawned chest locations, materials, and other important resources around a location and it’s great to study that to improve your map knowledge.

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Learn how to Build effectively in Fortnite 

Building in Fortnite comes with practice, it’s just as hard for some players to get better at building in Fortnite compared to aiming. It’s what makes Fortnite unique in gameplay which building is something to master as well and not just your aim control.

There are fast builders, and builders that are fast-paced with their building during combat are challenging to play against. They use their building as an advantage to take you out and deplete your energy and resources during a 1v1 which building can save you from being ambushed and targeted by multiple people at once.


Learning how to Build effectively comes with practice and repetition just like getting at practicing with your Aim, and as we said earlier having custom keybinds can make you improve in building more comfortably than the defaulted keybinds that makes keybinds are more effective reason to consider.

One way how a beginner can learn to build is by watching pros, guides, and other awesome gameplay tutorials created by Professional players themselves, teaching you the methods and proper effective ways of Fortnite building. You can also check out our How to get Better at Fortnite building article to learn more.

Learn to listen for Footsteps and Gunshots 

An important reminder for any competitive shooting game is to listen for Footsteps and Gunshots. They are the sound that determines the outcome of your fight, sounds are a way to grab advance information ahead to predict what the enemy is doing or will likely do during a fight, or where they are in your vicinity.

My best advice is to get good headphones and play at a volume where you can pay attention to the sounds around you during a live game. Knowing when, where, and how the enemy will hit you is the best key to survival.

Use Aimlabs, or kovaak 2.0 

Aimlabs and Kovaak 2.0 are trending game training platforms for shooting games of every kind, and every pro player agrees and uses such training platforms to practice their aim, reflex, and other skills daily which can be a major help on how to get better at Fortnite.

Aimlabs and Kovaak 2.0 are known to make a new player that never touched shooting games into a player that has godlike aim with a bit of daily practice, grinding, and learning, these training platforms are effective to anyone.

Both are the same in learning general fundamentals of aiming, but what differentiates between the two training platforms are the “Training Maps”, and the way they make the practicing area for players different, they are both amazing training platforms, and it comes down to your preference. Although, Aimlabs is free.

Watch Professional Livestreams and YouTube 

The reason why we call them Pros is that they made a name for themselves being the best in the game, and that’s why we should watch these Pro players on how they play, their techniques, playstyle, and other skills they acquire which we can adapt their habits and behaviors to our own.

Besides watching guides, tutorials, or informative videos. Watching the raw gameplay and how these Pro Fortnite streamers play the game is better as it teaches and delves into their minds and how they play the game their way. Adapting what you learned and saw from professional gameplay is tremendously helpful to a new player or even an old player, learn from the best to be the best, that’s the motto you should live by.

Take a break 

Even professionals take breaks, taking a break allows you to rest your mental state in relieves the stress from the competitive atmosphere you just went through and dealt with. Competitive gaming can be toxic, stressful, and draining to oneself emotionally and physically, and taking a break for a couple of minutes to eat, get water, or stretch will be helpful for you, so when you get back to the game, you are fresh and ready to win.

That is the fundamentals to consider on how to get better at Fortnite, if you have any more comments on how to get better at Fortnite, comment down below. 

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