Kevin Samuels Wife:Was Kevin Samuels married?

kevin samuels wife

Kevin Samuels, an image consultant and guru, was well-known for his advice on relationships and marriage. After his tragic death in 2022, many people have been curious to learn about Kevin Samuels Wife

Because of his raw perspective on relationships in the current day, Kevin became one of the most controversial personalities on YouTube. He used to make a lot of noise since he was never scared to express his mind.

Today, we will discover the identity of Kevin Samuel’s spouse and assess the quality of their relationship with someone who served as an inspiration to thousands of others.

Who Was the Girlfriend of Kevin Samuel?

Kevin had no romantic partner at the time of his passing. Even so, a small number of Although some websites suggest he had a girlfriend, the late YouTuber never provided confirmation.

Samuels seldom discussed his own private life, even if his profession was making suggestions for others about theirs. Many people even assumed he was a scam because of his reclusive manner. People said he couldn’t even manage his own life, much less assist others.

Was Ortencia Alcantara and Him Dating?

It is said that he was having an affair with Ortencia, an Atlanta resident when he passed dead in 2022. It was the night before his death when Samuels was spending time with his nurse in Atlanta.

Numerous stories said the couple was getting to know one other better, given their proximity and other factors. Sadly, the reality of Because he passed away the day after they met, the details of their relationship were never revealed.

Who Was the Wife of Kevin Samuel?

The influential African-American couple was married twice in their lifetime. His high school sweetheart was the subject of his first marriage. Meeting in fourth grade, the ex-couples attended Millwood High School together. He withheld the identity of his first spouse from everyone until his passing.

Kevin had one daughter from his two marriages.

We know they got married after graduating from school, even if the precise details of their marriage are unknown. When they tied the knot, they were both quite youthful. Kevin stated in an interview with DJ Vlad that he wasn’t prepared for such a significant commitment and that this turned out to be their relationship’s breaking point.

Why Did He Split From His Original Partner?

In less than a year following their marriage, the couple decided to separate. He said that the reason they separated was that none of them was prepared for it. Furthermore, he came to the realization later on that they were better buddies than married partners.

He remained in regular contact with her and they were excellent friends till his death in 2022. Seven years after his first divorce, he wed his second wife. Like his previous companion, he never disclosed his second esposa’s identity.

Seven years after Kevin Samuel’s first divorce, the pair got married. Before they called it quits, their three years of married happiness Gave up, citing intractable disagreements.

Was There Any Child He Had?

Indeed, he and his first wife had a daughter together who was their only kid. Her birthday is June 29, 2000. Following their divorce, the couple divided joint custody of their little daughter. However, not much is known about her current activities. Kevin once admitted that he dislikes discussing his private life in public.

According to his ex-wife, he neglected to pay child support on time.
His first wife went to the media a few times after he left and disclosed some negative things about her ex-husband. She said he was behind on his child support payments. Furthermore, the self-described connection Guru had no interaction at all with his child. Moreover, he never even bothered to cover the cost of her schooling.

Even though it pains us to disparage a deceased guy, Kevin wasn’t a very good parent.

Kevin Was Dating A Model On Instagram

He posted a photo of himself on Instagram in August 2020 with a gorgeous model known as @Sixfootah. The two of them appeared to be cozy together, which fueled rumors that he was seeing his black influencer.

Was Ortencia, Kevin Samuel’s girlfriend, the reason for his demise?

Many of his admirers claimed that the Latina was responsible for his untimely demise when word of his passing and his purported liaison with Alcantara leaked out.

Georgia police said that they went to One day before his tragic death, the two met at his flat following a 911 call. Additionally, the attractive Nurse stayed at the late YouTuber’s flat for a night.

He complained to Ortencia about chest trouble in the morning on the day he was to leave this world. Despite her efforts to assist, as a nurse, she ultimately had to dial 911 when he collapsed on top of her.

He was declared dead on May 5, 2022, when the responding paramedics were unable to bring him back to life. 53 was his age.

However, the coroner’s report that was released subsequently demonstrated that foul play had occurred. Samuels passed away from hypertension, or elevated blood pressure.

After being accused of murder, Ortencia made her Instagram account private.
Following Samuel’s untimely death, Alcantara deleted her social media account, just like any rational person would. Following hundreds of individuals accusing her of murdering Kevin on her account, she took these actions.

She released a narrative with a lengthy message just before she disappeared, directed at those who held her responsible for the incident.

As she wrote

It’s absurd how total strangers want to damage your reputation. Indeed, there are still kind individuals on this harsh planet.

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