Is Ark Cross Platform Enabled?

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Is Ark Cross Platform Enabled?

Is the Ark Cross Platform? The gaming community has had a lot of conversations about this question. We will examine the intricacies of cross-platform interoperability in the popular survival game Ark Survival Evolved, which is set in a post-apocalyptic dinosaur world.

We’ll begin by learning about the multiplayer features and gameplay mechanics that contribute to the immersive nature of Ark. Next, we’ll look at the value of cross-player gameplay and player demand.

You won’t want to miss ARK’s cross-play situation as it stands right now. We’ll also talk about the restrictions placed on PlayStation 4, Mac OS, and Nintendo Switch users who want to take advantage of Ark’s cross-platform functionality.

In addition, we’ll contrast ARK’s standing with that of other top-crossplay games, such as Rust and DayZ, in spite of these restrictions. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, will Ark Cross Platform be playable in the soon-to-be sequel “Ark 2”? As we reveal prospective expansion strategies for Ark’s future, stay tuned!

Is Ark Cross Platform Enabled?


Explore the universe of Ark Survival Evolved, a well-liked multiplayer survival game available on many platforms. To create an immersive gaming experience, this unique game blends elements of dinosaur taming, exploration, and survival.

Gameplay mechanics of Ark Survival Evolved

In Ark, players are dropped onto a prehistoric island where they must construct shelters, gather supplies, and tame dinosaurs in order to survive. The gameplay is challenging but rewarding, with players able to see the results of their labor in real time.

The role of dinosaurs in the game

In the game, dinosaurs play a significant role. They can be used for combat or transportation, and some of them can even drop supplies like milk and eggs. Depending on their species, they can be employed in battle or for transportation. Some even offer resources that are necessary for survival, like milk or eggs. Since taming these creatures necessitates deft strategy, every successful taming represents a noteworthy accomplishment.



As of the time of writing, 2022 is the last year that Ark Survival Evolved will receive updates, so we shouldn’t hold out hope for fewer crossplay limitations. It just doesn’t seem like something they are planning to do, even though it makes sense for Ark’s future to avoid having to use different builds for every platform.

Multiplayer aspect – PvE vs PvP modes

Players can select between Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) modes in ARK’s multiplayer component. While PvP allows for direct player competition, adding even more excitement to the mix, PvE mode pits players against the environment.

Ark is about more than just surviving; it’s about thriving in the face of difficulties, whether that means outwitting rival tribes in fierce battles for territory control or repelling a T-Rex attack. This is achieved through a dynamic blend of gameplay mechanics.



The days of being limited to playing on the same platform with other players are long gone for gamers. The ability for players on various platforms to interact and compete thanks to crossplay has completely changed the multiplayer gaming experience. The importance of this feature has grown in games such as Ark Survival Evolved.


The Definition and Importance of Cross-Platform Gaming


Crossplay dissolves boundaries between consoles and PCs by allowing players on various platforms to play together. This encourages a more diverse online community where anyone, on any device, can participate in the fun. For instance, a player on the Xbox One version of Ark may form a group with a player on the PC or PlayStation 4.

Crossplay keeps player bases active on several platforms at once, which not only improves social interaction but also lengthens the life of games. Nowadays, a lot of players are pressuring game developers to add cross-play to their titles.

The Demand for Crossplay Functionality Among Gamers

Social Interaction: Without the need for extra hardware, crossplay allows friends with different system ownership to play together.
Improved Matchmaking: More players on more platforms translate into faster matchmaking times and more evenly distributed competition.
Economic Efficiency: In order to play a game with all of their friends, players don’t need to purchase multiple copies or versions of it.

The importance attached to these advantages demonstrates how essential cross-play compatibility has become for modern video games, such as Ark Survival Evolved. For players who want to stay in touch with their friends on various platforms, cross-platform play is the best option.



In the world of gaming, crossplay—the capacity to communicate with friends on any platform—is becoming more and more important. It makes it possible for users to interact with friends on any console, which is a big selling point for titles like Ark Survival Evolved. Although there is some cross-play functionality in this game, it is not without restrictions.

Explanation of Current State of Cross-Play in ARK

Through Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative, the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions now have limited cross-platform compatibility thanks to the efforts of Studio Wildcard’s developers. In the game, players on Windows 10 and Xbox One can connect to the same servers and work together. Nevertheless, not every platform where Ark is accessible supports this feature.




Limitations Faced by PS4, MacOS, or Nintendo Switch Players

PS4: Despite being one of the most widely used consoles globally, Sony has a reputation for being reluctant to allow full cross-platform play because of competitive and security concerns. As a result, when playing Ark, PS4 owners are unable to join multiplayer games with players of other devices.

Nintendo Switch: Although Ark: Survival Evolved allows for solo gameplay, Switch owners are presently unable to participate in any online multiplayer activities outside of their own platform community.

MacOS: Regretfully, Mac users who wish to join PC gamers in taming dinosaurs are out of luck because the MacOS version does not receive as many updates as its counterparts, which prevents interoperability at this time.

For many players worldwide who want to connect with friends on different systems during their survival adventures in the ARK universe, this lack of extensive cross-platform support presents a challenge. Additionally, it limits the potential for player base expansion that could be achieved by embracing more options for multi-device compatibility.


What makes Ark: Survival Evolved ideal for cross-platform play?

What makes Ark: Survival Evolved ideal for cross-platform play?

The open-world action-adventure massively multiplayer online game Ark: Survival Evolved challenges you to survive on a secret island teeming with strange animals.

Studio Wildcard, the game’s creators, took cues for some of them from actual, long-gone creatures like dinosaurs, while they let their imaginations run wild with others, like the futuristic robots.

You may anticipate to hunt, leap, and ride a wide variety of colorful critters thanks to the interesting and entertaining gaming mechanics.

To help you live in this amazing virtual environment, you may even construct a house based on top of them.

Because of its large user base and genre as an exploration-adventure survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved is ideal for cooperative play.

Shooting games are often well-suited for cross-platform play because there are no difficulties with unfair advantage.

However, because of the nature of massively multiplayer online games, the game expands in size in proportion to the number of players. In this case, more is better.

PlayStation with Other Devices:

On PlayStation, Arc is the Cross-Generation game.
Ark does not support cross-play with platforms outside of the PlayStation ecosystem, including PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
If both of you own PlayStation devices, you can play the game in co-op mode. For example, you may be playing on a PS4 and your friend on a PS5.


Anyone using the PlayStation platform may join in on the multiplayer fun.

However, they are out of luck if they own an Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch.

Despite this, no PlayStation 5 port of Ark: Survival Evolved has been announced by Wildcard Studio.

Although performance and reliability are somewhat worse on PS5, players may still enjoy the PS4 version of the game on PS5.

(The creators had some bad press with their previous firm.) Wildcard firm has become famous in the gaming world only because of Ark.

They are devoting all of their resources to making Ark even better, in tandem with their numerous functioning companies.

I really hope that a PlayStation 5 version of the game is announced soon so that every one of these devices may enjoy it regardless of generation.

Xbox with Other Hardware:

Yes and No — Xbox One and Windows PC cross-play is currently limited.
To play the game on both Xbox and Windows PC, you have to download it from the official Microsoft Store.
You can play multiplayer games on both Windows PC and Xbox One. On the other hand, no further platforms are provided.

Playing with a buddy on Xbox One is not possible if you are using a Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

Also, this feature is exclusive to Ark versions downloaded via the Microsoft Store.

You can’t play Ark on both your Windows PC and Xbox One if you purchase it through Steam or any other marketplace.

Microsoft and Steam do not work together since their servers are separate. Nevertheless, you may enjoy cross-platform Ark on Xbox One with a PC because it runs on the same Microsoft servers.

Mobile Devices:

The only way to play Ark: Survival Evolved on several platforms is with a mobile device.
You may compete with other players on iOS and Android.
Neither PCs nor consoles will let you compete.

True and comprehensive cross-platform capability is only achieved by Ark on the mobile platform. You can play games with others who have both Android and iOS devices.

Having said that, we will not tolerate any other platforms. To give just one example, it is not possible to play cooperative games on a Nintendo Switch or Xbox One using a mobile device.


Developers in the dynamic gaming industry are always trying to improve player diversity and engagement. This is especially valid for well-known cooperative survival games like Ark: Survival Evolved. As we look forward to updates and sequels like “ARK 2,” it’s important to consider possible modifications that might result in more inclusive online multiplayer experiences on various platforms and consoles.

Potential Expansion Plans for ARK’s Future

Fans are still optimistic despite the lack of an official announcement regarding the inclusion of more crossplay features in future ARK updates or versions. Since the game’s 2015 release, Studio Wildcard, the game’s developer, has demonstrated a dedication to enhancing gameplay through frequent updates and expansions. In the future, we may see more compatibility options if they decide to follow the lead set by other big games that have embraced cross-platform play.

Xbox One players can already communicate with PC users through the Windows 10 version of ARK’s cross-play, suggesting that further development of this feature is not out of the question. Given Microsoft’s transparency regarding cross-play support, it is possible that a similar level of cooperation from Sony will open the door for PS4-PC or even PS4-Xbox One interactions in later iterations.

Upcoming Sequel – “ARK 2”

The game “ARK 2″—which was unveiled at the 2023 Game Awards and stars Vin Diesel as executive producer and character model—carries a lot of the weight. Although there are currently few details available regarding the gameplay mechanics, it would be interesting if Studio Wildcard chooses to include full crossplay from the start.

In addition to improving the gaming experience, this action would support market trends that support multiplayer modes that are platform-neutral. Whether these hopes are realized is a matter of time, but in the interim, players can continue to take advantage of what ARK has to offer while excitedly anticipating what is to come.



As devoted players of Ark Survival Evolved, we’ve been excitedly awaiting the game’s upcoming developments. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that any more DLCs will be released anytime soon. But worry not—a sequel called Ark 2 by Wildcard Studios is in the works, and it promises to be even better.


A New Era with Ark 2

Fans of the franchise can expect new and exciting experiences in Ark 2. Expect enhanced visuals and cutting-edge gameplay features thanks to Unreal Engine 5 technology. It’s interesting to wonder how this new and enhanced version will incorporate the cherished features of its predecessor.

The game “ARK 2″—which was unveiled at the 2023 Game Awards and stars Vin Diesel as executive producer and character model—carries a lot of the weight. Although there are currently few details available regarding the gameplay mechanics, it would be interesting if Studio Wildcard chooses to include full crossplay from the start.

In addition to improving the gaming experience, this action would support market trends that support multiplayer modes that are platform-neutral. Whether these dreams are realized is a matter of time, but in the interim, players can keep taking advantage of what ARK has to offer while excitedly anticipating what is to come.



Can Ark console players play with PC?

Only those console players who are on Xbox One can play with Microsoft Windows PC gamers. Other consoles like PlayStation or Nintendo Switch can’t cross play with PC.

Can I play is ark cross platform with PS4 players on PC?

No, you can’t play with Ark: Survival Evolved with PS4 gamers if you’re on a PC.

Is ark cross platform crossplay between steam and xbox possible?

No. Steam Players can only play Ark with those on Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.

Is ark cross platform Survival cross-platform between Xbox and PC?

Yes, Xbox players can play Ark: Survival with those on PC. However, this is possible only if they download the game from the Microsoft Store. Steam versions won’t work.

How to play Ark cross-platform?

You can play Ark between Xbox One and Windows PC. Alternately, Steam players can cross-play, irrespective of their OS – Windows, Linux, and Mac users can game together. Finally, mobile users can cross-play between Android and iOS.



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