Is Patrick Mahomes Diabetic? Fans are worried about his health.

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is patrick mahomes diabetic

We’d be shocked if Patrick Mahomes had diabetes, but we can’t completely rule it out either. To begin with, elite athletes maintain a constant log of their weight gain and loss. This is how quarterback Jay Cutler discovered he has type 1 diabetes, according to One Drop.

2022 is off to a great start for Patrick Mahomes, as the Kansas City Chiefs lead the AFC West. After five years in the NFL, Mahomes has already guided the Chiefs to two Super Bowls.

Early in the new millennium, the Chiefs had difficulty establishing themselves as serious contenders in the league. After hiring head coach Andy Reid in 2012, the Chiefs’ fortunes began to improve. They selected Patrick Mahomes in the NFL Draft in 2017, and he helped them win their first Super Bowl in fifty years.

Mahomes continued to have success in the peculiar 2023 season. After making it back to the Super Bowl, the Chiefs were defeated by Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. Kansas City is still the “club to beat” in the AFC in spite of everything. Interest has increased as a result of Mahomes’ success. Athletes are curious about what makes him so exceptional. Additionally, they worry that Mahomes might have diabetes. Additionally, it’s likely that his coach dropped a clue.

With all that he has accomplished in such a short amount of time, Patrick Mahomes has everyone wondering what his secret to success is. We may have gotten some information from Mahomes’ personal trainer, which gave rise to the rumors that he had diabetes. Does Patrick Mahomes have diabetes, really?

Is Patrick Mahomes Diabetic?

The Chiefs’ standout quarterback Patrick Mahomes’s personal trainer, Bobby Stroupe, once divulged the key to his success. Mahomes enjoys going to bed. To the Washington Post, Stroupe said:

“Patrick is the most prolific sleeper in professional sports. He gets 10 hours of sleep a night and naps all day.”

After word spread, football fans might be classified into two groups. It’s commonly believed that professional sportsmen who exercise frequently also maintain a regular sleep routine. Some suggested that he could be falling asleep due to a major health problem. To put it briefly, they think Patrick Mahomes has diabetes because he often oversleeps, which is a sign of heart disease or diabetes

is patrick mahomes diabetic

What’s on arm

Mahomes first used WHOOP while attending Texas Tech University. His longtime tutor, Bobby Stroop, is a WHOOP member. Mahomes stated, “I was looking for an edge to take my game to the next level.” “WHOOP eliminated all uncertainty from my training schedule.”

Curiosity grows as a result of Mahomes’ success. His admirers conjecture about what makes him such a remarkable athlete. He is also concerned that Mahomes might be diabetic. And his teacher might have provided a hint.

Bumps on the left arm

Bobby Stroupe, Mahomes’ longtime trainer, is a member of WHOOP. Mahomes began utilizing WHOOP when he was a Texas Tech student.

That statistic is recorded by WHOOP in a range of 0 to 100%, and the color red indicates when someone is exhausted and the color green denotes a person’s bodily peak. Throughout the 2020 season, Mahomes wore a WHOOP device under an arm sleeve on his upper arm for every game, and occasionally his performance and high scores corresponded.

Mahomes’ charitable endeavors

He’s a sleeping, busy quarterback, but he still finds time to assist the people of Kansas City. 15 and his charitable organization, the Mahomies, is committed to enhancing children’s lives. The most significant project of the foundation is “15 for 15,” which provides funding to 15 youth organizations that address a variety of issues including science, education, the arts, sports, school supplies, and disabled children.

Mahomes engages in more practical philanthropic work, such as unexpected visits to the nearby children’s hospital. On these trips, the quarterback frequently brings gifts for the kids. Although the NFL has never tested Patrick Mahomes’ blood sugar, the quarterback’s penchant for sweets and sugary beverages has raised questions about his physique. Although Mahomes has never discussed his eating habits, his pre-game ritual in front of the media locker room provides insight into his eating habits. He has an energy drink, a doughnut, and a sip of sweet tea before circling the field to warm up for the game.

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